Talking about Training

Most of my online feeds are full of training talk these days.   I don’t remember reading this much last year.  Then again my only goal last November and December was to not take a long break from running like I had in previous years.  I was constantly starting over every January.   In November 2013 I ran 60 miles and 34 in December, not much but miles above previous years.   My first race was always in March so I usually felt like I had time to catch up.    Beyond that was always up in the air.

This year is ending a little different.   With a 25K the last weekend in January and a half the following weekend I need to get my butt in gear now.  Combine that with wanting to finally break 2 at SLO in April, and they seem like pretty large goals for this Slacker.    Particularly when you factor in my track record with training plans.

Sorry Hal

Sorry Hal

Up until 2014, I trained my own way.   For the most part it worked for me.  But this year I had goals and goals need plans right?   For SLO, I used a Nike+ training plan that was just too much mileage for me.   I tried Higdon’s intermediate plan for Rock’n around the Pier in July.    It didn’t work out so well.    Ventura was an effort in denial regarding my stomach and lungs.   Oh and remember this gem?  Could I have made it any harder to understand?



I started training 12 weeks out from my 25k.  Following Surf City, I aim to take a week off before getting back to training for SLO.  That’s 11 weeks.    With my stomach still dictating most of my pace and never having run back to back double-digit races, my goal for January is to just finish both races- no real speed or time goals.    The plan is simple- run 4 days a week, try to cross train once.  The tricky part lies in the weekends- back to back runs of at least 6 miles per day, topping out at 12.  Even just typing that made me tired.  There’s a reason I call myself a Slacker.     :)  I would like to throw in a speed workout every other week but that will be up to my lovely stomach.

Well, that failed

Well, that failed

If I can stick to this, I think hope that I will be starting the year with a solid base.  Hopefully that base will make me a stronger runner and I can really focus on speed for SLO.  Fingers crossed.    As for my plan- looking back I realized that my strongest half of the year was Wine Country in March.  Granted, I was also the healthiest then.  Barring an asthma issue during miles 5-7, I felt strong and ran 95% of it.   Damn stupid hill at mile 12.    And I trained my way- it was amazingly head game free- and I want to get back to that.

Pretty easy first two weeks.  Next week steps up.

Pretty easy first two weeks. Next week steps up.

And how am I tracking my plan? A 90 cent student planner and pens because that is how I roll.   :)    I’ve bought expensive logs and only used them a month.  I tried Daily Mile as a way to track and never followed through.  This fits in my purse, doesn’t take up a lot of space and I am hoping will be great incentive to keep it up! What can I say, I like filling in the purple for following through!

Happy weekend!

How do you train? Any suggestions?

What are your plans this weekend?

Call me Calamity

I feel like I have written a similar point in the past.  And I probably have.  Case in point- the nice line of bruises running up my spine from backing into the side of a door last week.  I have mad skills like that.  :)

After getting off work on Tuesday, I headed to the gym.  I wanted to run but wasn’t looking forward to the treadmill.    I remembered my Garmin this time so I decided to see how it did tracking distance again.    I just put my phone on the treadmill screen/ display- what do you call that?   Every year it seems like it takes me a while to adjust to the treadmill.  I always feel a little sore when I first start running.  It wears off around a mile in but it’s still kind of odd.

I wasn’t feeling quite up to speed work but I decided to try to run as steady a pace as possible.  I wanted to see how far I could get before taking a walk break.    My lungs and my stomach behaved, woo hoo!   Looking at my splits later, it was kind of like a mini tempo run.  At least for what is my pace these days.  :)  Barring a few issues, I ran 3.5 miles straight.

Little oops, but woo hoo!

Little oops, but woo hoo!

As for the calamity?  I wanted to run but I was having issues.  I kept the pace around 5.9  most of the time but kept punching the front of the treadmill.  At one point, I over balanced and had to pull myself out of a fall.  I think my arms were doing a little pin wheel at this point.   I righted myself, upped the speed a bit and kept plugging on.   Apparently my legs were feeling really good and wanted to go faster because I continued to run into the front of the treadmill.   So much so that I accidentally punched the stop button and the treadmill came to a halt.   How I didn’t smash my face against the front, I have no idea.

I managed to get the treadmill started fairly quickly and grabbed a drink of water while bringing it back up to speed.   I shouldn’t multitask.  The lid to water bottle went flying over a few treadmills and landed next to the ellipticals.  Seriously?!   I powered on for another mile before hitting what would have been mile 4 before I had to start over.  I decided to start my cool down but instead of hitting the speed button I hit the cord from my ear buds and knocked my phone down.  I watched it bounce on the treadmill and then slide offonto the ground.   Ugh.  Now I also had the attention of everyone running on the treadmills to my right.   In my efforts to slow down, I once again hit stop.  By the time I came to a stop, someone else had picked up my phone and handed it to me.  Thank you, kind stranger.

I decided I was done for the night.  I called it at 4 miles and just stretched out.  I was worried about not cooling down properly but I was taking the hint.  From everything I had seen on the machine readout and my Garmin, they pretty much matched minus my stop issue in the middle.   I didn’t look at my splits until later and when I did I was kind of happy.   I also noticed that I must have hit the split button at some point but don’t remember doing it.  All I see is that outside of my warm up, my average pace was under 10.  Woo hoo!!!  I haven’t seen that in months!

