Easy Sunday

After Friday’s treadmill 10, I stopped by the desk on the way out and upgraded my gym membership.  Now, this might seem a little odd as I hadn’t been to the gym since February.   However I could upgrade for free right now and the upgrade meant I could bring a guest for free anytime I wanted.  So today I headed back to the gym with my mom in tow.

We checked in and headed for the treadmills.  I took her through the basics and she was off!   She was planning on walking 4 miles on the treadmill before checking out the other equipment.   She had a couple of minor mishaps on the treadmill before settling in.  She pulled the emergency stop out twice, oops!  That’s why I don’t use that thing.  She also almost ran into the front of it, I do that all the time!  I told her that just meant she could go faster.  🙂

From the second I started running, I could feel how tired my legs were.   I think I maybe could have used another rest day.  Since I had already run my 3x this week, I had no real plan for today.  I ran an very easy 3 and then walked just shy of another mile.  Then my mom was like “let’s check out the ellipticals!”.  Yeah, ellipticals and I don’t always get along.  I can hardly ever get them to stop!  But I gave it a shot.  Meanwhile, she was just powering it away on her machine.   Took me almost 11 minutes to complete a mile, yeah that was it for me.  My legs were so tired, not really sore, just tired.   Plus, by now I am far enough into training that my toenails are talking back to me.

ilovetorun.org | RUNNING CAN BE GIVEN
Ahhh, the joys of running 🙂

I think I created a monster; she already wants to go back to the gym!


Slacker Saturday yesterday was pretty nice, I can’t complain.  I was able to pick up a new quilt as well, so bring on the mini renovation 😉  I was super excited until I hit a little snag today.  That lovely headboard that I bought on Friday?  Yeah, it’s too big, by 5 inches.   Crap!!!!  So even though I still have to figure that out, I could make some of the changes.

yep, it can decorate the garage for now
yep, it can decorate the garage for now
All it needs is a headboard!!!!
All it needs is a headboard!!!!
I guess she approves :)
I guess she approves 🙂


As of today, I am exactly 2 weeks from my 10k and 4 weeks out from my half marathon.  Eeeek!   And now it’s back to work tomorrow which bites but its ok too.  There’s a 3 day weekend (race weekendJ ) in October and then I have a full week vacation in November to look forward to 🙂


Anyone else sharing in the toenail troubles?


Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!