A Couple of Hot Ones

Man, were they hotter than planned.

The plan for Monday was an easy 4 after work at the lake path.   My mother texted that she was going to meet me and she actually beat me there.   Once I got my act together (you know shoes on) we headed out.    It felt warm- 91ish- but not too bad, so I did not take my water, which for 4 miles is not abnormal.  The lake path is a flat loop, so 4 miles is a little under 3.5 laps.  I figured if I was feeling good, I would run 4.5 miles and then cool down.  The benefit of the loops was that if I regretted my water decision I could just get it from my car on the next loop.   Less than ¼ mile into the first loop, we were derailed.

Time for my Ninja Warrior skills?

Time for my Ninja Warrior skills?

Ok, time for a little off-roading.    Once back on the trail, my mother wanted to know what the 5k course from the Wild Run was like.  So we changed route and went off the trail up the street, turning my planned flat, loops into streets with slight rolling hills.  I gave her the rest of the directions and pulled ahead around the .70 mile mark.    Half a mile later and I was regretting the water decision.  Oh and I forgot to put on my visor.     After a couple of turns, I was on a street with a little bit more shade but had the bulk of the rolling hills.  I think I walked twice.   Once I was back on the lake path, I was doubting I was even going to hit 3 miles.  I was so hot.  I ran around the path until the broken bridge and stopped for a moment to take a pic.   I could see my mother on the back side of the lake path and figured it would be easier to run back the way I came rather than trying to catch her.  Plus  I didn’t think I had another lap in me.  But for some reason, I still didn’t grab my water.  I told myself I would run to 3.5 miles or when I met with her, whichever came first.   Yeah, when I finally met up with her I was at 3.8 so of course I had to finish out 4, turn around and then walk back to the car.  My water had never tasted so amazing.     Also after the first warm up mile, my pace was too fast for the warmth and lack of water.  Stupid slacker. photo 3

photo 2 (4)

Rockin’ the Race SLO hat

Tuesday, I was aiming for 5 at the river path.   Once again the temp did not drop. It was 96 when I started out.  My mother met me again and brought a frozen bottle of water.  I also asked her to bring me a hat; see, I was thinking this time.   We set off for the warm up, and I walked a little more than planned but that was ok.  Even once running, I kept it nice and easy.     When I passed her on the way down, she hollered at me to drink water.  I know!  Running down I passed 2 skateboarders carrying their helmets.  Umm, that’s not how it works boys.  I do have to give one props for having a camelbak, at least he was thinking smart about something.  It was hot and muggy and I had woken with a migraine in the morning so my planned 5 turned into 4 but I was perfectly fine with that.  I was also feeling good about the average pace of 10:15 for the 3 solid miles that I ran.  In that temp? I’ll take it!

Tonight was gym night with NikeC!  I felt a little more competent with the weight machines.  I am also trying to incorporate some the barre moves into the circuit.  I hate those stupid step up things but noticed that the handle is at the perfect height for some of the barre exercises.    This time I showed my gym ineptness on the ARC Trainer.  I almost face planted into the control panel at one point.   That would have been an interesting bruise to explain.   That machine is harder than it looks but then I have also fallen off a treadmill.  There were no grunters tonight but it was busier than usual.   I feel awkward doing squats in public, and this hip abduction machines.  Luckily they face the wall.  :)

Hit any unexpected roadblocks recently?  Literal or figuratively? 

Anyone else have issues with the machines at the gym? 

Feeling Like a Slacker

Wouldn’t it be nice if weekends were 3 days long?  That would be awesome.  I would totally work 4 10’s.  I say that now, but wouldn’t that make it harder to run?    This weekend actually turned into 3 days for me but it wasn’t a good thing.  Friday actually turned out to the be roughest I’ve felt in the last 2 months.  I only made it about an hour and a half at work before heading home.  I hate leaving sick or calling in, there’s a reason I have almost 150 hours of sick time accumulated.     I particularly felt guilty because someone had to drive out to cover me.  :(   I tried calling my Gastro but they can’t see me any sooner and I am “managing” ok.  Ugh!!!!!  I slept for most of the day.

Kind of nerdy and maybe slightly narcissistic.

Kind of nerdy and maybe slightly narcissistic.

