Bad Math

Happy All Hallows Eve Eve?


I started to feel icky Sunday evening and Monday morning was no better.  I had to drag myself out of bed in order to get ready for work.   I still packed all my running gear though.   I was so lying to myself!!!   It was overcast and wet while I drove to work, but no rain.   5 hours later, the skies opened up and dumped; rain!!!!!!   Nowhere near enough to affect the drought but it was awesome to see.  I was also surprised at how quickly the street outside flooded.   An added bonus was that I finally decided to not run.   I figured rain plus feeling crappy did not make a good combo.  So I drove home, made it to the comfy chair and crashed.

Tuesday morning, I was just as tired.  I was not feeling like an evening of volleyball.  However I knew we were down 2 players so I dragged myself there.  I always wear shorts and knee socks to play volleyball, but this night, I figured I would try capris and maybe stay a little warmer.  Never again!  I don’t care how damn cold it is, I am wearing my shorts.  My kneepads were pulling down my pants, and my pants were trying to take my damn underwear with them.  I was terrified I was going to flash some poor person.   Add the constant pant pulling up and my lack of enthusiasm, being down 2 people and it did not make for a good night.  We lost both games.  I just wanted to sleep. 😦 | RUNNING CAN BE GIVEN

With the time change coming on Sunday, I know that I will be unable to run outside after work next week.   The roads are too narrow in the town where I work, and the lake park has just a few too many transients to feel safe running in the dark.  So it will be the start of treadmill evenings for me.  Boo!!!!  Today I was still tired and cranky but I hit the lake path after work for a very short 2.5 miles.  It had been a few days since I had run so I aimed for short and sweet.  As it was, I made it back to my car in full twilight.    I may have done another lap had it been lighter.   My legs felt tired and stiff but the run felt good.  It was colder than I planned, my ears were freezing!

About as fall as we get
About as fall as we get

I headed home so I could put some things together for tomorrow’s Halloween costume and potluck.  I am finishing my evening by watching Nova’s Marathon Challenge.    Hoping for some motivation to fight this lethargic-ness I have been feeling.


Anyone have any plans for Halloween?

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  1. I agree! It’s hard to get moving when it’s cloudy and raining! And if you have an uncomfortable pant….it’s hard to keep going:). Good for you for going anyway!


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