Week 6 Recap

Upcoming race–    Surf City 13.1

Focus– don’t freak out

As mentioned I my last post, I’ve been in a wierd funk lately.   I know I’ll bust out of it eventually but for now I am just going to keep on keeping on.  What didn’t help was finding a hair baked into a cookie I was eating on Friday.  Seriously?!  The universe is telling me to eat less cookies.  😃

Monday- 10 miles Stationary-Monday was chaos at work but I headed home and hopped on the bike.   It was harder than usual but I was glad I had done something.

Tuesday-Rest  Cheat pizza for the win.  😀.  I was going to run with a coworker after work but wasn’t complaining when she had to cancel.   My legs, left in particular, were a little achy and there was freaky cold wind in work town.

Wednesday- Rest  I had to stay late  at work for IT upgrades so I didn’t get home until almost 8.  And I was just tired. 😴  

Thursday- 3.85 miles I’m going to do my best to breakup with the treadmill.  I just hurt too much after using one.  So with that in mind I ran my work town route after work.   I was racing the sunset so I knew I was only going to get in 3.5 miles.  Except I was having fun enjoying the scenery so I pushed it a little further.   While I had my blinky lights so cars could see me, I hadn’t brought my flashlight.  The last 3/4 of a mile were super dark and there were very few street lights.  Oops.    But, seriously, how could I not keep running with this view?!  

Friday- Rest. Crazy work day and then packing for Surf City.  Of course I waited until the last minute.    I was pretty sure what I wanted to wear on race morning but had no clue for the rest of the trip.  😂


Saturday- Chaos err.. rest.  Road trip day.    Per usual, my mom was coming with me so we headed out early morning.   We chose the wrong route and got stuck in traffic in LA.   Grrr.  Then the real problems hit.  I had booked a hotel that was on the race course.  I mapquested it and it was only a mile to the start line.  I was planning for a leisurely race morning then leaving my hotel to walk to the start around 7:30.   I don’t know what I mapped out because the hotel was 7 miles from the start… on the wrong side of the road closures.   Cue panic.  Then they lost my reservation.   😮😭.   Parking issues aside, packet pickup was a breeze though.

Sunday- Surf City 13.1 Race recap should be up on Wednesday.

How was your week?

Would you never eat another cookie?

Ramblin’ On

I seem to like to ramble in the middle of the week.  34 days into the year and I am in a funk.

Minus the 6 day sick streak in January, I have been hitting the workouts I set for myself each week.   January was a solid start to regaining my base.   I started cross training more often, you could even call it consistent now.  :)   Then this week.  I have yet to run this week.  I just can’t seem to get motivated.


Kimi is unimpressed by my lack of motivation

Maybe it’s taper crazies?  Not that I really needed to taper but I have had some phantoms pains too.   Maybe it’s that the last week or so of runs have been ugly and rough.  I am not expecting them to be all sunshine and daisies but an 11:00 minute pace was kicking my ass last Sunday.  That doesn’t bode well for Sunday’s race.

Maybe it’s that work has been all Mondays for the last week?   Which is odd because even though we are running short handed, our crew is small but mighty.  However, I feel like I am forgetting some huge important detail.    I hate that feeling.    Maybe it will come to me during the race on Sunday.   :)

I need to snap out of this.  I started this post on Tuesday night but deleted it- it sounded way too whiny and pissy.   But some venting does help.    And there is #shiny still.  Like I said, the crew at work right now is awesome.    I have a fun weekend planned with 20,000 other crazies like me.  Besides the race festivities on Saturday and Sunday, I have some other fun things in the works for this weekend that I am looking forward to sharing with you.

So tell me- is it taper crazies or am I just cranky?

Week 5/ January Recap

Upcoming races- Surf City 13.1

Focus–  I forgot to choose one this week. Oops.

How is it February?  Seriously, how did that happen?  Wasn’t is just Christmas?  Or I don’t know summer?  Anyways moving on.   One plus about El Nino is that things have been warmer than usual but that changed this week.   Brrrr.

