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Random Roundup

I could have called this mid week musings but let’s switch it up.  Oh and it’s Friday.
I have a little challenge for myself in this post- no mentioning of the “M” word.  I mean I have to be driving you all nuts right? 😛

I have strong feelings about long hair- I’m not the biggest fan- long story- but I suddenly miss braids.  So weird.   I alternate between years of super long hair and years where it’s above my shoulders.  Right now, it is still a few inches above my shoulders- too long…or too short.  I can’t decide!

I am so tired.  I feel like life has just been a bunch of running in circles.  I have 2 vacation days coming next week and I am so excited.  4 day weekend anyone?!  I know at least one of those days will involve zero alarms and I swear I may sleep until 10.  Or try to.

So I shared the pic of my new running shoes a few weeks ago but that wasn’t the only I bought that day.  I have a serious problem- I buy all the skirts and dresses.  Seriously, I could probably go a month without wearing pants and still not have to wash clothes.  My sweater collection is a little ridiculous too.  😝   Did I mention I am going shopping this weekend?

My race this weekend just got a little more interesting.  I already knew I had 12+ miles of beach sand to run on but then this email came-


Wet rocks?!  Maybe I should consider a different pair of shoes? 😖

I received my first product to test from BibRaveUltima Replenisher.  The raspberry flavor and I have become besties.  Seriously.  I’ll post more about it later but I’ve had it every single day since the package arrived. I’d never even heard of it before.

It’s pretty too.

I’m still binge watching Lost.   I am now in season 3 but I am starting to fade.  4 more seasons of this?  I’m still confused   🙂  Any suggestions?

What’s your clothing addiction?

Share something random!

What are your weekend plans?