Slow moving rant…

This post may be a little Rant-tastic.  Just wanted to give you a warning first.

Sunday’s treadmill run was slow but I figured hey I was still tired from Friday.  Yesterday, I had planned on doing speed work at the lake.  I was looking forward to running as it had been a crazy day.  I had slept like crap the night before and I knew the first day back from vacation is always spent catching up plus it being a Monday, I was prepared for it to be a very busy day.  I was not prepared however for someone to spend 20 minutes forcefully expressing their displeasure and disappointment with me.  So by the time work was done, I felt like I needed a good run. | RUNNING CAN BE GIVEN

Got to the park and dropped my phone down the black hole on the side of driver’s seat.  So I wasted 5 minutes trying to fish it out.  Finally got it out and set off.    From the second I started running I just felt sluggish and tired.  For the past few weeks I feel like I am getting slower not faster and that is just stressing me out.   I have 2 races coming up that I had wanted to improve on my previous times.  Right now I don’t see that happening.  I was so frustrated and cranky last night that I quit after 2 laps, just 2.5 miles.  Lovely Mr. Nike gave me a pace update at the 2 mile mark and I told him to frak off.   ( Yes,  I talk to my Nike + App )  Plus come to find out, I had forgotten to take the Nike App off of treadmill mode, so my mileage was off from not using the GPS.    Ugh!!!!

Then there was spider monkey.  I was rounding the back corner of the lake on lap 1 and completely frustrated with my pace when out of nowhere came this guy.  He came running in from the side leaping from rock to rock.  While shirtless and wearing gloves?  After the rocks, he leaped to the railing of the bridge. Then hanging like a monkey from the side of the bridge climbing up and down and doing some pull ups.   He passed me again about a ½ mile later running with Tom Cruise hands, and then leaped from rock to rock again before ending up doing pushups on the tall parallel bars.  That was new, and at least it provided a distraction from my crankiness.   Not sure where he went after that, didn’t see him on the second lap around.

The second lap wasn’t any better than the first and I was just done, so I called it a day and drowned my sorrows in pizza 🙂 Today, I decided to look for some motivation and I found the best tweet!


I also had a doctor’s appointment to go over some neck x-rays I had last week.  Doctor recommended physical therapy but said nothing against running.  Woo hoo!  So tomorrow, I am heading back to the gym, hoping that maybe the treadmill will like me.  If not, then I will just keep running.  It’ll get better eventually right?





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