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LA Redemption

Disclaimer: I received an entry into Rock n Roll Los Angeles as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

Los Angeles.

City of Angels, largest city in California.  I’ve run races from San Diego to San Francisco but some how missed Los Angeles.

That’s not say I haven’t registered for a race in Los Angeles.  In fact Rock N Roll Los Angeles.  I have unfinished business with this race as the 2016 race was home to my very first DNS.  😯  It’s time to balance the scales.

The course for 2018 hasn’t been set yet but 2017 was an out and back with some hills.  I can get behind that.  Plus I get to see the sights of a city that I haven’t toured on foot yet.


Plus there is still all the new upgrades that Rock n Roll made for 2018 that will make the race awesome-

To name a few-

  • New corral markers that light up!
  • Clearer aid station signage
  • You can rock out to on-course mile markers!
  • You can also take a quiz to pick your Rock ‘n’ Roll Spotify BPM playlist that will help inspire you to rock your next run: http://runrocknroll.co/5eux3X

Now it’s still a ways off but I have a couple of options come race day.  If my PR attempt in San Jose fails then this could be a another chance.  If I succeed, then I could just sit back, relax and soak in the atmosphere of “the world’s largest Halloween half marathon”.  Heck, maybe I’ll wear a costume.  Maybe. No promises.  I wore a tutu for 3 miles once and that thing was riding up into places it had no business being.  🤣

Either way I have something to look forward to!

Want to join me?  Use code RNRBRP2018 to save $15.00 on the half.

Ever run in a costume?

*** Ok, so I totally thought I hit publish months ago but cleaning out some comments and drafts on my blog told me differently. Slacker!!!!


Call me Crazy

Starting with the smiles-


Never be a naysayer!  I said that I didn’t think there was any way that my location would win an award in the Halloween contest at work. I was wrong!  We won the “Funniest Location” award.  I think it helped that a customer put himself in our chalk outline while the executive was there checking us out.  And that wasn’t the only customer who was willing to get down on the floor for a photo opportunity.     Turns out the CSI theme was a hit.  We get lunch catered in sometime soon as our prize.    🙂

Followed by coming clean-

Hello, my name is Fallon and this is Slacker Runner.   Some may have seen the change when I comment on other blogs.   Back when I started this blog I was aiming for a little anonymity.   So I misspelled my name and blurred my race bibs.   Then I got real.   I mean, seriously, I was sharing race times, race dates and names of races, etc.  Doesn’t take much more than that and there’s my name.  Plus it wasn’t even spelled that different.  I’ve been meaning to update this for a while but the Slacker in me won for a while. I finally followed through.   There a few things I am going to update on the blog in future actually.   Fun fact- Falyn came about years ago when I wanted to be a writer and was playing around with pen names.  I have a few more stashed away.   🙂

And ending with the crazy-

Last night this happened-Surf City USA Marathon and Half Marathon - California's Classic Oceanfront Marathon and Half MarathonWoo hoo!  I am stoked.  I have wanted to run Surf City for a few years now but always had a reason why the timing wasn’t right.    It’s still not right but I’m not going to wait anymore.     I am looking forward a fun race.  It will also be the biggest race I have run so far- 20,000 runners- that’s a lot of people!   This will not be a goal race of 2015, my only goal is to cross the finish line.

Wise Oscar Wilde's words: life is now, stop waiting!
Can always count on pinterest for motivation

Which brings me to why it is still not the best timing.  As of right now, I am running a 25K trail race with 3200′ elevation gain the weekend before.   Insert sheepish face here!!!!  Both of the races will be more like long runs than races.  I am both nervous and super excited for them.   And yes I understand the insanity of this undertaking.    I think.  I am currently working on adapting the half marathon training plan that I started yesterday.

Once getting through both of those, I plan to take a week off of running.  Then it’s time to train for my goal race for Spring- SLO Marathon Half.  Maybe I can break 2:00?  I am kind of nervous about having plans like this so early.  I rarely plan that far in advance!  On the upside, this gives me the perfect incentive to keep working hard through the holidays.   Which means I won’t start the new year feeling fluffy and in a training hole.  Well, hopefully.  🙂   I have to follow through and get my butt to the treadmill.

Now onto you guys-

Ever sign up for something crazy?  Got any training suggestions?

Ever run Surf City?  Or SLO?  Or back to back race weekends?

No, seriously, training ideas?

Adios October

How is it November already?  I should not be writing an October recap yet.  Oh and those  Christmas commercials just need to stop!OctoberrecapIn keeping with my stepping back plan, October turned in fewer miles than before.   Only 54.2 miles.    I also ran zero races.   That 54.2 miles were a mix of road and trails which is kind of cool.    I also realize that my little 2.5-3 mile jaunts the last 2 weeks added to the decreased mileage.   But I refused to give up the daylight until I absolutely had too, so I am ok with that.    Overall, I would say that it was a good month of running.  Yes I had some rough runs, but there were was an amazing one too.   🙂

October was kind of a giant stress mess and I maybe made a few poor food choices.  I admit to stress eating especially since I was actively trying to run less.  Couldn’t run the stress out so I ate yummy food.    I took a day trip to LA for a doctor’s appointment at USC followed a week later by a day trip to Santa Barbara for notary renewal.   I actually ate well both those days but both trips stressed me out.   My stomach is still being a pain in the ass but I’ve adjusted, sort of.  My doctor’s office called to set up a colonoscopy in December and I think I surprised them by how eager I was.   🙂  I just want answers. 

Friday was Halloween and I did good candy wise. I only ate a few of little boxes of Nerds.  For work, we did a CSI theme for costumes.   Complete with a duct tape body outline on the floor.  However I have seen some pics on Facebook from co workers at other locations, so I know that there is no way we won the contest.  It started pouring rain a few hours before I left which while great (rain!!!) meant  I was even colder than I was before.   I just wanted to go home and snuggle up in my chair.  But my friend was having a Halloween party so I changed into my second costume of the day and headed out.

