Cinnamon rolls, new clothes and paddle boarding!

So, amazing customers struck again on Friday and a local diner brought us a little treat, fresh made cinnamon rolls. Of course, I ate one or more, just don’t ask how many!   So even though it was Friday and a long day, I felt like I had to do a couple miles when I got home.  Just to try and compensate for the yummy cinnamon rolls.  So I met up with my mother and we did 4.5 miles. It was an easy run but it felt pretty good.  Probably needed another 10 miles to make up for the cinnamon rolls but oh well.

Saturday involved a little shopping with a yummy lunch.  I should not be allowed near a sporting goods store with a credit card.   However,  considering I was at Sports Authority, The Running Warehouse, and Dick’s, I think I restrained myself pretty well 🙂  Can’t wait to test out the new shirt.


So much color!
So much color!

I ended the day with a good 3.5 miles at the track with a decent pace.  But it was the track and that is my happy place.  I did not complete any ladders, I was tired.  I came home with the intention of posting this update but fell asleep in the comfy chair instead.  What a slacker!


Awhile back at work, there was a competition between all the branches.  The winning branch received a $500.00 gift card to have a branch party.  We won!!!!  So then we had to decide what to do.  My new branch has an adventurous nature and instead of old stand byes of bowling or the melodrama, we went with Stand Up Paddle boarding!!! Well, some chose kayaking.

The view through the plastic

I had never even been kayaking so I very nervous about Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP).  I am not the biggest fan of the ocean, sharks and all, you know.    Driving there this morning, I passed so many people out for a morning run; driving up the road to the paddle board shop, I had to have passed at least 10.  It was making me feel lazy!

So the morning’s adventure started with a lovely lecture by the paddleboard people.  Don’t go around the pier, don’t wander too far and if the wind starts to take you, sit your butt on the board and try to grab on to something, like a boat or a buoy or a kelp bed.  Apparently they have had to rescue a few people this last week. Yikes!

After that confidence inspiring moment, we were off!  You start on your knees before standing up.  Standing up in open water is not so easy, but I did it!  The weather was perfect, lots of sun and little wind.  Of course I got myself stuck in a kelp bed right off the bat but I managed to pull myself out.   Our group had 4 paddle boarders and 6 people in double kayaks.  We went around the harbor, under the pier and over to a little cove below the lighthouse.   Along the way, there were pelicans and seagulls, otters and seals!  I had my phone in my running belt, inside plastic bags.  I really wanted pictures so I chanced it.   Unfortunately, the pictures didn’t turn out so well 😦  We were so close to the otters and seals.  One seal followed us for a while.  So cute!!!!

At the light house, we pulled up on shore and walked up to look at the view.   There was a sea lion floundering at the shore line, he didn’t look well.  We called the marine mammal rescue for him, so I am hoping that they were able to help him.


Blurry but good!
Blurry but good!

After we paddled back, we had a nice picnic lunch on the beach before doing some more paddling.   After all that paddling, I no longer feel guilty about not running.  That was a total core workout!  I am wondering if I will be sore tomorrow.

I do know that I got way too much sun!!! Came home and crashed.  And I burned the tops of my feet; that should make running fun!


Ahhh, the runner's tan :)
Ahhh, the runner’s tan 🙂

Anyone else have any adventures this weekend?

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  1. Hehe, I’ve got a runner’s tan too!
    Your weekend sounds like SO much fun – I really want to try paddle boarding 🙂


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