Walk for a Purpose

Saturday started a little rougher planned.

I had set an early alarm because I was heading down to SLO to take part in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s.   I dragged myself out of my nice, comfy bed before heading out to work town to pick up T before continuing to SLO.     It was that drive that turned rough.  I saw something that I know happens but have never seen happen and never want to again.  Let’s just say it involved a deer and a car.  I learned that I must have a soft heart because I literally cried for the next 10 miles.

Yeah, I had to put an epic filter on it- it deserved it

Yeah, I had to put an epic filter on it- it deserved it

Once picking up T, I had to laugh.  She hadn’t wanted to get up anymore than I had and was wearing a nice comfy maxi skirt and flip-flops.  And she rocked them both for the whole 5K.  Thanks for the smiles T!  We met up with R and L and headed over to the park.4 selfie IMG_6897There was a good size group of people walking at the event.  Some in regular clothes, others in exercise gear.  Checking in and getting our shirts was a breeze.  Then we headed to a table to pick up a promise flower.  The flowers were different colors representing different things.  I was torn between yellow- you know someone who has dementia or Alzheimer’s- and orange- you support the cause to end Alzheimer’s.  Both applied, but in the end I went for orange.    We could write names on the flowers to honor those we knew.  As we crossed the starting line, we handed them to volunteer.   They were going to make a promise garden for when we returned.  IMG_6892

I ran a race in this park years ago so I should have knownn better.  2/3 of it was trail.   I was thankful I had worn running gear.   However I think they should have put this on the website, people might have dressed a little differently.  One older gentleman fell.    It was also freakishly warm with little shade.  However they did have the Grizzly Academy handing out water bottles along the course.    There was also a 3K option if you didn’t want to do the 5K.   Along the course, they had signs of people with Alzheimer’s as a way to honor them.   It was great to see so many families out there.   I also know that a good amount of money was raised as well.  IMG_6864 IMG_6866After completing the walk, we could view the promise garden.  There was also a breakfast booth and various vendors and live music.    Over all it was well put together event.  Just next year, they should warn about the lack of paved course.IMG_6871Following the walk, we headed to the Madonna Inn.  The original intention was for Bloody Mary’s but it turned into breakfast.     A little truth- I drink so rarely you could say I don’t drink.  All I wanted was a Diet Coke.    They ordered the Bloody’s and food and I ordered the french toast.   I did try T’s drink, apparently my face was hilarious.  I should have asked what was in it first.  :)  But the Diet Coke was awesome.    The food was good too.  IMG_6898 IMG_6895

From there I headed home for the usual errands.  Later in the afternoon I decided that it had been too long since I had taken the puppy for a walk.   So once I wrangled her into her harness, we headed out for an easy 3 miles.   She kept a good pace and never once laid down.  IMG_6909

How was your weekend?

Bloody Mary’s- yay or nay?

Ever participated in a walk for charity?

Mark Your Calendars

Happy Friday!!  I hope everyone had a good day and if not, well tomorrow is Saturday!   Go for a run!  I survived my day trip yesterday but man it was tiring.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I was in notary class.  It was for my renewal so realistically it should have been easy but sitting in a room for 8 hours sandwiched between 2 2+hour car trips and I was done.   The class was only 6 hours and the rest of the time was spent on registering, picture taking, finger printing and listening to the exam proctors drone on.  I actually made it through the day on one 20 oz Diet Coke, which was probably not good as I dozed off 4 times.   Oops!  Now just to wait for the results.    Odd note- my seminar was at the Santa Barbara Mission- who knew they had conference halls?

It’s time to start thinking of what races to run in the beginning of 2015.  What are you doing in April?   Come run with me!! Well and a couple thousand other people.   Last year I was lucky enough to an open call for Ambassador for the SLO Marathon pop up on Facebook.  I jumped at it and was lucky enough to be chosen.

Mile 4 ish?

Mile 4 ish?

Sweet! I met a great group of people and had an amazing weekend.    The scenery for the half marathon was awesome and I heard the full was even better.     Plus I love SLO which is why I spend many weekends there.  :)IMG_4010

For 2015, I get to be an Ambassador again, woo hoo!   I am so excited.   I am also determined.  There’s a hill or 2 that I have some unfinished business with.    :)  I know it’s early but if you’re looking for a great race, come visit!!    Plenty of planning time!! :)

And now it’s off to bed for me, I heading down to SLO in the morning.  :)

How was your week?

Ever doze off more than once in the same seminar/ class?

Anyone racing this weekend?