This ending up effecting my weekend.  :(  I had plans for an 8 mile run and a 4 mile over the weekend.  Plus a little shopping and good food on Saturday.   Instead, Saturday was spent doing laundry (so much running stuff!) and catching up on scrap booking my bib numbers.   I felt like I needed to do something, so I headed to the gym for the treadmill; easier to quit if I felt sick.    The treadmill sorely tested my new found appreciation for the warmup.   It was sooo boring.  I made it about .6 of a mile before picking it up.  photo 1 (2)

I used this as a reason to break in the new pair of Wave Riders that I picked up in May.  So much color!   My feet really wanted to move, every now and again I would run into the front of the treadmill.   Oops.   But I was trying to be smart and ran a .9/ .1 interval.  .9 of a mile at 6.00 and the .1 was a walk at 4.00.   I felt ok, so I decided to do 6 miles.  The only problem came in when I was nearing an hour.  With the first warmup mile around 13 and each following mile at 10:30, I was running into the machine cut off.   The last half mile was a race with the cool down setting on the treadmill.  It would automatically lower it and I would raise it back up, this time to 6.5 just to get it done.   Finally done, 6 miles in 1 hour and 5 minutes.   Not bad for an off day and I made it through the whole thing!  Plus the shoes were awesome.    I like that this pair seems to have shorter laces than my white/purple Wave Riders- those laces were ridiculously long and I was just too lazy to change them.  Slacker!

As of right now, I have still not made it out the door for a run.   It’s hot and I am tired but I am telling myself to get off my butt.  I have a feeling that I may end up completing the yoga DVD instead.  It’s been a week or two and I should get back into it.    Or maybe when the temps fall below 96, I will feel inspired to get in some miles this evening.   My next half is only 6 weeks away and it’s not going to run itself.   Plus I still need to finish yesterdays scrapbook project.  My new computer and my printer don’t like to get along.

Congrats to everyone who ran San Francisco this morning, I am sure you rocked it!

How was your weekend?

What do you do with your bibs?


Told Me So

Is it Friday yet? I am actually counting the hours this week.  I’ve been a little cranky this week, I think stress has gotten to me, I noticed yesterday that even my jaw aches.  Ugh.

Need A Little Motivation?

Via Pinterest -link

Anywho, moving on!   Yesterday, NikeC and I got back to the gym.   I wasn’t feeling like running much, so we just walked a slow mile on the treadmills to warmup before heading to the circuit room.   It’s only been 2 weeks since I was last there but I felt so weak!   I felt like I was starting from scratch again.  We managed to make it all the way around the room this time around.  4 people came in and used random machines and then left.  One lady glared at us while I was using one of the leg machines.  Hey, we were going in numerical order!    My gym is pretty low-key and I have never seen anyone monitor the circuit room even though there is a sign on the wall.   I also had the privilege of hearing my first gym grunter.   I have seen all the stereotype memes, gifs, and commercials but didn’t think they actually existed.  The free weights section of the gym has always seemed more like a coffee date than anything else, more talk than working out.  This very buff guy comes into the circuit room and goes to one of the arm machines (I really have to figure out what they are called) and cranks the weight up.  He then proceeds to do his reps, grunting and talking to himself.  And he was grunting loudly.    But who am I to talk?  I can’t even use doors properly.  As I was leaving the gym, the door only opened about 45 degrees.  I wasn’t paying enough attention and slammed into it, loudly.  Just call me grace.

photo 3 (2)

A post run mother- daughter selfie

Ever since my rough race a few weeks ago, I have been running a little differently.  I’ve been starting out with no real goal in mind other than just to run.  I have also been taking my time with my first mile, i.e my warmup.  I have mentioned before that warming up is a weakness of mine.   That just takes too much time for this Slacker, cue the eye rolling and head shaking.  I also hated seeing that warmup bring down my overall pace.   Ego much?   Most of my last few runs, I have met up with my mother more often than usual.  This usually meant that my first mile is slower while we walk and chat.   A month ago, seeing that first mile in the high 12 to high 13 range would have irritated me to no end.    The last couple of weeks I noticed something- my pace is consistently back under 10:00 a mile after that first slower mile.  This was true even today when it was 93º at the beginning of my run and 91º when done; I also took a few walk breaks in the shady section.     Well, don’t I feel silly stupid.  Granted it’s only been a few weeks but I think it’s safe to say that I have learned my lesson.   The Slacker can learn. photo 4 (2)

We have had a brief cool off, but the temps are going back to triple digits this weekend.   My long run will probably not be that speedy, despite everything previously mentioned.  :)     But that’s ok, too.