Monday- Rest  Mondays really work as rest days for me.  Why do I keep trying to change that?   I will say that I felt guilty for not getting in some miles on the bike though.


Tuesday- 4 miles  Some very, very slow miles.  I had an episode of Z Nation to get me through it.  Though I do wonder if anyone can see my phone, between Z Nation and Blacklist, I feel kind of weird watching my phone at the gym.

Wednesday- 6 miles Stationary   I woke feeling more sore from 4 treadmill miles than I had from my long run on Saturday.   Grrr.   Daylight savings, are you here yet?    I ended up testing out the new Little Caesar’s on the way home so it almost ended up another rest day.  But instead it was just a very late start and fewer miles.

Thursday- 10 miles  I had to work this weekend so I was able to take a half day and I actually made it out of work by 1.    With a storm predicted for the weekend I had planned on trying to get my long run in early.  After last week’s successful though slow 12 milers, I was looking forward to it.    I almost quit in the first 2 miles.  Everything felt off, I was still sore, I felt uncomfortable in shorts, my throat had an alligator instead of a frog in it.  Every time I started to run I felt like I was going to hyperventilate.  What the hell?!  Was I embarrassed to be seen in shorts or something?

I got to the top of the hill and just stopped.   I stretched, had a conversation with myself and scrolled Instagram.   Anything to get my mind off of my panic issue.  I didn’t feel like anything was actually really wrong and I didn’t want to miss the chance to complete my long run so I reassessed.  Pace meant nothing so I turned on the run/ walk interval on my watch and set off again.  Slowly.   At mile 5 I assessed again, felt ok so I continued on.  Between walking and running my pace was holding around 11:30.  Since I was moving slower than planned I ended up having to run through the traffic when the high school let out.  Cuz I wasn’t feeling fluffy enough?!

When the run was finally done, I joked on Instagram that it was my slowest 10 miler ever.  Except it turns out it wasn’t a joke- it really was my slowest 10 miles ever.  It took me 2 hours to run 10 miles plus another 20 minutes of stopping for head games and a chafing concern.   But you know what?  I ran 10 miles.  Trying to think on the shiny side here. ☺

Friday- Rest Woo hoo!!!

Saturday- 11 miles Stationary   It was cold and the storm was looming when I got home after work.  I had planned on getting in a run after I finished my errands but just couldn’t bring myself to go back out.   Cross training and the comfy chair won.

Sunday- 4 miles  The storm was predicted to clear by the afternoon so I was going to run then.  While the rain did clear, it was freakin’ cold!  I still feel oddly achy and sore, so I kept it slow and easy for 4 miles.

And that wraps up my last full week before Surf City.  Since I am treating it like a very large, friendly long run I normally wouldn’t taper.  But the treadmill and I need to break up and this soreness needs to go away so this may be a heavy cross training week.  We’ll see.   And that brings us to the end of January-


Double what December was and that was with 6 days off due to the flu.  I am calling this a good base building month.  I will probably continue to build into February.   I’m currently trying to mash 2 training plans together.  Excel is giving me a headache trying to merge the 2 books.  Ugh.   I get the feeling I may just have to start over.

How was your January?

Anyone have any Excel tips?



2016 SLO Marathon

Last post I shared that I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to be an Ambassador for the SLO Marathon again.   Which is freakin’ awesome and I am looking forward to not only the race but all the awesome runners I get to see again.    As with most ambassadorships, it comes with some challenges along the way.   The first one was dropped last week- to share our resolutions/ goals for the 2016 race.  Hmmm, there’s that word again.

I’ve spent some time thinking about it for the last week.  How do I share a goal but stay true to my year of being goal free?    Well, I am still goal free.  That said, I feel like I have unfinished business with the SLO half.   Let’s recap.

In 2014 I was looking forward to running a race that I had been trying to run for years but never made it happen.   It was also my first ambassadorship so I was super stoked on that.    I was excited on race morning but mentally I just wasn’t there.   It wasn’t my fitness level, it wasn’t the hills; it was all in my head.    Mentally, I blew up around mile 8.   I finished the race in 2:10:32 which wasn’t bad but I felt like my legs had more in them, I just couldn’t stop the mind games.   Not sure if you can tell by my smirk/smile but I was very irritated with myself post race.