I came to find a delivery.  I’ve had a few fun mail days lately.  First I ordered a few books.  I am looking forward to reading 80/20.  IMG_7470Then I found out that my 25k in January only has one aid station.  I had to reassess the fueling situation, so I ordered myself a little something- well it’s not exactly small-IMG_7475I haven’t decided about it yet.  I really wanted pockets on the front and while I got those, I am wondering about how comfortable it will be.

How has your week been?

Ever feel achy on a treadmill?

Ever punch a treadmill?  Or worse- fall off?

Ever use a vest like this?  Thoughts?

Who’s on First

This had been a pretty good week running wise.   Got in a great 8 mile hike on Tuesday.  Actually made it to the gym to run on the treadmill on Thursday and got in a solid 10k yesterday.   Since I put in 3x more miles this week than the past few weeks, I chose to stop at three days running this week.  My ankle is a little sore and I don’t really want to start training with an injury.   Or I was just lazy.  :)

Saturday I headed out for a run after a short power nap.  I’ve noticed that my stomach behaves a little better after a short nap.  Why, I have no idea but if I can snooze for 15-20 minutes and have a better run, I’m all for it.  Admittedly, sometimes it backfires and I sleep through the timer.   California has missed the fall memo so I was able to head out late in the afternoon in shorts and a tank.   I know it won’t last much longer but it was pretty nice. lastshortsI knew my mother was out for a walk somewhere so I figured that I may run into her at some point.    I changed my route up a bit so I would run past places I knew she liked to walk.   I got about 3 miles in and still hadn’t seen her so I sent her a text.   Her response was that she was going down the backside of a street.  Ummm, what?

What side is the backside?  So I sent a text trying to clarify.  Was she closer to street A or street B?  Mind you, there are 6 blocks in between those streets.    The next response- she’d gone around A and back up.  Back up what? There is no up that street.     So I head to where I thought she would be, no luck.   Ok, I give up.  I am just going to finish my run.  In my last mile, I get a text from my mother asking where I was.  My answer was by the school and that her directions made no sense.  I paused my Garmin and hung out for a moment waiting for another text but nothing came so I headed home.

Going up the last hill I get a text asking where I was again.  Completely done with texting, I stop again and just call her.   Turns out we were a block from each other.  I catch up to her and again say that her directions make no sense.  She again tells me her route and I snap “learn the street names!”.   Turns out what she was calling up street A is in fact Beach street, so not the same!!  The other name was off as well.  I got super frustrated with her and asked how she was ever going to give emergency directions by saying this street and that street, and around one corner or another.   I even warned her our little snafu was going on the blog.

All that aside, I had a pretty good run.  Other than my warm up mile and the little stops in mile 4- I can’t text and run at the same time- I kept a decent pace for all of the run.   Woo hoo!  That’s a big deal for me these days.  :)   It was a good way to conclude my first, albeit rescheduled, week of training.  I am looking forward to next weeks running.  Even if I have a few after work commitments and am trying to figure when to run.   I’ll leave you with cuteness- I bought Kimi her first cat bed and I think it was a win-kimibed

How was your weekend?

How is your weather?

Ever get completely frustrated by text directions?

Rounding up the Scary

~So I mentioned I was a little spooked by Tuesday’s trail in my last post.  What I didn’t mention was the random hoodie hanging from an equally random tree branch about 2 miles up.   Faded black and a little ripped, at a spot where someone could just run into the woods.  Creepy.

~I felt good Wednesday after 8 miles the day before but had a big project for work.  I figured I would use my rest day and just stay late after work; use the quiet to just bust it out.  After a bit I decided to use the restroom and get some water.   Ever been in a building that felt like it slightly moved when exterior doors were opened or closed?   That happened while I was in the bathroom but I didn’t think much about it because I knew the doors were locked.  When I crossed the doorway leading from the break room area, I heard a voice say hello.  Aack!!!!!!!! I yelled no and dropped into a sumo-like squat*.    Turns out the cleaners come early on Wednesdays.  Oops, I almost threw my phone at her.  I scared her about as much as she scared me.

If you were home alone in the middle of the night...
*And what do I think I am going to accomplish going into a squat?  I did this same thing once on a run when a dog rushed me.  At least then I was in shorts, this time I was in a skirt but figured a squat was threatening?! Seriously?!

~I was helping a co-worker with something the other day when his little boy came in to say hi.   My coworker had just done something not quite right and we were laughing about it so I told his son that his dad was silly.   He did not look happy about that.  Come to find out that he later told his dad that his boss had looked mad.  So now I scare kids too.  Oops.  :(boremill~Less scary but more shocking- I made it to the gym!!  I am still not a huge treadmill fan but it felt like a good, solid 4.5 miles.   I was a little bored about 2 miles in so I decided to step up the speed by .2 every song.  5.6 to 5.8 to 6.00 for mile 3 followed with .10 distance walk break.  Then I did 5.7 to 5.9 to 6.1.  Around mile 3.85 I went to 6.6 and stayed there for a few minutes.  It wasn’t much but I was able to keep my stomach in check so I call it a win.  See ya next time bore-mill.

Ever run by random bits of clothing?

Do you scare children or is just a skill I have?

Any suggestions for fun treadmill running?