Running in Circles

Monday was a big day at work for a few reasons and by the end I was looking forward to a nice, easy recovery run after work.     I chose the lake path again, partly due to the flatness after the previous day’s 10 and I because I thought it would be a good place to test out my new shoes.  They fit great in the store but I had to go up a 1/2 size.  When I wore them for the puppy walk on Saturday night, they felt too big, especially going downhill.  Ruh-ro.   This time out I paired them with my Pro Compression Trainer Low socks (love by the way) as they are a little thicker than my other socks.  So much better! newshoes

My mother met me at the lake and we set out.  I was feeling tired and my leg was not appreciating the heels that I had worn all day, so I wasn’t expecting much.    After a 10 minute warm up walk, I broke away to run, not sure I was going to 3 laps or 4.    I think the Sayonara’s had my legs a little confused.  They forgot it was supposed to be an easy day.    I averaged a 9:35 pace for the next 3 miles with forced walk breaks in each mile because I knew I should be running slower.  4.25 miles in total for the day.   I felt pretty good in the shoes, but then it’s only been 8 miles.   I was trying to pay extra attention to my form since I knew they were a lighter weight than I was used to, it did get a little sloppy towards the end.   I will have to work on that next time.   :)

Today was D-Day otherwise known as doctor day.  After waiting so long, I was kind of afraid something was going to push it back again.  I skedaddled out of work at 1:45 because I was afraid of any traffic issues.  Of course, there were none so I ended spending some time in the parking lot.  :)   For the first time, my mother joined me at the appointment.  I just wanted a better answer so I was all for anything that might make him listen more.     We were there for 2 hours, granted part of that was waiting in the waiting room.    I was prepared for him to want to order tests, I was prepared for different medication; I was not prepared for was for him to admit that he needs another opinion.  Umm, aren’t you the specialist?   So I have a bunch of blood work I need to do followed by 2 new heavy duty antibiotics and then a histamine blocker?  They are also working on a referral for a doc down in LA.  Boo.

One of the antibiotics he initially wanted to prescribe dictated no strenuous exercise because it could damage your tendons.  I guess I had my “hell no” face on because before I could say anything (or freak out) my mother spoke up.  She implied that I could get really bitchy without running -haha- true story!  He switched medications so I am still ok to run.   It just means that once again I am going into a half marathon while on antibiotics.  After getting out of the appointment I was just felt drained, and after 3 days of running/ walking I turned the evening into a rest day.

This week might end up with fewer running days but I am trying not to stress on it.  I start class tomorrow and am trying to figure out how to do a business mixer and the gym on Thursday.   I need to do my long run on Saturday because the company picnic (or beach day) is Sunday.  This school thing is really throwing me off- when am I ever going to do business internationally anyways?

How about you guys? Ever wanted to snap at a doctor?

What company picnics? Yay, nay or never had one?

How has your week been?

Success… of a Sort

My last half kind of kicked my ass both mentally and physically.   13 miles of sand aggravated some shin splints I thought were mostly behind me.  My confidence took a beating as well.  This led to my change in thinking during July and for the most part it helped.   My most recent attempts at long runs have kicked me around a bit, too.  Today, I finally completed the 10miler I attempted twice last weekend.  However, it was Ugly.    However before we get there, let’s look back.

Ok, not so healthy but yummy

Ok, not so healthy but yummy

Thursday turned into a rest day instead of gym night, I was feeling a little under the weather.   Earlier in the week, I had made a smart ass comment about something happening on Friday.  I said that if all the stars aligned in the right way, I would buy everyone lunch.  Granted, at the time, I thought there was no way.  That being said, I followed through when I was proved wrong.newgear8-16

Saturday was a day spent shopping.  I may have spent a little more than planned, but it was fun.  :)  And when did my impulse purchases become running shoes?

I got the puppy a new toy, too

I got the puppy a new toy, too

After getting home, I took my family to a local steak house for dinner, where we I might have eaten too much.  I followed dinner with a late evening stroll with my mom and the puppy.  Had to test out the new shoes, right?

Sunset on the walk

Sunset on the walk

My stomach did not thank me for yesterday’s indulgence, so this morning got off to a rough start.   I did manage to get out the door for my long run by 9 though.   My mother wanted to meet at the track and do some laps.  After  I was going to help her change out a tennis net.  I ran 8 on the track a few weeks ago and did not want to again.  I mapped out a route that was 7 miles across town to the school and planned to finish the last 3 miles on the track.     The downside was that I had to run across the main bridge in town.  I hate running across the bridge, I feel like I am on display, it’s so noisy and just seems so long.  In comparison to big cities I am sure that our bridge is tiny, but I think it may be the biggest in the county.  Not sure if that’s more indicative of the bridge or the county though, hmmm.

