Standing is Not the Same

I survived!

Haha, but in all seriousness, this was a long week.  It also has had very little running so far.    Tuesday was taken up by prep and Wednesday the lovely test.    Tuesday was one of those times where I thought maybe I should be a morning runner- but nah- I like my sleep.   No solid food for almost 2 days and the horrible taste of the prep aside- the test was easy.  I went to sleep talking about my hair color and woke up in the recovery room.    My mother says I was a little hyped up from the meds they knocked me out with.   Apparently I reminded her of one of those funny internet videos.

Hmmm, I don't remember taking this

Hmmm, I don’t remember taking this

I took my running gear with me on Thursday hoping I would feel up to running but that may have been a little optimistic.   I felt super achy all day.  I don’t know if it was a side effect of the test or the biopsies but I just hurt.   I figured the smarter thing to do was rest.   Which ended up working out because my mom called needing me to run to the pharmacy for my dad.  He went for a hike and came back with a ton of ticks!!! Yuck!    Also, my mom is skeeved out about the 25K now.  He had hiked part of the course and I know he never sat down.   But late January should be fine tick wise… I hope.  Yuck again.

Last Sunday, when I was shopping I treated myself to a little gift.   I have been feeling a little uninspired and truthfully a little fluffy, so I picked up a new activity tracker, a Fitbit Flex.  Not a Fuelband this time, come on I went through 3 of those in less than 18 months.  Have you noticed you hardly ever hear about the Nike trackers anymore?   I really considered the Garmin Vivosmart and Vivofit but I was really only interested in step tracking and sleep tracking.   Plus it was kind of a steal as it was part of a Christmas sale.    So far I am liking the app interface as well.

Oh, that's not good

Oh, that’s not good

I really wish I could say the Fitbit was defective but I know I was just lying to myself.  I have worn it everyday since Monday and Monday was the only day I cleared 10,000 steps.   But even that doesn’t really count- it includes my 3.5 mile run.   Even if I cut myself some slack for Tuesday and Wednesday due to the test- that still leaves Thursday and Friday.  Did I mention I have a stand up desk?  Standing is not the same as walking!!!    I didn’t even clear 5000 steps on either day.  I don’t see how that is possible on a Friday, I felt busier than that.   Thursday, we were down two people and the number was still low.  Apparently I need to step it up.  Pun intended.  I kind of already knew this but seeing it spelled out on the phone means no more denial.   IMG_8168I’m all for being a Slacker but that’s just sad.  Oh, and as for sleep?  I’m averaging 6 hours a night.  Ouch.   The only thing I am successfully completing/ exceeding is the suggested water intake.

What stands out about your week?

Are you ready for Christmas?   I am so not.

Have you ever used a tracker? Thoughts?

About that…

On the heels of last weeks good but short speed work, I thought I would be running on Wednesday and Thursday since I couldn’t run Saturday.  We were supposed to have our our work holiday party on Saturday evening and with working in the morning, I would have had little time to run.  I would also be unable to attend Vine St with my family like we traditionally do.  When the work party was canceled for a few reasons I was actually ok with that.    I figured I could get in a6ish mile run after work and go to Vine st.   Which was a doubly good plan because my stomach hated me on Wednesday so I changed it back to a rest day.

A week of fail

A week of fail

Thursday, unfortunately, dawned with more of the same.  I refused to change my plan again, so I headed to the gym after work.  I slogged through 3.5 slow, miserable miles before calling it quits.   Which bites because NikeC was there working with the trainer and I have been wanting to tag along with them but there was just no way.    But it was better than none!IMG_8149Thursday night- Friday was the “epic storm” in these parts- ha!!  But I shouldn’t snark- between all the rain then and yesterday, streets have been flooded, power has been out and a giant boulder rolled on to the freeway last night hitting a semi- everyone is said to be ok.    Saturday and Sunday were ruled by my stomach- not only was there no running involved, I almost bailed on Vine St.   I tried to get my family to go ahead and then meet them.   But I made it through- all the pretty lights- and did manage to complete some Christmas shopping on Sunday.  IMG_8091This week is the stomach testweek- can we call it that?- so running will be hit and miss.  After last weeks short 6 miles, that makes 2 short weeks.  :(  With Tuesday being prep day and Wednesday being the test, I had to breakmy own rule and hit the gym on a Monday if I wanted to get a run in.  It actually wasn’t that busy.  But then most people probably didn’t want to drive in the down pour.  We Californians are babies in the rain, then again, I did hydroplane at one point so maybe they had the right idea.   Another 3.5 miles in the books.   :)



I can’t eat today and for some reason all I have wanted is pretzels.  And pictures of pizza keep popping up on my Facebook and Twitter feed.    Waah.

How has your week started?

What food are you craving right now?

How’s your weather?

Getting Back Into Things

Where did Thursday come from?  I feel like I have been playing catch up all week!   But, really I kind of have.  I was excited to go back to work on Monday but a little anxious about all things I knew I needed to catch up on since vacation.    It had suddenly occurred to me that I had taken off month end and month start– umm, oops.    I only had a couple hundred emails.  My boss, said “that’s it?’- ha!   I was glad that Monday’s are usually rest days.

