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June Recap/ Mid Year Check In

June come back!!  It should not be July right now.  It just can’t be.  I was in the doctor’s office yesterday and it boggled my mind that my 6 month follow-up was January…2016.  Umm, wait, what?  Then someone made it worse by saying that Christmas is now only 5 months away.  Slow down!!!

While June felt more consistent than May, the overall mileage doesn’t show much of an improvement.  I guess I embraced my Slacker-ness in May and June.



Talley Vineyard 10K- 56:54

So yeah, more miles than May but just barely.    Also disappointing because I thought I had 65 miles.  I am a little neurotic on the way that I track my miles with my Garmin, and Nike+ and SmashRun.    Nike+ had me at 65 on June 30 and I had no reason to doubt it.  Until I uploaded my miles to SmashRun last night and it had me at 59.4.  What?   I pull up Garmin Connect and it agreed with Smash.   Everything syncs from my Garmin so I was confused and started double checking all my runs.  One uploaded twice to Nike and I didn’t catch it.  Grrrr.

Oh and June saw my 2 year Blog-versary!

Mid Year Check In 

Already!?  Ok, brief goal recap.     For 2015, I wanted to –

Run 1000 miles– Hmmm, at the end of June, I was at 423 miles.   Only about 80 miles short of where I needed to be.  I don’t want to give up on this goal but I would have to average 97 miles a month for the rest of year to hit 1000.   Honestly, I don’t know if I can do that.   Would I love to- hell yes, but I need to be smart about what I can accomplish.

Break 2:00 in a half-  I managed a 2:06:08 at Wine Country which was thisclose to my PR.  I was optimistic for SLO but between my stomach issues and my fall, that was off the table.  Which is fine because I am still damn proud of how I managed to finish that race.   🙂     Even though I am currently training to break 2 in October, I still just want to have fun with running.

Non-Running- Read 15 books-  I was behind on this until yesterday.  🙂    I started a book in the waiting room of my doctor’s office and since I waited a while, I got through 100 pages.  I had intended for this post to go up yesterday but when I sat down to type, I just wanted to read.  So I finished that book.  It was book 2 of 3 so I decided to just start the third.  Then I finished that one.  Yeah it was a late night.   So 7 books finished so far.  Man, I remember when that number would have been much bigger. 

Blog Redesign–  partially done.  I am still working out a few kinks.  And I still can’t figure out Dropbox, ugh. 

So moving forward?  Right now my goals are to keep running, reading and living!   Oh and did I mention I am running (not racing) a half marathon in 10 days?! On my birthday.  🙂

Did you make goals for 2015/ June?  How are you doing so far?

Read any good books lately?  I need a new one now.  🙂