Right from the get-go, I knew it was going to be rough.   I had a shortcut option to cut 2 miles off before the school if I felt ill but I did not want to take it.  After my warm up mile, I decided to test out the run/walk feature on my Garmin.  Once I figured out how to do that I set it for 8:30 run and 1:00 walk.  I was foolishly hoping that it would help the run seem a little easier.  It did keep miles 2, 3, 5, 6 around 10:30 pace which was pretty cool for a long run.  Mile 4 was my fastest at 9:29- the bridge mile- I just wanted it done.   I hit 4 traffic lights in the last half of 4 and beginning of 5; I paused my Garmin at each one but let the Nike App run.  I was curious to see how long they took.  All in all they added 5 minutes to my time. lonrun8-17

I completely ran out of gas by the end of mile 6.   Since I was on a path and not the street, I had put in both headphones for a pick me up.  Bad idea- a cyclist came up on my left and I never heard him.  I felt his presence more so I took out a headphone as I turned my head, oops.  I was hugging the far right of the path, so he had plenty of space.  We chatted a bit, I apologized for the headphone gaffe (I swear I only ever use one!) but that I was in such misery I was hoping it would distract me.  He agreed that it was a rough morning and already too warm.    My pace slid off from there.  Miles 7-10 all clocked in the 11’s.  Even on the track.   I have never run that slow on the track but I was just spent.   I even thought about calling it at 8 and heading back out later to another 2 but I really wanted the run done all in one.   I was so glad when I was done.  I stretched some and then headed off to help my mother.  Or try, turns out the replacement net was worse off than the old one, the replacement had been donated.    :(

We followed that up with some yummy Chipotle for lunch, have I mentioned we have a Chipotle now?!   I also learned that you should never go to the grocery store after a long run.  I wanted to buy everything!!!  Luckily I wanted to buy all the fruits and vegetables but still there’s only so much food a person can eat.   I didn’t look at my splits for a few hours because the run just felt so rough to me.  Turns out my overall pace was pretty much near where I had wanted to be for a long run, the run just felt the total opposite of easy.   It makes me a little nervous for the 12 miler I need to do next weekend.

How was your weekend?

Every make a statement you didn’t think you’d have to follow through on?

Ever go to the grocery store after a long run?

Any long run tips?


Running with Turbo

Even though I have been running for a few years now, there are still times that I feel like a complete newbie.  I know plenty of people have faster times, some people run more miles on a daily basis, so many people have run a full marathon and I am not sure that I ever want to run one.   Usually I am ok with all of these things but sometimes all those feelings and insecurities come rushing back.

After Sunday’s fail of a run, I headed out Monday with the a goal of 4 easy miles.  To that end, I headed to the nice, flat lake path to take it easy.  My left leg has been a little sore off and on so I was thinking of the following splits- 13 for the warm up mile, 10-10:15 for 2-4, with a .6 mile cool down walk.   I am still walking the bridge through the playground area due to construction and little children so this seemed not only doable but easy.  That was the plan.

Who dressed me?!

Who dressed me?!

About 1/4 into my warmup, I stopped to get a rock out of my shoe.   This was when I first encountered Turbo.  A guy dressed all in black comes running my way moving pretty fast.  No big deal, I’m warming up, nothing to feel embarrassed about right?  I hit the half mile mark at about 7.5 minutes and break into a jog, then around .75 of a mile here comes Turbo again.   Still warming up, still ok, but I did pick up the pace a bit.  I was just finishing the first lap (around 1.2 miles) and nearing the bridge area when WTH?! Here comes Turbo again!  Adding insult to injury, he was now bouncing a tennis ball on the ground and catching it, all while running.  Come on!   Now it was matter of pride, I mean he essentially lapped me 3 times!   No walk break just keep running.   He passed me again during lap 2 and twice in lap 3.  I had to take a short walk break, which of course happened right as he was passing, still bouncing his ball. Starting lap 4, I noticed that he had moved on to do pull ups and chin ups- which I think he did the entire time it took me to complete that last lap.  I’m not sure what made feel more self-conscious; the fact that he was so damn fast or that he had no idea I was being an insecure creeper.  :(

Miles 2-4 all mid 9's again, oops.

Miles 2-4 all mid 9’s again, oops.

Since Monday turned out faster than planned, I took a rest day Tuesday.  I headed back to the lake on Wednesday for another easy 4.  This time it was woman I ended up racing pacing.  You know that e-card about a treadmill racing?  Definitely.  This also applies to stationary bikes...

Yeah, it was like that.  We seemed to be evenly paced, so we passed each other at the same 2 places on each lap.  If we had been running the same direction around the lake, that might have been creepier actually, breathing down each others neck.   Then when I was walk/ jogging my cool down, guess who was coming my way?  Turbo, again all in black.    I made it back to my car and was putting all my gear away when he ran by again, bouncing his trusty ball.   I swear if it wasn’t a huge privacy issue and slightly stalker-y I would have tried to get a pic of him and his ball.

What about you guys?

Ever run into or by someone that made you feel like a total newbie?