Every Other Day

With Monday being a day off for me and my team not making the volleyball playoffs, it was the perfect day for a run.    However after running on Saturday and hiking on Sunday, that would be the third day on my feet.  I haven’t run back to back days in months.  Since cutting back a little I have been trying to run every other day.  So I wasn’t too sure how it was going to go.

Get away from the zombies!! You run!! lol

Awe, Pinterest, you rock

It was kind of warm when I headed out but better than last Thursday.  Once again I as running from Zombies.  Actually I noticed that I have the chase feature disabled in the app so mostly I just listen to the story.  Oops!  Oh well, I will save that feature for when I feel up to speed work again.  Sounds like it would be good for fartleks.    My legs were tired and I was a little warm so I kept it to a short 3 miles.    I clocked a low 11 mile for mile 2, woo hoo!

I admit that this week’s workout were planned around washing my hair.   Is that pathetic?  I have an all day work trip tomorrow, and getting up around 4:30 means I want to be ready as soon as possible which means no flat iron.   I have to say that running every other day has helped my hair feel a little healthier.  :)  But that’s not the point.  A lazy quicker Thursday morning means no workout on Wednesday.   Which in turn meant running on Tuesday.  4 days in a row?  That was either going to be the worst run ever or not.

stormy weather

yeah, it never rained

Sometimes the craziness of Tuesdays after a 3 day weekend makes me wish we had worked on Monday.  I was late getting out of work and there was chatter of a storm coming in.  By the time I got back to town the light was fading rapidly due to clouds and the wind had picked up.  The river path runs adjacent to the street, so I figured I would try to squeeze in 3 miles.   With my slower pace I wasn’t sure I would have the time and I also thought I might get cold since I hadn’t packed for a temperature drop.    But bonus for packing a neon colored shirt!    After walking a bit, I started running but still took walk breaks when needed.  I thought I was going to have a problem breathing since the humidity was 63% but all was good.  Maybe I finally figured out my inhaler?   When I turned around and headed back it was pretty dark.  I had the aid of a slight downhill section so I booked it.   My lungs and stomach held and I ended up clocking a 9:47 in mile 3.   Best mile I’ve run since August, woo hoo!    I’m not sure if it was the weather or feeling rushed or if it’s because my stomach has been slightly better but I’ll take it.  :)

Now it’s off to bed for me, I have a long drive in the morning and I do not like long drives.  Let alone ones followed by a day long seminar.    Any tips for staying awake?  I slept through almost every college class, something about enclosed places and no air.   I’ve already plotted the locations of McDonald’s along the way.  :)  Not for the food but for the cheap Diet Soda.  Caffeine is a must tomorrow.

How has your week been?

Run any awesome miles lately?

Tell me I’m not the only one who washes their hair every other day?

Seriously, tips for staying awake at a seminar?  Oh that’s followed by an exam?

Changing it Up

I hope everyone had a good weekend!

Last year I went on numerous hikes/ trail runs.  I would power walk up and run like a crazy person down them.  It was fun.   :)   This year, with so many races and wanting to PR  a few, I was leery of trails.   Too afraid I would do something stupid and hurt myself.  Ego got in the way of fun.   :(     With my recent inability to maintain pace, I have decided to treat it like  good thing and get back off-road.  With that line of thought, I went and bought myself something pretty-trailshoesI figured that maybe an actual pair of trail shoes would be a good idea.  A little more traction for the times I careen wildly down a hillside.    Plus the purchase would help me guilt me into following through when I am feeling like a slacker.   :)   Trails are the place where I have fun and don’t mentally berate myself for my pace.   I took my shoes for 3.5 mile spin around the lake in the dirt on Tuesday.   They felt great, so today is was time for a baby trail.

The easy part

The easy part

I was looking to start small, so my mom and I headed to the trail from the Firehouse 5K run.    It’s around 3 miles, give or take.  We headed up the back way, thinking we would hit the switchbacks on the way down.  Fine by me, switchbacks suck.     My shoes felt great in the loose dirt.  The only problem was my huffing and puffing.  It wasn’t humid so I thought I could get by without using my inhaler.  No luck, but I also hadn’t been stupid enough to leave it behind.    Gaining 500 ft in 3/4 of mile didn’t help either, but after using it I was fine.   The rest was mostly downhill, ha!

We made it! ( a little windy, too!)

We made it! ( a little windy, too!)