2015 rolled around and I was able to train with a custom McMillan training plan.  The race fell in the middle of all my stomach issues so I knew breaking 2:00 was unlikely but I felt strong and ready to go.   Even though I had felt sick prior to race start, I felt great for the first 5 miles.   I was beginning to entertain thoughts of a new PR.    Then I went down, hard.   As clumsy as I am on a daily basis, I had never fallen while running before.  There’s a first time for everything right? Thanks to some helpful runners I was back on my feet quickly and running on.   Maybe it was a delayed reaction from the fall or just my stupid stomach but mile 7 started with my stomach cramping in a very bad way.   I pretty much walked the entire mile taking deep, slow breathes.  Mile 8 saw another first for me- a port a potty stop.  Despite all that, I was still mentally on point.  I had reassessed that a PR wasn’t going to happen but even with all that drama I knew I could still beat the previous year’s time.    But my stomach fought back and miles 11-13 were all survival mode.  I was also cursing that there are no porta-potties at mile 12.  Cuz who needs one with only 1 mile left?!  I crossed the finish line in 2:15:06 and I was damn proud of that.   It may not have been the time I was hoping for but for everything that day threw at me, I stayed strong and positive the entire race.

So while I have no plans of setting a goal for SLO 2016, I do see it as a redemption race.   Both years I felt like I had more to give and I would like to see that happen this year.   I love the course- hills and all- and I can’t wait to see what I can do this year.   :)

What about you?  Do you have a race that haunts you?

Ever fallen while running?

Happy Friday!!!

Mid Week Musings 7

Maybe I should rename these mid week rambles?  At least this one is actually going up mid-week and not on Thursday or Friday.   :)

How is January almost over?  Seriously I need more time!

Everyone’s posting their race schedules for the year and I’m over here like I should have bought a Powerball ticket.   😅  My race account is looking pretty sad.   While I am wishing for the impossible- how about more vacation time too?

I’ve been given the opportunity to come back as a SLO Marathon ambassador for 2016!  Woo hoo!!!  More on that soon!

I’m not a football fan but Denver making it to the Super Bowl is making me nostalgic.   Growing up we had one of those huge satellite dishes.  You know the ones that had to move in order to watch a different station?   Anyways, for whatever reasons we only got Denver stations.   The Broncos and the Rockies were the sports teams popular in our house.  Combine that with the Broncos being my grandfather’s favorite football team and I am feeling the urge to rock some blue and orange at Surf City.  #nostalgicfan

Last Wednesday’s weird, sick feeling makes more sense now.   My last visit with my gastro resulted in a new medication to try.   New to me and him- he had never prescribed it before.  I was the guinea pig.  Oh boy.  Other than any possible warnings about driving or sleepiness, I try to avoid reading the potential side effects of a new medication.   I like to avoid any chance to think myself into a side effect and just give it a week or 2.   But I have been having some issues and felt kind of off so I read all the documentation yesterday.   I could check off more than a few boxes on the list.  The most interesting one though?  “Feeling drunk”  What?!    Once I made sure I read that right, some things from the last 2 weeks made a little more sense.  Yeah- bye bye pills.

Last week I shared that my local pizza place knows me by name.  Friday night I picked up a pizza on the way home and they told me I am their #1 customer.  Ummmm, yay?  I only ate pizza once last week by the way.

Another episode of Z Nation got me through a treadmill run tonight.  A very slow treadmill run but it’s the miles that count right?   I’ve found the only way I can run on the treadmill without any weird aches is to either run very slow or very fast.  Tonight was a slow one.  I felt kind of awkward watching a zombie show while running though.

Lastly, I’m sure most of you have heard about the dog that bandit-ed a half marathon but my mother made sure to share it to my Facebook feed today.   With a comment that the dog is faster than me.  Which is true.  I still love the story though.   ☺

Hit me with your random!

Are you watching the Super Bowl?

Anyone else remember those satellite dishes?