The long run…

After Wednesday’s hot run, I went out Thursday with the goal of doing an easy 3 miles.   We had another triple digit week last week, so I told myself that if it was hot, I would stop after 2 laps, so almost 2.5 miles.     First lap out wasn’t bad, kind of hot but there was more shade than I recalled 🙂 Yeah!!  Of course, I forgot my water bottle again.  The good thing about running laps around the park? You pass your car again!  I was able to get my water bottle after the first lap.

With the shade and a little breeze that picked up, I was able to finish 3 laps, so just shy of 3.5 miles.   I had planned to do speed work but the temperature turned it into just a steady run.  I was ok with that.    When I run at the lake, I don’t have access to my lovely stretching wall, but there are workout stations around the path.  I love this one for stretching at the end of the run-

Feel the stretch!
Feel the stretch!

I took Friday and Saturday off.  I feel like I have been running nonstop for the last few months and unfortunately I don’t mean the good kind 😦    I know that I have a crazy week coming up as well, so I was so close to saying screw it, I am doing absolutely nothing this weekend, like the Slacker I am.   Not even real running.   I could get a long run in next weekend right?  I would still ok with my training.  Then I remembered that I have race next Saturday and a company picnic all day Sunday.    The race is only a 5K, so unless I pull a 2-a-day, I wouldn’t be able to get the mileage in.   So much for a lazy weekend.

So my mother wanted to meet at the track to get some miles in, but I so did not want to do 7 miles on the track.  I have done up to 10 on the track before, but it gets rather monotonous.   So I decided to run to the track (4 miles) and then do another 3 there.    I left my house with plenty of time to run the 4 miles and meet up with my mother.  Apparently my memory is faulty.   I had run the route there before but somehow forgot that it is 5 miles not 4.  Ummm, oops 🙂  It took me a little longer to get there than planned.  But on the upside, that just meant less miles on the track! 🙂

Too bad it doesn't show the track loops.
Too bad it doesn’t show the track loops.

Along the way, I tested out some new fuel.  Not too bad, but not cola tasting either, hehe.  I miss my candy corns though.

Not Horrible...
Not Horrible…

So all in all, 7.5 miles done.   Kind of slow, but I didn’t care about the pace today just the distance.  It is also the first time I have run that far in a pair of shorts.  Usually for long runs and races, I wear capris.   I think I may be able to get used to it, not sure yet.  On a side note, I went and bought actual running underwear?    Um, did I miss the memo that said you needed a girdle to run?  Could they go any higher?  Awkward, but hey, if I ever have to wear a tight dress, I have something to put under it now 🙂

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Anyone have a good race or run?