Please tell me I am not the only lurker person who checks out other people’s running habits?

What are you up to this weekend?

How to Fail a Long Run…Again

When I last posted, I hinted that Sunday may have not gone according to plan.  Without further ado, here is my simple guide to fail a long run.

Just follow these fool proof, slacker tested steps-

  1.  Enjoy a rest day prior to the planned run.  Along with this indulge in some movie watching  and popcorn eating
  2.  Consume your body weight in popcorn, or at least come close.
  3.  End up spending most of the night reading a book.  Why? Because so much popcorn made you ill and at least the book is a productive use of time when you can’t sleep.
  4. Oversleep due to being ill as well as finishing previously mentioned book.
  5. Put off run until later in the afternoon.  Start run when it’s 93 outside but due to your over tired self, it feels like 105.
  6. Try anyways- walk a lot- only finish 6 miles.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully failed a long run.  #longrunfail

That hill is evil

That hill is evil

After my failed attempt on Friday, I was planning to run the 10 miles on Sunday.  Other than work and foam rolling, I stayed off my feet as much as possible on Saturday.   Too much popcorn was an epic fail which resulted in a long night followed by sleeping in.  Truthfully I kind of did not want to run at all.  I finally forced myself out the door after 2:00.  And I knew that if I didn’t go then, I wasn’t going at all.

Such pretty splits, ha!

Such pretty splits, ha!

I warmed up slowly but never really got into it.  I met up with my mom a little after mile 3, that combined with a hill meant I walked most of that mile.   It was awesome.  Then it was more running, oh and some more walking.  I knew 10 was so not happening, so it was another 6 miles in the book.  I took a 16 oz bottle of water which is more than I usually take and I drank the whole thing.    Ugh.  This was just not my week for a long run.    I’ll try again next week.  :)

What about you guys?   

Ever bail on a long run? How about eat too much popcorn? 

Hope you all had a good Monday!! 

An Abbreviated Long Run

I start a new class in a little less than 2 weeks and unfortunately it falls on Wednesday nights.  Boo!  So last week NikeC and I moved gym nights to Thursdays.   We were hoping that it might be a little less busy but instead it looked like everyone was trying to get in one last workout before the weekend.    We weren’t able to warm up on the ARC Trainers so we tried the stationary bikes.  We used the recumbent ones, so I was wondering how much of a workout it would be.   I was sweating within 8 minutes- ok maybe a bit of a workout.  20 minute warm-up- 4 miles-done.  Then it was onto the circuit room, which was busy.  There was even 2 grunters in the circuit room, using the machines in very odd ways.  For the most part, everyone was using the room right, woo hoo!   After a good work out there, we moved onto to the ab room.  I admit I have zero skill there and always do my crunches wrong, so I hung out on the ab roller.   It’s kind of fun and I could totally feel my abs (sore!) the next day.  I also posted my very first throwback Thursday pic- and got the hashtag wrong.  #fail  But anyways, I finally found a pic of my very first race-throwbackI worked this Saturday, so I was able to go in later on Friday.   I was super excited about this because I wanted to get my 10 miler done in the morning, that way I could have a lazy weekend of a rest day and a 6 miler.    I slept until a little after 7 before getting up.   I was feeling off but told myself I was just trying to be lazy.  After getting ready, I knew it was a little more than that, so I ended up crawling back in bed.    Now if you knew me really well, you would know that I have a few idiosyncrasies, or neurotic tendencies as my mother likes to call them.  One of those is to only get in bed after a shower, even if it’s 3 in the morning and I am dead tired, I take a shower first.  Even the few times I have come home sick from work, I take a shower first.  My mother tells me I am going to be single forever.   :)   I say it’s a holdover from all those Taco Bell years and coming home smelling like a burrito. 8-8The fact that I crawled into bed full of sunblock; I probably should have skipped the run.   But after a little more sleep, I dragged myself out the door.  I was under fueled and under hydrated, so I brought along some Gatorade and made sure to keep it slow.   For once I had zero trouble following through with a longer warm up.  :)  It was warmer than I would have liked for 9 in the morning, but it was not a horrible run.   All in all, 10K done and I was still glad I made myself get out the door.

And the Garmin had issues tracking again.

And the Garmin had issues tracking again.

Even though my long run failed, I still treated Saturday as a rest day.   My left leg has been a little more sore than usual, so rest sounded good.  Plus after getting off work and running the usual errands, I decided to go see Guardians of the Galaxy.  Have I mentioned I am serious nerd for the Marvel movies?    seriously that Disneyland Avengers Half would awesome but I would need to sell a kidney for it.  :)  Anyhow, the movie was really good and I indulged in too much popcorn.  Yummy.  And I still had Sunday for that 10 miler.   Well, that was the plan…

Anyone have any odd idiosyncrasies out there?

Anyone else seen Guardians? Thoughts?

How was your weekend?