Call me Crazy

Starting with the smiles-


Never be a naysayer!  I said that I didn’t think there was any way that my location would win an award in the Halloween contest at work. I was wrong!  We won the “Funniest Location” award.  I think it helped that a customer put himself in our chalk outline while the executive was there checking us out.  And that wasn’t the only customer who was willing to get down on the floor for a photo opportunity.     Turns out the CSI theme was a hit.  We get lunch catered in sometime soon as our prize.    🙂

Followed by coming clean-

Hello, my name is Fallon and this is Slacker Runner.   Some may have seen the change when I comment on other blogs.   Back when I started this blog I was aiming for a little anonymity.   So I misspelled my name and blurred my race bibs.   Then I got real.   I mean, seriously, I was sharing race times, race dates and names of races, etc.  Doesn’t take much more than that and there’s my name.  Plus it wasn’t even spelled that different.  I’ve been meaning to update this for a while but the Slacker in me won for a while. I finally followed through.   There a few things I am going to update on the blog in future actually.   Fun fact- Falyn came about years ago when I wanted to be a writer and was playing around with pen names.  I have a few more stashed away.   🙂

And ending with the crazy-

Last night this happened-Surf City USA Marathon and Half Marathon - California's Classic Oceanfront Marathon and Half MarathonWoo hoo!  I am stoked.  I have wanted to run Surf City for a few years now but always had a reason why the timing wasn’t right.    It’s still not right but I’m not going to wait anymore.     I am looking forward a fun race.  It will also be the biggest race I have run so far- 20,000 runners- that’s a lot of people!   This will not be a goal race of 2015, my only goal is to cross the finish line.

Wise Oscar Wilde's words: life is now, stop waiting!
Can always count on pinterest for motivation

Which brings me to why it is still not the best timing.  As of right now, I am running a 25K trail race with 3200′ elevation gain the weekend before.   Insert sheepish face here!!!!  Both of the races will be more like long runs than races.  I am both nervous and super excited for them.   And yes I understand the insanity of this undertaking.    I think.  I am currently working on adapting the half marathon training plan that I started yesterday.

Once getting through both of those, I plan to take a week off of running.  Then it’s time to train for my goal race for Spring- SLO Marathon Half.  Maybe I can break 2:00?  I am kind of nervous about having plans like this so early.  I rarely plan that far in advance!  On the upside, this gives me the perfect incentive to keep working hard through the holidays.   Which means I won’t start the new year feeling fluffy and in a training hole.  Well, hopefully.  🙂   I have to follow through and get my butt to the treadmill.

Now onto you guys-

Ever sign up for something crazy?  Got any training suggestions?

Ever run Surf City?  Or SLO?  Or back to back race weekends?

No, seriously, training ideas?

17 thoughts on “Call me Crazy

  1. I second Courtney–you’re crazy. But I like it. I think you know yourself well enough to finish both races ok. And thank you for sharing your real name 😉


  2. Ha! I now realize I’ve been pronouncing your name incorrectly in my head this whole time (FAY-lin) because apparently that y wanted to be noticed. I feel bad about that too, being someone who tends to get a bit riled when my name is mispronounced, so please forgive my crazy brain. Anyyyway, it’s a pretty sweet pseudonym 🙂

    And damn, girl. You’re braver than me, that’s for sure!


    1. Haha, I get so many variations of my name. Especially on the phone. I’ve heard Fawn, Dawn, Helen, Ellen, Valerie and in grade school had the nickname of felony. They thought that was hilarious.

      I look brave on paper, well computer screen, now I just have to follow through!!


  3. Ohhhhh So “Fallon” the name eh’ haha! Back-to-back races ummm that I think would make you a total BOSS! Sorry no tips here on that one I’ve never done a back-to-back in my life. I would just suggest racing one and then half racing the other (not all out).


  4. Funny! Totally crazy, agree with everyone else 🙂 Have to say that Falyn is kind of a cool name as well!

    I signed up for a 50-miler this year but had to drop due to family schedule stuff, which was a shame. And never entered a race outside of same-day driving distance.


    1. The whole thing feels a little crazy! I still like the name it was just the reasons for using it didn’t really apply anymore.
      50 miles is huge! Sorry you had to miss it. Yeah, I definitely like closer races. Surf City will probably require an overnight… unless I left around midnight. That just sounds exhausting.


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