I run, why can’t I do this?!

Apparently working in a town that rarely gets above 72 has killed my heat resistance.  Living in a town that averages triple digits in the summer makes that a problem.  Today’s workout was only around 90, but holy hotness I was dying.

Hit the track with the intention of doing 5 miles.  Ha!  I maintained race pace for 2 miles, then did some speed work for the remaining 2 miles, completing only 4.   I think I finally started to notice a difference in my running after 27 days of squats.  Running the straights, I felt like my legs were working more efficiently even if the heat was kicking my butt.  Of the course, the breeze didn’t pick until I was done running.  After running, I decided the grass looked nice and comfy 🙂

Nap Time!
Nap Time!

So my mother was there too, having absolutely no problems with the heat.   Then she spends most of her time in it, she’s the tennis coach.  Before we left, she challenged me to do some ins and outs?  Umm, do what now?  So we went over near the tennis courts, where I saw ladders painted on the ground.  I got it now.

Evil, Evil

So she demonstrated.  I thought, “sure no problem”.   Ha!!  I couldn’t even complete one.  So it’s an in then out pattern with each foot, so 1-2 in, 3-4 out, repeat.  I kept turning it into hopscotch!   She does it 5 more times and I fail every time.  I thought I was somewhat coordinated, apparently not 😦  It was a good thing no one else was around, because the more I messed up, the more colorful and vocal I became.

Me, making a fool of myself on top. Mom rockin’ it on the bottom.

New goal, complete these damn ladders.  Will attempt it again next weekend, fingers crossed!  Anyone else have problems with these or is it just me?