Tuesday turned in more of a workout than planned.   The Christmas had been delivered last Friday and it was one of those high school fundraiser trees.  The ones that you buy sight unseen a month before and hope isn’t horrible.  They delivered it but it didn’t come with a stand.  From what I hear, my coworkers went and bought a stand but couldn’t get the tree to fit without a saw.  So it was still all bundled up and propped in the water leaning against the wall on Monday.  My inner Christmas nazi ( my mother and former coworker’s nickname for me) was kind of freaking out.   There were no decorations up and it December 8 and the tree just looked sad.   But I couldn’t do anything about it on Monday.   On Tuesday I was determined to get the tree up.  Last years stand was one ofthose ones with the spike in the middle but we didn’t have anything to drill the tree.

Kimi with one of the two trees in my bedroom.

Kimi with one of the two trees in my bedroom.

Necessity is the mother of invention, right?  We had screwdrivers at work and I had a mallet in my car.   We laid the tree across a chair so it was easier to use our poor attempt at a drill.  It took us a couple of hours but we finally made a hole that would fit the stand.  Then we had to use the mallet to try to make the stand fit better.    Customers thought it was hilarious.   We finally got the tree upright and unwrapped.  It’s freakin’ huge!  And a little crooked, well crap.    A few phone books and paperclip containers later, it was as straight as it was gonna get.

'Taking down the Christmas decorations is just as much fun as putting them up'.....said no one ever!!I decorated it in between working yesterday and taking a bunch of tests I forgot were due by Friday.  Take a test, hang the lights.  Help a customer, hang the ribbon etc.    As of today, the snowflakes are up, 6 of the windows are lit with lights, and the wall art is up.  It looks so festive!!  I don’t have the energy to hang the bells and garlands from the high beams this year though.  Maybe that will be an every other year thing?  And Slackerfail- I forgot to take any pictures!

Mile 2 was not that fast- the Garmin got a little cuckoo.

Mile 2 was not that fast- the Garmin got a little cuckoo.

After Tuesday’s impromptu “hammering” cardio, I headed to the gym after work.  I was hoping for 5-6 miles but was late getting out of work.  Then I was stuck behind a car going  20 up the hill on the way home.  So by the time I got to the gym I only had 30 minutes.    I decided to try a tiny progression and see what my stomach did.   So I tried the following-

Distance Pace
.5 mile Warm up
.5 mile 10:30
.5 mile 10:00
.5 mile 9:30
.5 mile 8:30
.5 mile cool down

My stomach behaved which was awesome because it’s been a rough week in that department.   I had my normal treadmill trauma though.  Both shoes came untied at different points, almost snapped my head phone cords when trying to fix my shoes.   I also managed to fling another water bottle lid as well.   Seriously, what gives?!

Who’s excited about Friday?  I work on Saturday.

Anyone getting in a last race this weekend?

Ever had a decorating fiasco?

A Partial/ Awesome Fail

Had I written this yesterday I may have called it a major fail but I’ve had time to think on it.   :)

I knew this past weekend was setting up to be a busy one.   With that in mind, I moved  my Saturday run to Friday and got in 7 miles.   Which turned out to have been a very smart choice.   Saturday saw a few errands in the morning and then getting ready to go celebrate NikeC’s birthday.  Ever have one of those days when you just don’t feel comfortable in anything to the point where you skin feels like it doesn’t fit?  Yeah that was Saturday… well, truthfully, that’s been the last few months but that’s another post.   I finally just went with it and headed out.  IMG_7837We went to a new-to-me restaurant.  In fact my only association with it previously was that my mom had parked for there both times I ran City to the Sea.  The food was so good, warm, fresh tortillas with apple cinnamon butter as a starter? Yes please.  Plus you can’t complain about the view-IMG_7823 IMG_7829It was a great evening with old friends and new ones that may have been capped by a milkshake at midnight.   I party hard, right?  Ha!

But that kind of leads into how running became a fail on Sunday.  While I have kept my calorie count in a decent place while on vacation, I indulged too often in foods I know shouldn’t eat- like milkshakes, etc.   And my stomach expressed its anger on Sunday, so running was out.   However I did get in 3 solid running days last week for 23 miles.  So, that’s not to shabby for me.   :)IMG_8005Plus, Sunday ended on a cool note.  There’s a local organization that rescues wild animals and uses them to educate the public.  At my previous work location we would sometimes get random visits if they stopped in and had something cool in the truck.  For example- a bobcat kitten, a reindeer, a spider monkey, a raven, and a brown thing that I think was a lemur?    Sunday they had an event called Wild Lights.  They strung up lights, had a bbq, Santa visits and the animals got presents.    This was the first year and they seriously underestimated the draw- the place was jam-packed and they ran out of food quickly.  The animals were awesome.

Some engaged with the crowds and others looked supremely bored.   Or like they wanted to eat you for dinner.   :)   The monkeys were spoofing the kids and damn lemurs can make some noise.  They all loved the presents, the lemurs tore the boxes open and enjoyed their popcorn and goldfish.   The tiger, like most cats, looked exceedingly bored.  That is until one of the workers walked by carrying a couple of gifts, he knew exactly what those were and wanted them, he stalked her through the fence.

Oh and a bear

Oh and a bear

It was sad seeing the ones that had been hurt but at least they had a home.  There was a giant eagle who wasn’t even tied down and had no cage overhead.   You could tell the one wing didn’t work anymore but he had branches and perches and ledges he could hop to and from.   He also looked as bored as the tiger.   Another bored one was my favorite and he was so big!!!



So the weekend may have brought fewer miles than planned but great experiences!  And here’s a link to a video my brother made-

How was you weekend?

Ever visit a rescue type operation?

What’s your favorite animal?  I love owls. 

Did the tortillas make you hungry?  I kind of want more.  :)