June Recap/ Mid Year Check In

June come back!!  It should not be July right now.  It just can’t be.  I was in the doctor’s office yesterday and it boggled my mind that my 6 month follow-up was January…2016.  Umm, wait, what?  Then someone made it worse by saying that Christmas is now only 5 months away.  Slow down!!!

While June felt more consistent than May, the overall mileage doesn’t show much of an improvement.  I guess I embraced my Slacker-ness in May and June.



Talley Vineyard 10K- 56:54

So yeah, more miles than May but just barely.    Also disappointing because I thought I had 65 miles.  I am a little neurotic on the way that I track my miles with my Garmin, and Nike+ and SmashRun.    Nike+ had me at 65 on June 30 and I had no reason to doubt it.  Until I uploaded my miles to SmashRun last night and it had me at 59.4.  What?   I pull up Garmin Connect and it agreed with Smash.   Everything syncs from my Garmin so I was confused and started double checking all my runs.  One uploaded twice to Nike and I didn’t catch it.  Grrrr.

Oh and June saw my 2 year Blog-versary!

Mid Year Check In 

Already!?  Ok, brief goal recap.     For 2015, I wanted to –

Run 1000 miles– Hmmm, at the end of June, I was at 423 miles.   Only about 80 miles short of where I needed to be.  I don’t want to give up on this goal but I would have to average 97 miles a month for the rest of year to hit 1000.   Honestly, I don’t know if I can do that.   Would I love to- hell yes, but I need to be smart about what I can accomplish.

Break 2:00 in a half-  I managed a 2:06:08 at Wine Country which was thisclose to my PR.  I was optimistic for SLO but between my stomach issues and my fall, that was off the table.  Which is fine because I am still damn proud of how I managed to finish that race.   🙂     Even though I am currently training to break 2 in October, I still just want to have fun with running.

Non-Running- Read 15 books-  I was behind on this until yesterday.  🙂    I started a book in the waiting room of my doctor’s office and since I waited a while, I got through 100 pages.  I had intended for this post to go up yesterday but when I sat down to type, I just wanted to read.  So I finished that book.  It was book 2 of 3 so I decided to just start the third.  Then I finished that one.  Yeah it was a late night.   So 7 books finished so far.  Man, I remember when that number would have been much bigger. 

Blog Redesign–  partially done.  I am still working out a few kinks.  And I still can’t figure out Dropbox, ugh. 

So moving forward?  Right now my goals are to keep running, reading and living!   Oh and did I mention I am running (not racing) a half marathon in 10 days?! On my birthday.  🙂

Did you make goals for 2015/ June?  How are you doing so far?

Read any good books lately?  I need a new one now.  🙂

26 Comments on “June Recap/ Mid Year Check In

  1. I don’t know for you, but summer always kicks up my monthly mileage. Maybe with 2 “super months” you can still catch your goal 🙂
    I’ve made a recap myself and I’m not quite there yet as well, but I feel my 3rd quarter evaluation will have a lot more checks to them!


  2. UGH – I hate when July hits, I feel like summer is over! I know it isn’t, but in my head it is. I just finished a series called Mortal Instruments – sounds weird, one of my high school kids convinced me to read it and it was actually decent. I also read “Grey” (new one in the 50 Shades series) – had to read it, liked it about as much as I liked the others (which isn’t very much, LOL!).


    • July does seem like the odd man out, it doesn’t fit- some feel it’s the start of summer and other’s the beginning of the end. I’ve read that series. It was good…well the first three books. It should have ended there in my opinion. I stopped reading after the 4th one turned so whiny. Did it get better? The series I just read was like the young adult version of The Bachelor meets dystopia. I’ve never watched an episode of the show but really liked to books for some reason. Haha, I’ve read some reviews of Grey- I can’t decide if I want to read it out of morbid curiosity, but I really don’t want to buy it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I read Grey out of morbid curiosity – the writing is HORRIBLE and the female character is weak and annoying in the whole series, but I felt like I needed to see it through! So when the new one came out I was like, ughhhhh here we go again! That’s sort of what happened with Mortal Instruments – I hated book 4 and the beginning of 5, but then it got way better. I’m actually almost done with the 6th (and final) one right now! I’m going to be glad when that one is over and I can move on, but I did like it!


