A Slow Return

I really didn’t plan on a running break this long.  As of this morning, I had not run since the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving.    After the wonderful but calorie laden birthday dinner for my parents, I was going to try and run the next morning.  I had my doctor’s appointment Wednesday morning so I had some extra time.  My alarm went off; I silenced it and checked the weather- 25 degrees.  Umm, no thanks.  Hello winter and I rolled over and slept more.

Back to Tuesday, I had mentioned that my mother wanted a cake?  Thanks to the Madonna Inn, I delivered.  Sugar Rush anyone?

so very good
so very good

I also presented with the Pops with this shiny new Garmin.

photo 1 (6)

Right now I honestly can’t remember what I did Wednesday night, so not sure why I didn’t try for the gym.  Hmmm, oops.  Thursday was school, and I have to say, I cannot wait for class to be over.   This class has dragged on and on and on.   Just 2 more weeks.   I have a plan to submit, a presentation and a final in that time but it’s so close!!

Friday was a little crazy at work.  Someone called in sick and then later in the afternoon, the system crashed.  It was a short outage but was no fun while it lasted.  The tree was finally delivered but it came so late that it still isn’t decorated.   Bummer, but that leaves something to look forward too for next week.

photo 5 (2)
But here’s a little of my tree!

I met a friend (NikeC) after work for dinner to catch up.  We ended up chatting for a few hours; I think the restaurant may have been a little irritated, oops.  It was a good talk, life and running, plus good food, good times!

Today started out cold again, so I slept in a little.  Then I ran some errands and ate a yummy lunch.  I was trying to find an inexpensive party dress for next week’s work Christmas Party.    I found one that fit the budget but I am still on the fence.  I have a week anyways.  And then it was after 3.  I so did not feel like going to the gym.   The Slacker in me was whispering “one more lazy day, maybe one last weekend, you can run on Monday”.  The whispers were so very tempting.  It was cold and I had rolled my ankle yesterday ( I was stepping down from a credenza onto a squishy chair wearing 3 inch heels, so in other words my own damn fault).  It was a little twinge, but it needed rest right?

No!!! I changed speedy fast and was out the door.  I was wearing long sleeves but forgot gloves and an ear warmer, oops.   I knew I was going to be sluggish and I was.  But it felt good to be out and running, cold ears and all.   I ran the neighborhood, hills and all.  3.8 miles later I was done and was greeted with this cuteness-

So cute!
So cute!

My ankle was fine throughout the entire run, but I have felt it ever since.  That twinge feels very tendon-y. hmmm.    I have some Christmas shopping to get done tomorrow, and hopefully I will get in another run.  Fingers crossed!


How has everyone’s weekend been?


Any Racing?

6 Comments on “A Slow Return

  1. Yikes – hope the ankle is OK! At least you finally got out there!

    I ran my Jingle 5K this morning and almost had my best time for the entire year. I think the race gods were against me from the start as I missed an overall 5K PR by literally 3 seconds. My bra snapped off, I dropped a glove and I kept fiddling with my costume. If any of those things hadn’t happened, I may have actually made it!


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