Monsters and Miles

Tuesday’s gym plan did not happen.  😦  Turns out my group wanted a few corrections on the advertising plan, so I spent the evening reformatting again. And fighting the urge to chuck my computer across the room as it froze every 20 minutes.  But it was finally done.  I was able to walk it down to print shop today to get it bound.    My coworker, who is also in my class went to pick it up after work and they had done it wrong.  She was able to get it corrected fairly quickly, but still.  It was good thing she was one the picking it up because I may have lost it on the print guy.  Not sure if I would have started crying or yelling, though.

Yep! The lovely folks @ I Love to Run
The lovely folks @ I Love to Run

Adding to yesterday’s chaos, I finally paid attention to my tire pressure warning light.   It has been coming on and off for the last few weeks and I had a done a pretty good job of ignoring it.  I did get air put in the left front one three times, but I finally had to admit that I probably had a nail.  As I was driving to work yesterday, the tire light was on and so was the frost warning.  It was 24° and part of my commute is down a narrow, windy, 2 lane road with a wall of hill on one side and a ravine on the other.  My overactive imagination struck yesterday and I was suddenly trying to figure out what I would do if my tire blew out.  Ok, stay calm, slow down and find the soonest place to pull off to the side.  But what if I jerked the wheel?  Right would send me into the hill that already had landslides on a daily basis, what would a car hitting it do?  Left would be like pulling a Thelma & Louise.  See?  Crazy imagination.  So after all that paranoid thought, I got to work and asked what a good repair shop would be.  One was super close, so I took my car over and walked back to work.   There was a nail, they took it out and fixed the hole and my car was good to go.  I walked back over to pick up my car, so some exercise!!  As I picked up my car, I looked at my passenger seat and laughed.  The day I take my car in and it looks like this- oops!!!  It looks like I live in it.

See gym bag? I really had planned on running.
See gym bag? I really had planned on running.

Other than the binding fiasco, today was a pretty good day.  I was dismissed from jury duty without having to appear and I remembered to get a picture of our work tree.   Plus plugging and unplugging all our lights is a pretty good little workout.  We have 13 strands of hung around the building and all the outlets are in the ceiling, so twice a day up and down, up and down.   Once I saw the completed project I was just done.  All energy left me and all I wanted to do was sit and maybe read.    But I had felt like a busted can of biscuits all day so I changed and drove home by way of the gym.

Only a little crooked :)
Only a little crooked 🙂

I hate the treadmill.  Those felt like the hardest 4 miles of my life.   I was tired and sluggish and to top it off, someone had that show “Monster Inside Me” on one of the tv’s.  Yuck!!!!  I kept trying not to look but it was like a magnet drawing me back.  I am probably going to have nightmares about the creepy larvae things.  Why would someone do that?   NikeC was busting out her own miles a few treadmills away and she couldn’t help being distracted by it as well.

Back to the miles, I walked 1:30 at the beginning of every mile, I was tired.   Then maintained average pace until the .8 mark and cranked it up to 7 for the last .2.  It was kind of funky but I felt like I was doing something.   Could only get my pace to 10:30 overall, though.   I swear I am slower on treadmills than outside.   😦  And I apparently started my Nike+ in the parking lot getting out of my car, so oops 🙂

Tomorrow I have to turn in the dang advertising plan and prepare for final presentations next week.  I am so ready for this class to be over.  I probably won’t get in any running until the weekend but its also supposed to 70° again, so woo hoo!!!

So tell me, am I the only one whose imagination goes into overdrive at times?

Does anyone like the treadmill? And if so, help!!!

Hope everyone is having a good week!

12 thoughts on “Monsters and Miles

  1. Yay tree!! Bummer about the tire, but at least it was an easy fix. New tires aren’t cheap!

    I hate the treadmill too, but it’s better than slipping on ice in the dark and busting my butt. I always feel like I’m gonna fall off the back so I stay up to the front but then I feel like I’m gonna kick the front of the treadmill. Or fall off the sides. I’m not very graceful on it if you get the hints.


    1. Yes I was glad it was an easy repair!

      I have actually fallen off a treadmill before, I’m that graceful. Now I usually run into the front at least twice while running, but that’s better than going backwards!


  2. I hate the treadmill! I feel like I’m not only running harder, but it also takes so much longer to get to each mile. and nope, you’re not alone – my imagination is the same way.


  3. I kind of like the treadmill. I watch tv shows when I’m on it, either on my iPad at the gym or the tv at home. The best boredom buster is doing speedwork or hill intervals. It really breaks things up. I use the app 10k forever if I want something to keep track of time for me.


    1. Maybe if I had control of the tv, it would be better. Last year when I was working to lose all the weight, that’s how I got through my bike workouts, I put my bike in front of the tv and tuned out. I will check out that app though, thanks!


  4. I tend to run faster on the treadmill, because I can see exactly what I’m doing. It is boring, but I usually change the sipped faster or slower on certain minutes, just to play with the time I guess. Hope today is better than yesterday! 🙂


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