          • I got the recommendation to read these from one of my high school students (haha) and she told me Infernal Devices was really good! I need to suck it up, finish the 6th and get on that series asap!


  3. I am not doing so well on my 2015 goals. Yikes. I’m reading the Game of Thrones books right now. they’re pretty good, but they take so long to get through.


    • It seems like the this year has been a little rougher than most had hoped. 😦 I’ve never read those books because they just seem huge. Plus I usually tolerate heavy or dark story lines well but I have a feeling those books might be more than I can take. I can’t even watch the show.


  4. Those are some awesome goals! I made similar ones bit of course life gets in the way 🙂 I just downloaded “The Girl on the Train” so I’m hoping it’s as good as they say. I have read 3 books so far this year, which is 3 more than last year. I would like to get 12 in but since it’s JULY, 6 more would be fabulous.


    • I keep hearing good things about that book. And a bunch of spoilers, oops. I may give it a try though just see what everyone is talking about. I used to read so often but now like you said, life. 3 is awesome!


  5. I had to readjust my goals this year which I’m 100% fine with now 🙂 Running a half marathon on your birthday – that’s fun! I was kinda hoping to run 35 on my birthday (July 10th) but with my hamstring injury there is no way that’s happening. I’ll run on my birthday just not sure the distance. (Good luck!).


    • Yeah, I have a feeling I will have adjust the mile goal for the year. 35 kilometers or miles?! Hey, your birthday is 2 days before mine! Take care of that hamstring! Maybe you can run 35.5 on your half birthday? Don’t people celebrate those now? 🙂

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  6. Haven’t read anything good lately, but I’m dying to. Any recommendations? The only goal I really set for 2015 was to try to run a sub-4:00 full marathon. Week 3 of my training and so far, so good. I had a really fast tempo run last night and if I can keep improving at this rate, I think I’ll be on track! (Literally just knocked on wood! 🙂 ) Happy almost birthday!


  7. Well rounded goals.! I like how they involve all aspects of your life. And pshh you still have time.!! Don’t throw in the towel just yet, you can still get a 1000 miles this year.!
    Yea I can’t believe that half the year is already over. wooww. I can’t even remember my goals for this year anymore. lol


    • I haven’t thrown the towel in just yet. We now have staff at work so I am hoping I can get back on track by August. I had hoped for July but I underestimated how much energy I would need to train 3 people at the same time. Oops!
      I admit, I had to pull up my goal post and double check what I wrote! 🙂


  8. My cousin recently told me she bought her first Christmas gift. This cannot be serious!! Slow down and enjoy the summer!
    I currently am reading The Great Gatsby. I feel bad that I don’t really like it:/


    • It’s too soon!!! And I have 4 birthdays in my family before Christmas. Ouch.
      I was never a big fan of it either, I never understood the fascination people had with that book.


  9. Pingback: 30 Good Things Before 30: #28 – Born to Run by Christopher McDougall | A Normal Woman's Guide to (Mostly) Healthy Living

  10. Seriously, how is it July already?! And I would be so annoyed if one running tracker said I had more miles than other ones said. Not cool. My goals aren’t going so great right now because of all the stupid injuries I’ve had this year, but I did beat my mile PR so that’s something! 🙂

    What book series did you just plow through?? What types of books do you like?


    • Right? It should still be May. It’s never happened before so I am not to sure why that one run double synced. Now I know to compare final numbers before the end of the month! It was an awesome mile PR, congrats!
      I pretty much read fiction but I am not a huge fan of true crime-mystery or similar stuff which is odd because I like tv shows like that. Right now I am in a either a paranormal or young adult phase. I just finished the Selection trilogy. I never thought it would be my thing because it sounded like The Bachelor ( I dislike that show) but I was desperate for something different. I could not put it down. Even knowing the cheese factor, I just had to know what happened next!


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