Week 2 Recap- Finding the Long Run

And it’s Sunday Monday.  That was a fast weekend.  As much as I would love another day or 4 off, I am really looking forward to this week.    2 of our 3 new hires start tomorrow today- woo hoo!!!!   The week will be crazy busy but yay!


Rest day.  I thought about running.  Packed my bag just in case but stuck to the plan.   My food choices this past week or so have not been the best and my system has been letting me know.


The plan called for speed work but half way to home town I knew I wasn’t up to it.   I was so tired I decided to move my easy run to Tuesday and do the speed work when  I was feeling more alert.   This easy run kicked my ass.   It was only in the high 80’s so I figured I would be fine plus my usual up and back has shade throughout so I though that would help.   As I was heading out I saw a suspicious situation- think drug pick up like, or at least how I would guess one of those looked- so I knew I was going to take the longer way back which is a little more public.    I though that extra 1/2 mile was going to kill me.   I was huffing and puffing so bad I was actually worried about an asthma attack.  Easy should not do that!   I didn’t look at my splits until later since I was irritated.   Ok, I guess it makes a little more sense now.  Oops!IMG_0877Wednesday-

After the previous day’s accidental progression, I thought about skipping the speed work.  The plan called for a 15 minute warm up then 4 x 2:00 @ HMP with 1:00 recovery in between then cool down.  That didn’t sound too bad so I figured I would try one and go from there.    Since I have such trouble doing math while running, I decided that my goal half marathon pace will be 9:00.  It will give me a tiny cushion to hopefully break 2 hours and the splits will be a little easier to remember while running.    🙂

I'm not the only one who sees the bad math in this right?
I’m not the only one who sees the bad math in this right?

I did my warm up and then changed my watch to current pace so I could pace the intervals.   They felt harder than I would have liked but doable so I kept going.   My watch flashed low battery as I was finishing the 3rd interval so I stopped to save what data I had before continuing on.   I finished my last interval and then did the cool down.     I checked my splits as I was stretching and noticed that my intervals were all pretty consistent… and that either I wasn’t using the current pace feature or it was really wrong.  I can only dream that my half marathon pace will be 8:30 one day.  What the heck?


Planned rest.  Another meeting about a race but this time other people showed up, woo hoo!  And I got happy mail!!!!!  Thanks Pavement Runner!


I was off before 6 so I thought about running a few miles but I didn’t want anything to interfere with getting in a longer run on Saturday morning so I decided to stick to the plan.  Instead I did all my usual Saturday errands and shopping so that there were really #noexcuses on Saturday.


I planned on running by 9 but slept horribly so I gave myself an extra 30 minutes.  I was out the door a little after 9:30 in an effort to avoid the heat.   It wasn’t early enough.   The run started in the high 70’s and ended in the high 80’s.     Doing 4 hill repeats in the middle didn’t help.    I won’t lie, there was way more walking than there should have been.   😦   But 8 miles and my longest run since SLO done.    My #runallday shirt was so comfy to run in, a little too big but that’s my fault.   🙂       Thanks to some freaky weather we’ve been having I still ran at the hottest part of the day.   The temp dropped in the afternoon and it started to rain!  Really?!   Miles 1-7 averaged around 11:30 and mile 8 was 9:46.  Umm, ok then.


Thought about running but some cleaning projects ran away with the day.   On the upside my car is no longer an embarrassment.     🙂   I also worked my Hogwarts swap craft and it’s not coming along like I planned.

Second week of training- complete!   My mileage is finally going up- woo hoo!

What are your plans this week? One thing you’re looking forward to in July?  How is it almost July?!

Ever seen something shady on a run?

Anyone else’s car look like they live in it?  I think I had 6 pairs of shoes in there. 

17 thoughts on “Week 2 Recap- Finding the Long Run

  1. Good job! My alarm went off at run time this morning, but it was a rest day… and I seriously debate getting up anyway, but decided that my body really did need the rest! So, I’m glad the training is going so well for you and you are taking the time to rest and recover! Great times happening!


  2. Congrats on an awesome week of training! I’m super excited since this week is a short week for me, and I head to Nantucket on Thursday for the weekend! Woohoo! I am crazy crazy about my car and it is ALWAYS totally clean and empty. If someone leaves a water bottle or any type of wrapper in my car, I will immediately throw it out as soon as possible. I also go crazy when people leave their clothes in my car – so much stress! Hahaha. Hope you have a great day!


  3. Good job this week!! I don’t use the current pace feature for anything anymore – it’s just not consistently accurate. This is part of the reason I prefer to do my interval work by distance not time – makes all this sorting out much easier 🙂

    I don’t have a car but when I did, it would have looked a lot like yours. I’m just not a tidy person.


    1. It was so off! Each time I looked at it, I saw a 9:05 pace. That wasn’t what I wanted but felt decently hard and I figured it would work for this early in the plan. Then I saw my splits- oops. My last plan had intervals by distance this one by time. I haven’t decided how I feel about that yet, 🙂

      My car has become like a catch-all, that and my closet. Everywhere else stays fairly neat but those 2 things are messy right after I clean them. 🙂


  4. My car is a disaster! But I blame my husband since he uses it more than I do and has basically turned it into his mobile office. Haven’t really seen anything sketchy like that on a run, although one morning when I was walking my dog, I saw a couple of guys run out of a neighbourhood, jump into a waiting car and drive off. A few minutes later, a cop pulls up and asks me if I saw anyone matching their description and then wanted to know which way they went and what kind of car they got into (I think the best I came up with was “a red one”).


    1. Haha, mine is like a mobile changing station. 🙂 That sounds alarming! And leaves you wondering what exactly you just saw! I’ve had to change routes a few times but I don’t think I could give an accurate description of anyone if I was asked!

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  5. Great training week! I love those happy accidents where things seem hard but then you realize ‘Oh duh, it’s cuz I’m going faster than I thought!’


  6. Great job on that speed work out.!! especially after a faster day before 🙂
    yupp my car is a huge mess. My husband gets mad at me for it all the time. but I can’t help it.! I’m always in a hurry. lol
    Love your Run All Day shirt.!!


  7. I know you said you weren’t feeling that Tuesday run but awesome progression!!! And great job on your speed work and the rest of your week. I’m looking forward to vacation in July!! My car looks like I live out of it for sure. It smells of old smoothies and spilled coffee. Soooo gross!! Ha!


    1. Thank you! Vacations sounds awesome!! Are you going somewhere or is it a staycation? I sometimes wonder what my car smells like, I don’t have the best sense of smell so I worry when I leave my running shoes in the car!

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      1. Well, I think my whole summer is a staycation since I’m off of work until the new school year begins! We are going to our family lake house in southern Vermont. We go every year!

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  8. Looks like July is off to a good start! I haven’t run anything further than 3 miles since May 1, so I need to get my butt in gear–I’ve got a 10k on July 25 that I want to run strong. I’ve never seen anything shady on a run, but I run in pretty public places most of the time. And don’t get me started on messy cars–mine’s always a wreck. Thankfully, my beloved husband cleaned it out this week–score!


    1. It wasn’t until that run that I realized how many shady sections I run by, oops! I was seriously considering paying someone to clean mine it was so bad. Luckily I am too cheap to do that, so I made myself do it. Now if only I could keep it clean!


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