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Rain or Shine? Run

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Wait, it’s February? How did that happen?

That means 2 things- Super Bowl and Surf City. Now I could care less about the Super Bowl but Surf City is always the same day so I just pretend the excitement is for the race not the game.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am no where near race ready. When I toe the line on Sunday I will be fully prepared to take it easy and take my time. I have run/walk intervals set on my watch and ready to go. But I am looking forward to revisiting the race that started me down the path of (longer) distance running. The crowds are awesome, the beach view is great, I get to (hopefully) see a bunch of other BibRave Pros.

I posted this 3 years ago at my second Surf City

Now if the weather will cooperate. Granted, it is absolutely nothing compared to what is happening in most of the country but a rain filled Saturday and Sunday wasn’t exactly what I was looking forward to. I can roll with it though and have just changed most of everything I was going to pack and wear.

So, fingers crossed for a fun filled weekend that’s only slightly wet.

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Thank you

So, Brooks is doing this #thankyourunning campaign on social media.  It’s kind of cool.  Funny thing is that I’ve had parts of this post sitting in my drafts for a while.  Except I was calling something like Lessons from Running.  Deep right?  Anyways, I figured now would be a good time to dust it off and pretty it up.  So here goes-

Thank you running-

I have discovered so many cool and scenic places that I never would have seen without a pair of running shoes on my feet.   And you know where most of them are?  Right in my own backyard.    At most a short drive and I can just take in the view.   Mountains, ocean, dirt and asphalt, all are within reach.    All very run-able.    All awesome.  Thank you running for showing me the view. 

Thank you running-

For reminding me I can do hard things.  I’ve been a procrastinator all my life.   Sometimes I think it’s because I work better under pressure.  Mostly though it’s that I’m just lazy.    My second race ever was a half marathon.  I crossed the finish line in pain and exhausted but damn proud that I committed to a goal I had made on a street corner on a cold morning in January.    As I stood there spectating and seeing the people running Surf City, I told myself that I wanted to do that.  I wasn’t sure if I could but I was going to try.     I crossed of the finish line of Wine Country half in April.  I was in pain, exhausted and damn proud that I had followed through.    Later on one friend commented that they were surprised that I had both completed the race and stuck (sort of) to a training plan.   Thank you running for showing me that I can.

Cotton! I had no idea!

Thank you running-

For letting me be comfortable by myself.     I dislike crowds but hated being by myself.  I always felt so needy and worried that I was going to be left behind.    I’m not even sure who was doing the leaving but it made me anxious.   Running was something I had to start on my own, no one was pushing me out the door, no one was meeting me out there.  Running can involve spending a whole lot of time getting to know yourself and suddenly you realize your own bullshit and that it’s time to move on.  Not saying everything’s awesome now but I have a better acceptance for who I am and I am fine on my own.   I love my friends but thank you running for helping me like myself.

That said, friends are awesome.

Thank you running-

I have become a little less of a germ-a-phobe.  Seriously it was borderline OCD.    My hand washing alone would drive  my mother crazy when she observed it.    I’ve had GI issues for years but a port-a-potty or gas station bathroom?  Oh hell no.   I admit my first trail bathroom scared the hell out of me.    As we all know, when running we have to take what we can get.  Right?  😃   Along those same lines- I never left the house in anything that resembled exercise clothes- I had to be in jeans or a dress.  There was no other option.  Period.  Now?  5 mile run? Why not run errands after?  Just throw a sweater on.  Thank you running for making me get over myself. 

Thank you running-

For giving me some truly odd music taste.    It wasn’t too long after I started running that I discovered I have a hard time running to rock music.  My cadence kept getting thrown off by the bass line.   Enter some truly annoying pop.   Think I’m kidding?  I ran yesterday’s intervals to “Gotta Be Me”- it’s a Disney channel song.    All laughing aside- there is no way you can run slowly to that song.   Which is the point.  I dare you to try it.    So thank you running for making me laugh even if it’s at myself. 

Aww, thanks Pinterest

Thank you running-

For calming me down.  Seriously, I have a short fuse.    I could stay mad and resentful for eons.  Little things would piss me off.    The string of words I could put together would make a trucker blush.   While I think commuting has  also helped; running has gone a long way to calming me down.  It takes a lot to make me mad these days.    Thank you running for making me less “Hulk” like. 

Thank you running-

For you!!!!!  Without running, I never would have started reading blogs, never would have started this blog or “met” all of you.  Seriously you all rock.  I love reading about your adventures- running and non running.   You’re all real and inspirational and amazing.   Thank you running for expanding my circle.

I could probably go on for so many more things but I’ll leave it here.  😄

What do you thank running for?

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June Recap/ Mid Year Check In

June come back!!  It should not be July right now.  It just can’t be.  I was in the doctor’s office yesterday and it boggled my mind that my 6 month follow-up was January…2016.  Umm, wait, what?  Then someone made it worse by saying that Christmas is now only 5 months away.  Slow down!!!

While June felt more consistent than May, the overall mileage doesn’t show much of an improvement.  I guess I embraced my Slacker-ness in May and June.



Talley Vineyard 10K- 56:54

So yeah, more miles than May but just barely.    Also disappointing because I thought I had 65 miles.  I am a little neurotic on the way that I track my miles with my Garmin, and Nike+ and SmashRun.    Nike+ had me at 65 on June 30 and I had no reason to doubt it.  Until I uploaded my miles to SmashRun last night and it had me at 59.4.  What?   I pull up Garmin Connect and it agreed with Smash.   Everything syncs from my Garmin so I was confused and started double checking all my runs.  One uploaded twice to Nike and I didn’t catch it.  Grrrr.

Oh and June saw my 2 year Blog-versary!

Mid Year Check In 

Already!?  Ok, brief goal recap.     For 2015, I wanted to –

Run 1000 miles– Hmmm, at the end of June, I was at 423 miles.   Only about 80 miles short of where I needed to be.  I don’t want to give up on this goal but I would have to average 97 miles a month for the rest of year to hit 1000.   Honestly, I don’t know if I can do that.   Would I love to- hell yes, but I need to be smart about what I can accomplish.

Break 2:00 in a half-  I managed a 2:06:08 at Wine Country which was thisclose to my PR.  I was optimistic for SLO but between my stomach issues and my fall, that was off the table.  Which is fine because I am still damn proud of how I managed to finish that race.   🙂     Even though I am currently training to break 2 in October, I still just want to have fun with running.

Non-Running- Read 15 books-  I was behind on this until yesterday.  🙂    I started a book in the waiting room of my doctor’s office and since I waited a while, I got through 100 pages.  I had intended for this post to go up yesterday but when I sat down to type, I just wanted to read.  So I finished that book.  It was book 2 of 3 so I decided to just start the third.  Then I finished that one.  Yeah it was a late night.   So 7 books finished so far.  Man, I remember when that number would have been much bigger. 

Blog Redesign–  partially done.  I am still working out a few kinks.  And I still can’t figure out Dropbox, ugh. 

So moving forward?  Right now my goals are to keep running, reading and living!   Oh and did I mention I am running (not racing) a half marathon in 10 days?! On my birthday.  🙂

Did you make goals for 2015/ June?  How are you doing so far?

Read any good books lately?  I need a new one now.  🙂