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Leaded or Unleaded

And the long run headaches are back.

I drink plenty of water so it’s not a lack of hydration.    Granted I am prone to headaches and migraines so there is that.   I am still loving the Ultima for shorter runs but I am wondering if my issue with longer runs is a lack of calories.  I still fuel horribly…as in I don’t.   I just can’t eat on my longer runs.  I buy gels and gu’s and chews and never eat them.  I carry them with me but they just end looking very beat up and expired.  So maybe my water needs to gain some weight?

With that in mind, it was time to experiment.  So I hit up The Feed.

#1  Gen Ucan Orange-   I heard great things and I really liked their protein powder so I was hopeful.   Out of the package, it mixed chalkier than I had expected.   It kind of seemed like it didn’t dissolve.  It didn’t taste powdery it just looked like that.  It actually had very little taste.   Very bland.    Taste aside, I had a surprisingly great 8 mile run.   I ran a hill I have never run in its entirety before.  I even posted about it on Instagram.  My mother made fun of me.   My post run headache was very muted.

#2- Glukos Orange-  Mixed and dissolved well and was very orange in color.  It also tasted very yummy.    That said, I slammed into a wall at mile 6 of a 9 mile run.    I felt ok leading up to that point and then things went very south.    It was the same route as before and at first I thought to blame it on the French toast that I had for breakfast but again that was the same as before too.    And I had a headache.

#3 Tailwind Raspberry Buzz- Caffeine!!!!    I was heading out for what I thought I was going to be a shortened long run because I wasn’t feeling it so I admit I only mixed 1/2 the pouch.    It blended well but oh man, it tasted like medicine.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the taste but a I went from not wanting to run at all to bartering with myself to just run 4 to actually running a solid 8 miler that day.  Hmmmm.   I do like that it has caffeine in it.   I feel like my asthma cranky lungs appreciate it sometimes.  I had a medium headache.

I am still cycling through these options.  I bought multiples so I could try each one on multiple runs in hopes of finding the golden ticket.    But a new contender has entered the ring too.

Thanks to Bibrave, I get to try the Beachbody Performance line.  I’ve heard great things about their Hydrate product so yay!    One of these has to solve the long run headaches, right?

How do you hydrate?




Mid Week Musings 10

Is it 10?  I think it’s 10.  When is Friday?  Actually, is it December yet?  I need a vacation.  😛

This week has been like-

I need to ramble.

So my identity was stolen.  That’s fun.   I got a piece of mail congratulating me on my new Discover account.  Umm, no?

I shouldn’t be around breakable things.   Remember that post where I talked about shattering my foundation bottle all over the bathroom floor?  Yeah, did it again.   😓  Went to work foundation-less this morning and that will likely continue until the weekend.  Who needs makeup anyway?  Right?  #destructogirl  I used to have that on a c

I have new dietary restrictions.  No eggs, no dairy, no soy, no seafood, no nuts, no wheat.  It’s a little harder than I thought it would be.   I’ve mostly figured out breakfasts and lunches but fall apart when it comes to dinner.  Tonight was pizza night- oops.   It’s still a work in progress.

Speaking of food, I still haven’t figured out fueling for long runs.  My 13 miler last weekend was on an empty stomach.   Other than running out of water, I felt fine.  But maybe it’s a good thing I haven’t figured it out yet- now I can find one that fits the new restrictions.  Any suggestions?

American Ninja Warrior.  I love this show.  Watch it shamelessly every time it’s on.   I like rooting for the contestants even while some make me shake my head in disbelief.    Sometimes I think I want to try obstacle style races.  Then I remember that I have a tendency to run into walls.  😛

The Rock Clock.  So, I kind of the love the Rock.  Think he’s pretty awesome.  A admit I downloaded his app- The Rock Clock.  It’s my alarm for all those early morning (for me) runs.  Except last weekend I learned that it doesn’t work if your phone’s on silent- kind of overslept.  Oops!

Daily motivation too!

How is your week going?

Who’s one of your favorite celebrities?




The long run…

After Wednesday’s hot run, I went out Thursday with the goal of doing an easy 3 miles.   We had another triple digit week last week, so I told myself that if it was hot, I would stop after 2 laps, so almost 2.5 miles.     First lap out wasn’t bad, kind of hot but there was more shade than I recalled 🙂 Yeah!!  Of course, I forgot my water bottle again.  The good thing about running laps around the park? You pass your car again!  I was able to get my water bottle after the first lap.

With the shade and a little breeze that picked up, I was able to finish 3 laps, so just shy of 3.5 miles.   I had planned to do speed work but the temperature turned it into just a steady run.  I was ok with that.    When I run at the lake, I don’t have access to my lovely stretching wall, but there are workout stations around the path.  I love this one for stretching at the end of the run-

Feel the stretch!
Feel the stretch!

I took Friday and Saturday off.  I feel like I have been running nonstop for the last few months and unfortunately I don’t mean the good kind 😦    I know that I have a crazy week coming up as well, so I was so close to saying screw it, I am doing absolutely nothing this weekend, like the Slacker I am.   Not even real running.   I could get a long run in next weekend right?  I would still ok with my training.  Then I remembered that I have race next Saturday and a company picnic all day Sunday.    The race is only a 5K, so unless I pull a 2-a-day, I wouldn’t be able to get the mileage in.   So much for a lazy weekend.

So my mother wanted to meet at the track to get some miles in, but I so did not want to do 7 miles on the track.  I have done up to 10 on the track before, but it gets rather monotonous.   So I decided to run to the track (4 miles) and then do another 3 there.    I left my house with plenty of time to run the 4 miles and meet up with my mother.  Apparently my memory is faulty.   I had run the route there before but somehow forgot that it is 5 miles not 4.  Ummm, oops 🙂  It took me a little longer to get there than planned.  But on the upside, that just meant less miles on the track! 🙂

Too bad it doesn't show the track loops.
Too bad it doesn’t show the track loops.

Along the way, I tested out some new fuel.  Not too bad, but not cola tasting either, hehe.  I miss my candy corns though.

Not Horrible...
Not Horrible…

So all in all, 7.5 miles done.   Kind of slow, but I didn’t care about the pace today just the distance.  It is also the first time I have run that far in a pair of shorts.  Usually for long runs and races, I wear capris.   I think I may be able to get used to it, not sure yet.  On a side note, I went and bought actual running underwear?    Um, did I miss the memo that said you needed a girdle to run?  Could they go any higher?  Awkward, but hey, if I ever have to wear a tight dress, I have something to put under it now 🙂

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Anyone have a good race or run?