Not so bad…


Today is shaping up to be a busy one.  It started with a dentist appointment this morning.  I am not a fan of dentists; I think I would rather go barefoot across some Legos, first.   I went to the appointment with no pain, and now my jaw hurts.  😦 And that chair just aggravated my neck.

 No More Sorting or Stepping On Legos Thanks to Box4Blox (Giveaway) | 5 Minutes for Mom

Still left for the day, I have work, then a chamber mixer, and finally followed by school.  If I am lucky I will be home by 10:30.  So no run planned for today.  Tomorrow’s not looking so good either as it is always a long day at work.  Plus, I work this Saturday for a partial day.  Well, crap.

So last night, I gave into my mother (aka new gym junkie) and we went back to the gym.  I was still feeling discouraged so I had a goal of 4 miles, however long it took me.   After a quick warm up, I upped the pace of the treadmill and started running.  I figured since it was the treadmill, I would try a quicker pace just to see if I could hold it for any decent amount of time.  After all it’s easy to slow down on a treadmill.  I finished 4.11 miles in 40 minutes which is closer to where I need to be come race day but it was a very erratic 4 miles.  It also included 3 walking breaks.   After that 4, I walked another 1 waiting for Mom to finish her workout.  I didn’t feel like using any of the other equipment.  We then went for frozen yogurt, orange-vanilla, so yummy! 🙂


So while it was better than it has been, I don’t think I can maintain it.  Plus it was on a treadmill not a road, so that makes it harder to duplicate.  Now, my upcoming 10K is flat, but my half marathon is not.  I would like to get in some miles at the track this weekend before next weeks race.


In other news, I updated my phone to iOs 7, very odd.  Not sure about it yet.


Hope everyone is having a good week!

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