You know that part in Bridget Jones where she’s shows up dressed for a Tarts and Vicars party but didn’t get the memo that the dress code had changed?  Ummm, yeah that happened.   I had texted my friend a time or two to check about costumes, I was so not feeling the festive spirit.  So I made an attempt.   I had an old button up shirt of my grandpa’s that I have been hanging on to for years.  It was pink, that plus a pair of boxers and my pink ProCompression socks gave me a lazy girl version of that scene from Risky Business.  The shirt and shorts combo actually covered more than most of my running gear so other than being cold, I felt ok.    That was until I walked in and was one of the very few adults in costume.  Ummmm, boo.    If it hadn’t been so wet and cold I would have just let it be but after about 20 minutes, I went and got my jeans from my car.   I had to work the next day so I did not stay long before heading home.

I decided to check where I was mile wise with my 2014 goal of 750.    My speed goals are not going to happen and with the last 2 months of cutting back I was wondering what kind of damage I had done.   So I pulled out a calculator.  Ok not really, I used the app on my computer.   721.7 miles ?!!  What?  How did that happen already?   Woo hoo!!! I can do this!!

So long October, time for November.  Time for hitting the treadmill 2x a week.  😦  But I do have a race next weekend!

How was your Halloween? Ever show up somewhere under dressed?

How are you doing on your 2014 goals?

Anyone else annoyed by the early Christmas commercials?

A Fresh Start

Seriously, where did November come from?  Slow down!!!

It’s been almost 3 weeks since my half marathon and they have been 3 busy, erratic and lethargic weeks.  I have had some trouble mustering up motivation lately.   I have completed my 3 runs per week like planned but they have not exactly been quality runs.    Not to mention that my eating habits have taken a nosedive.  Enough is enough.

Today is the bright shiny start of a new month and the end of my lethargy.  (Fingers crossed)  As today is Friday and work is usually crazier, I did not plan to run just to eat a hell of a lot better than I have been.  Mission semi accomplished.   It’s a good thing I planned on running tomorrow and not today as I would have had to cancel and that would have just made me cranky. 

Last minute pirate…that’s fairy tale right?


 Yesterday ( Halloween!), we dressed up and had a potluck and that was the great part of the day.  However at 3:30 the network crashed and we lost all internet connectivity.  Well crap.  We left as usual hoping that it would be fixed by this morning.  No such luck.  We ran the entire day with no computers.  About the only thing the computers could do without the network was tell us the time.  And we lost our phones.   I think I put more minutes on my cell phone today calling other locations than I have in the last 3 months.  Poor phone.   So, yeah, work ran over today, I didn’t even get home until almost 8.  😦

 I think that part of my ennui was that I really wanted to find another half marathon to do before the end of the year, but couldn’t find one that fit with my schedule or budget.   Also with the time change coming, in years past I have always become a much bigger Slacker in November and December.  This year I want to be better than previous years, I am hoping that this blog will help keep me accountable!  Call me out if I get too lazy!!!!

New goal?

I have been looking at various running challenges for November and I may do one. I will post when I make up my mind.   I want to look more in depth tonight and tomorrow before I decide. I will post when I make up my mind. As for races, Spooner’s Cove 5 mile Trail Run, here I come!!!! C and I are also looking at a 10K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning 🙂

So here’s to be being a little less of a Slacker going forward!

I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween!

Anyone else DVR’ing the New York marathon like me this weekend?   I know, I’m a big nerd!

Bad Math

Happy All Hallows Eve Eve?


I started to feel icky Sunday evening and Monday morning was no better.  I had to drag myself out of bed in order to get ready for work.   I still packed all my running gear though.   I was so lying to myself!!!   It was overcast and wet while I drove to work, but no rain.   5 hours later, the skies opened up and dumped; rain!!!!!!   Nowhere near enough to affect the drought but it was awesome to see.  I was also surprised at how quickly the street outside flooded.   An added bonus was that I finally decided to not run.   I figured rain plus feeling crappy did not make a good combo.  So I drove home, made it to the comfy chair and crashed.

Tuesday morning, I was just as tired.  I was not feeling like an evening of volleyball.  However I knew we were down 2 players so I dragged myself there.  I always wear shorts and knee socks to play volleyball, but this night, I figured I would try capris and maybe stay a little warmer.  Never again!  I don’t care how damn cold it is, I am wearing my shorts.  My kneepads were pulling down my pants, and my pants were trying to take my damn underwear with them.  I was terrified I was going to flash some poor person.   Add the constant pant pulling up and my lack of enthusiasm, being down 2 people and it did not make for a good night.  We lost both games.  I just wanted to sleep. 😦

ilovetorun.org | RUNNING CAN BE GIVEN

With the time change coming on Sunday, I know that I will be unable to run outside after work next week.   The roads are too narrow in the town where I work, and the lake park has just a few too many transients to feel safe running in the dark.  So it will be the start of treadmill evenings for me.  Boo!!!!  Today I was still tired and cranky but I hit the lake path after work for a very short 2.5 miles.  It had been a few days since I had run so I aimed for short and sweet.  As it was, I made it back to my car in full twilight.    I may have done another lap had it been lighter.   My legs felt tired and stiff but the run felt good.  It was colder than I planned, my ears were freezing!

About as fall as we get
About as fall as we get

I headed home so I could put some things together for tomorrow’s Halloween costume and potluck.  I am finishing my evening by watching Nova’s Marathon Challenge.    Hoping for some motivation to fight this lethargic-ness I have been feeling.


Anyone have any plans for Halloween?