IMG_6789 IMG_6759The view from the top* was great as usual.  My mom wanted to go down a different path just to see where it went.   I think we lost most of that 500 feet in 1/4 mile.  I like downhill but this was ridiculous.  The sand was so loose, we kept sliding.  We slowed to a crawl-like pace but we made it.   Thank you shoes.  We came across a Y in the trail so we just picked one.  It led to another Y and again we just picked one.  The mountain’s not that big so we figured we wouldn’t get too turned around.  Plus this leaves more trails to explore another day.      IMG_6762

Where I started sliding

Where I started sliding

A little past 2 miles, we could see the road and figured that we had accidentally cut the hike super short.  It was getting pretty hot so we decided that we could deal with that instead of heading back the way we came.  Coming down the trail we came across 2 rows of white stone boxes on the right side and a few more on the left.  One was open, empty and a little broken.     Being the smart asses that we are, we start cracking jokes about the X-Files and vampires.

very large and ominous looking

very large and ominous looking

It looked like we were coming into the back of a park.  As we got closer we realized it was a cemetery.    Ok, the boxes make a little more sense.  But still stone?  Bad form for our previous wise cracks.   It was very pretty as we walked through to get back to main road. But I was also confused because the headstones seemed really close together.   I did Google it later and found that due to flooding over the years, not only have headstones moved but some graves have as well.  Some were moved to other cemeteries but the records are not the best.   IMG_6784

We came out on a rural highway.  We were actually about 1/2 mile away from where we parked but the road had wide shoulders.     Walking back put us around 3 miles.  It took us about an hour though, so it felt like a good workout.   So now it’s on to the next trail.  :)

*I took a pretty cool panorama but it refuses to load-ugh.

How was your weekend?

Ever get turned around and end somewhere totally random on a run/ hike?

What’s the strangest thing you’ve encountered?

Too Many Lightbulbs

Happy Thursday!!!  This post kind of ended up as a brain dump, so join me for a random ride.

Getting Nowhere-

Yesterday was my appointment at USC.   I was nervous going in.  I was afraid they were going to say there was something really wrong with me.  I equally afraid they were going to tell me that it was all in my head.   I was concerned they might tell me stop or cut back running.  What I wasn’t prepared for was a cranky older doctor with such a thick accent I asked him to repeat himself at times.    He implied that my current gastro is not the brightest and disregarded my previous diagnosis and 4-5 years of symptoms and focused only on those of the last 4 months.    He is sending a list of tests to my doctor for him to run.  One of them is something I have been asking for so I guess that’s a win.   Actually everyone there was a cranky pants.  They need to work on their bedside manner.10-9

Getting Slower-

I’m trying to adjust to the fact that 11-12 minute miles are my normal now.  And that sometimes even that normal is hard.  Today’s run was closer to 13.  Then again, it was 95º and I have had less than 9 hours of sleep in the last 48.  So I was happy to get it done and still felt good about it at the end.  Forward motion right?  On the downside, I ran the lake path on Tuesday and saw a sign saying they are closing the path.  Effective yesterday.  Boo.    I though at least another month before I lost it to darkness, now it’s gone so they can clean the lake bed.  But I did get one last day in the dirt to break in new toys.  Still more on that later.  :) trailshoes


Even though I have accepted that I need run slower right now, sometimes seeing it makes me cranky.  So I finally downloaded Zombies, Run as a distraction.  Yes, I am about a year behind on that.  It sounded silly but I thought why not.   It’s amusing and I found that listening to spoken words slows me down better than when I was pacing myself.   Apparently I need more brain power to process the story, ha!   It doesn’t require anything more than running and the story plays out in the background.    I also talk to it, oops.  So the character just survived a helicopter crash and is running for their lives.  But along they way they are supposed to pick up supplies.  Like batteries and water and first aid kits, etc.  Oh and underwear and sports bras.  Did I miss the part where I stole a horse and buggy to carry all this?!  The first run picked up 28 items.  How would a person carry all that and still out run a mob of hungry zombies?  Oh, and 4 of those items were boxes of light bulbs.  Maybe the runner wrapped them in the underwear and sports bras?  Otherwise how are they not just shards of glass?    Ok, maybe I am thinking too much about this.  :P  But like I said, it’s a distraction.IMG_6677


I saw a recipe for Halloween Bark over at backatsquarezero.com.   Let me preface this by saying I have no talent in the kitchen.  None.  But this only had 3 ingredients, I thought I could make that.  Yeah, umm no.  Did you know chocolate could burn?  In a microwave?  I didn’t.   After that I had to scale back the amount I was making.    I sort of stumbled through the rest.  The end result- not pretty.  But damn tasty!  I took it to work and we ate all of it.   :)

So what random thing did you do this week?

Ready for the weekend?  Anyone racing?

Ever run with Zombies?

Have any baking tips for dummies?