What does your weekend look like?  Anyone racing?

Anyone else shortcut their warmup?  Or is it just me?

Busting Out

Saturday’s fair trip took the place of running. I dug out my Fuelband and wore it just for the fair that afternoon. Just under 10,000 steps. Which means it was actually over 10,000 because the Fuelband hasn’t worked properly in months. Granted that wasn’t anywhere near enough to negate the funnel cake or the pretzel I ate but it only comes once a year right? Totally worth it.

so yummy, I had to show it again

so yummy, I had to show it again

Sunday, I was a little tired, so I headed out for my run in early afternoon. I did this run the same way I had the previous two. Letting my feet do whatever they wanted to do, and every now and again they were reined in by my stomach. Apparently my head was still not invited to the party. I set out to do 5 or 6 miles. Also on the plan was to meet up with my mom and the puppy for the first mile and then mile 4. Other those 2 miles which I knew would be mostly walked, I had wanted to keep miles 2, 3, 5+ around a 10:15 pace. That seemed like a good pace for an easy run for me. Well, that’s what my head wanted to do. Miles 1 and 2 went mostly according to plan. Mile 3, umm oops. Mile 4 brought a big hill and puppy time, so it was back to the plan. Except I would have thought it would have been a little slower than that- closer to 14:00. Mile 5- again, oops. So not 10:15. Maybe I should ignore my head more often? I shut off the Garmin at 5 miles and walked another ½ mile to my house.7-20 (1)

Every time I walk up my driveway, I tell myself that it is the perfect place for hill repeats if I could just force myself to follow through. I totally get the point of hill repeats but they are just so damn scary sounding.

Halfway up said hill

Halfway up said hill

Monday was well, Monday and let’s leave it at that .  :)   Since I usually leave work and head somewhere else to run, it is inevitable that when I get there I have the urge to pee.  So annoying, and of course, there are often no available bathrooms. So I generally run the next 4-5 miles trying to ignore it. Great training for a half right? Haha! I planned on running tonight after work and at 3:30 I realized that I had already consumed 154 ounces of liquid. Ummm, oops?  So I stopped drinking after that to see if it changed anything.    I headed to the river path for a few miles.  Even though I was running solo, I chose to treat the run like I was starting with my mother.   I walked the concrete part of the path before hitting the asphalt and running.7-20 (2)

It felt so much hotter than 80.  They were quite a few people out today.  As I was running up the hill, it felt harder than it should.   As I was huffing and puffing and probably turning a lovely shade of red, I noticed about 3 people running towards me.  3 turned into 5 high school boys.   A hundred yards later, oh look here comes the cross country boys team, complete with coach and assistant.  Please don’t notice my poor form or the fact that a 9:30 mile is kicking my butt while you all fly by me.   At least it wasn’t the girls team, that would just be perfect.  Did I mention I felt like busted can of biscuits when I put on my running clothes tonight?  Thanks “recovery” week.   Few hundred yards later, oh look- I spoke too soon.  Here comes the girls cross country team.   And yes, I now feel giant, thank you very much.photo

I kept running until I hit the turn around point.  My pace felt pretty good going back down but harder than I would have liked.    I ran under a little tree, little not big, and my Garmin went cuckoo.  My slow pace alert kept buzzing- 15:14, 14:45, 13:25, and on.  WTF!  I know it wasn’t right but it was pissing me off.  For once, I really did need the Nike app as a back up.  My pace was pretty good (for me) but I was tiring, so I called it at 4 and just walked the rest of the way back to the car.  Which turned out to be good choice because I could the trail from the street and there were 2 roaming, off leash dogs.   Safe!!  My splits on Nike were pretty good actually.  The Garmin had mile 3 about 35 seconds behind, but mile 4 was pretty close.  How does that work?

My shin is still a little sore from last week’s half so I am thinking of trying to go other day now for a while.  I even wore compression sock under my boots while walking around the fair on Saturday.20140719-184635-67595930.jpg

Speaking of the fair, I can hear Lady Antebellum through my windows right now.  Last night was the only concert that I kind of  really wanted to go to but couldn’t make it work with work right now.   :(   I was hoping I could some of it but it was the first concert that I couldn’t make out.  All I heard was bass and drums, come on Florida Georgia Line, help a girl out!

How has your week gone so far?

Any good concerts on your horizon?  Or even bad ones?