Running out the funk

So, yesterday’s girls night was cancelled and it was just downhill from there.  The day started so good, and I was just in such a funk by the end of it 😦  If I had had my running clothes with me, I probably would have gone for a run, but I didn’t.  When I got home, I had no desire to go to the gym that I pay for but never use.   I was in a funk and a treadmill wasn’t going to help it.

This morning was tough and the funk was still around.   Trying everything to get over it, I pulled out a really poppy upbeat, possibly annoying CD from forever ago for my commute.   Why is it that I can’t remember why I just went to the kitchen, but songs from some Swedish pop band from 12 years ago, I know all the words?  Anyways, it kind of worked. 

A coworker and I started the morning talking about donuts.  I really wanted a donut but was not about to go buy them.  She was in the same place.   It’s easy to have willpower when the food is unavailable.  However, our customers must be mind readers.  Around lunch time, a customer brought us a dozen donuts.  Sweet!   Since I didn’t pig out last night like planned, I had a donut.  It was so good!  Until I choked that is.  Seriously, who chokes on a donut?!

My running friend was unable to meet me today, so I left work intending to run 3 miles with a few hills.  No flat trail.  The route was one that I had run numerous times before so I know it well.  Hit the one mile mark and heard silence from my Nike app, hmmmm.  So I check my belt… I never hit start!!!!! Well crap! 

WTF (fyi, check out this website, pretty cool!)

So I finally hit start and kept going. Ever have a run that just feels right?  It’s not about how fast or how slow or how far.  It’s just those times when your breathing is right and easy, your legs feel good and it all falls in line?  Today I got that 🙂 Got to the turnaround point and thought maybe a little more.  Hit 3 miles and 4 and kept going. Hit 5 and figured I better head back to the car.  I wasn’t hydrated properly and my pre run snack was a second donut!  But I felt like I could keep going. 

Good Day:)
Good Day:)

Nike had me at 4.56, so adding in my mile goof up, that brings me to 5.56.  Not bad for a funk filled hump day.  Maybe it was the sugar of the donuts that gave me an extra kick, (ha!) but I think I may have out run the funk!  Hope everyone else is having a funk-free week!

Into the sun :)
Into the sun 🙂