A Week of Whine

Well, November is off to a roaring start.  Please read that with the heavy sarcasm intended.

I started to feel a little under the weather last week so I took Saturday off.    My stomach has decided to be a littlecrankier this week.  I must have jinxed myself.  Sunday’s planned 6 turned into a slower 3.5. However on the cooler side, I ran in pants and a short sleeve shirt.  I couldn’t tell you the last time I did that, it was odd.   But 3.5 is better than none, right?

Can you see the tiny deer?
Can you see the tiny deer?

And none is how the rest of this week has played out so far.   I was looking forward to getting going on my training plan.  Particularly now that I put my crazy plan out there in print.    Since daylight savings means I will be treadmill running during the week I decided that Mondays would be rest days.  The gym is always super busy on those days and since I would like to run trails every other weekend I figured Monday would make for a good rest day.  Of course that’s the only day I felt good.  Hindsight really is 20/20.

Tuesday and Wednesday were out due to my little bugger of a stomach.  Today I was gung ho, the gym was going to happen.      Then I got super dizzy at work, felt like I was running a fever and just felt wrong.    I didn’t even want to eat, which is odd for me, because I love eating.  I ended up going to lunch early and napped the entire time.     Once off work, it was home bound for me.   My poor gym bag has come into work everyday since Tuesday but never used.  😦   Well, I did pull out my long sleeve layer to use as a blanket while I napped but that doesn’t count.

A coworker thought this was amusing... and I had no running pictures.   :(
A coworker thought this was amusing… and I had no running pictures.   😦

I am trying a whole mind over matter thing right now.   Work has been crazy busy this week with the emphasis on crazy.  I have never been one to believe in the “lunar effect” but the way people have been acting this week make me doubt my doubt.  Driving home seeing the almost full moon yesterday was like a light bulb moment.  Either that or I am grasping at straws.   My boss is going on vacation so sick is not really an option.  Oh and I have a 5k on Saturday.    “Rested” legs are a good thing right?  Oh well, at least it is for a good cause.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for listening to me whine.  🙂

Ok, how was your week?

Anyone racing this weekend?

Do you believe in the lunar effect?

18 thoughts on “A Week of Whine

  1. Hope you are feeling better.
    I thing the moon is affecting people in here too, I’ve seen 2 homeless fights and people at work arguing every day.
    Good thing they stay away from me.
    Week has been crazy too, a lot of work, gotta leave everything ready since I’m going away in a week and won’t come back till December, they gonna miss me lol.
    No racing this weekend, just long workouts.
    Have a nice and fun race and a great weekend.


  2. I don’t know that I believe in the lunar effect, but the moon sure was beautiful this week.


  3. I’m sorry you’re feeling off! I’m still in recovery mode from my race last weekend, so I haven’t done much either. Gonna try to go for a couple of easy miles after work tonight!


  4. I hope you are feeling better soon. The time change has surprisingly had an affect on me this week. I am constantly tired. I took a nap yesterday and couldn’t believe that I was ready for bed and out super fast last night. And when the alarm went off this morning I wanted to keep sleeping. Hibernation time! Feel better.


    1. I have to say that I feel the same. Usually I look forward to the time change, that first week always seems more restful. Not this time around though. I took another nap at work today. I think the alarm may be the hardest part of my race tomorrow. 🙂 Thank you!


  5. No more racing for me until January Fallon and this week has been double murder lol!!! Work has been crazy nuts and this slow week of easy runs before getting back to training is killing me. I’m more tried and sore now than before ha! Or maybe it’s just more noticeable because I have the time to think about it 🙂


    1. Exactly! Work has been chaos lately, so many things to do and not enough hours in the day. That’s how I felt when I first decided I needed to step back a bit- suddenly everything was sore! It made no sense!


  6. Sometimes you need an off week to get yourself put back together. Better to get whatever’s ailing you out of your system than to further stress out/aggravate your body. That’s how stomach bugs turn into full blown month long flus. Next week will be better. Listen to your body and get yourself healthy. Hope you have a nice weekend!


  7. Working with the public makes me think there might just be something to the lunar effect… people definitely seem a little crazier than usual when there’s a full moon!

    3.5 miles is definitely better than 0! I hope you feel better!


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