Mid Week Musings 10

Is it 10?  I think it’s 10.  When is Friday?  Actually, is it December yet?  I need a vacation.  😛

This week has been like-

I need to ramble.

So my identity was stolen.  That’s fun.   I got a piece of mail congratulating me on my new Discover account.  Umm, no?

I shouldn’t be around breakable things.   Remember that post where I talked about shattering my foundation bottle all over the bathroom floor?  Yeah, did it again.   😓  Went to work foundation-less this morning and that will likely continue until the weekend.  Who needs makeup anyway?  Right?  #destructogirl  I used to have that on a c

I have new dietary restrictions.  No eggs, no dairy, no soy, no seafood, no nuts, no wheat.  It’s a little harder than I thought it would be.   I’ve mostly figured out breakfasts and lunches but fall apart when it comes to dinner.  Tonight was pizza night- oops.   It’s still a work in progress.

Speaking of food, I still haven’t figured out fueling for long runs.  My 13 miler last weekend was on an empty stomach.   Other than running out of water, I felt fine.  But maybe it’s a good thing I haven’t figured it out yet- now I can find one that fits the new restrictions.  Any suggestions?

American Ninja Warrior.  I love this show.  Watch it shamelessly every time it’s on.   I like rooting for the contestants even while some make me shake my head in disbelief.    Sometimes I think I want to try obstacle style races.  Then I remember that I have a tendency to run into walls.  😛

The Rock Clock.  So, I kind of the love the Rock.  Think he’s pretty awesome.  A admit I downloaded his app- The Rock Clock.  It’s my alarm for all those early morning (for me) runs.  Except last weekend I learned that it doesn’t work if your phone’s on silent- kind of overslept.  Oops!

Daily motivation too!

How is your week going?

Who’s one of your favorite celebrities?




12 thoughts on “Mid Week Musings 10

  1. Aw sorry about the week’s happenings so far. I may be able to offer a little help in the long run fueling department though. I eat *mostly* gluten free so I’m used to the whole no-wheat thing. I used to make a sweet potato with maple syrup for breakfast on long run days. I still would do that except I’m lazy so I usually go with a frozen gluten free waffle (Van’s apple cinnamon or Nature’s Path pumpkin spice are my favorites!) w/ banana and honey. I looked up my gf waffle ingredients and unfortunately there’s soy but you could also look up some vegan/gf waffle recipes which would satisfy your dietary restrictions 🙂 I highly suggest getting some form of carbs though for breakfast. Also it’s a good idea to get a lot of carbs during dinner the night before – I usually do gluten free pasta – Barilla even makes gf pasta now and I believe it’s egg/nut/soy free as well. Good luck!!


    1. I admit I am super lazy in the mornings- pre run or work. 😛 Finding something that fits all the categories at the same time is really hard. Often if I find something that wheat free it has soy or if it’s dairy free it has soy. I will check out that pasta, though, thanks!


  2. Totally hear you with this week! It’s been long for me too! Almost Friday though- phew! For running fuel, I love Honey Stinger chews and waffles. Esp the waffles, but before a run not during as they are crumbly! They never seem to upset my stomach nor make me cramp. Try them! Good luck and have a great weekend 🙂


  3. Oh dude, I’m sorry this week’s been a bummer so far. Identity theft sucks, and those new dietary restrictions don’t sound too fun 😦 At least there are more people with restrictions those days, so there are more food options available now than there used to be! Long run fueling, hmm… ditto what Charissa said, and also it looks like Honey Stinger has a bunch of products that are free of those things – chews, gels, and snack bars. I’m sure other running fuel companies have similar products too. Good luck!


  4. Ha, I also kind of love the Rock. That clock looks hilarious, but it’s rather unfortunate that it doesn’t work on silent mode.


  5. Wow. Small world, your dietary restrictions are almost in line with my boyfriends allergies (he’s celiac, allergic to eggs and dairy intolerant). I def understand your struggle to find foods you can eat! For dinner, were big on chicken (with rubs, Flavor God is delicious) and veggies. We also love zuccini noodles (you have to try it if you haven’t) with chicken and snap peas and baby corn. I’ve also become a huge fan of zuccini pizzas. My boyfriend will load them up with pepperoni instead of cheese. Let me know if you come across any yummy dietary friendly meals!


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