Success! 22/11

I finally did it!!!

I finally made it out for a run after work last week. I had a bag of clothes at work for months so I really had no idea what was in the bag. Luckily it wasn’t too bad and I kind of matched. And hey, I found the 3/4 zip I had been missing.😂

I can’t even remember the last time I ran after work so I wasn’t sure how much time I had before it got dark. And because I planned poorly or didn’t plan it, I didn’t have any of my lights or reflective gear. Stupid.


All that aside, I still managed to fit in just under 3 miles before it got too dark. It felt kind of awesome.

Wish I could say the rest of the week was similar but nope. I was packing for a trip on Saturday and while I had planned to do my long run before leaving, I just felt too stressed. You know the feeling? When you think you’ve packed too much and also not enough at the same time? Yeah, I decided spending the day getting ready was more important.

Then, Sunday it was time to drive! I’m going to have so much to talk about 🤣

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  1. I’ve always, well, both past and current life, running after work was tuff..a lot of times all it took was seeing someone else doing it, but, some days, if I got home and sat on a couch, I was done….

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