It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Normally I like Friday the 13th, and I can still say that even after my first car accident years ago that was on Friday the 13th.  But yesterday was rough.   It started out good, but then a very important piece of equipment broke.  Customers were stressed, I was stressed.  We called in a tech, then the back office, then the network provider and all 4 of us had a lovely little conference call trying to figure out what the heck went wrong and how to fix it.   This felt like it took forever but I think it was about an hour and a half.  We finally got it running but still have no idea why it went cuckoo.   😦  I’m saying trickster elves.

We’ve been running a toy and food drive since thanksgiving and look how amazing our customers are-

Look at all the toys!!!!
Look at all the toys!!!!

And this is the third time it has been emptied.   It’s been this awesome at all of our locations too. 🙂

Last week, my doctor suggested (ha!) a new diet to see if it helped.   I waited to start until this last Monday because I had good food in my fridge and cabinet that I refused to let go bad.  Like apples!  I will so miss those honeycrisp. 😦    I have been so hungry all week, and after the stress of yesterday, I just wanted pizza, so I picked one up on the way home.  🙂  Yummy.  And the ingredients are not on my bad list so I can lie to myself that way right?

Today was spent errand running with a little bit of Christmas shopping.  Prior to the shopping lunch was pizza again, but this time it was Red Brick, so totally acceptable. 🙂   After a little procrastinating of the presentation that I need to work on, it was over 60° so I went for a run.   I was slow (oops pizza) but it felt good.    I even threw in a couple of hills.   When I hit the bottom of my driveway, I was close to 5 miles so I did what us crazy runners do and ran another block and back.  Finished at 5.26.    While I was adding in that little bit extra, i ran passed a house that had an inflatable Santa in the yard.  There was also a girl with a bow and arrow.  No, Katniss, no!!!  Hehe, luckily the Santa was still standing on the return trip.

Tonight was a local holiday tradition, the Vine St Victorian Showcase.  It’s also always been a family tradition to go, but tonight it was just me and my mother.  We were able to walk there also, so yeah for extra miles.  Granted, these ones were a lot colder.  The street is blocked off, the houses are decorated, there are carolers and dancers and cotton candy, hot chocolate vendor’s, lots of fun.   So to finish out this post, here is what I saw tonight. Hope you enjoy them!

This house is my favorite! I love how the ornaments float between the trees 🙂

IMG_2596 IMG_2598 IMG_2614 IMG_2612 IMG_2594 1417514_578135418923571_198879485_o

Any local or family traditions of your own?

Anyone else get a warmer day?

9 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like…

  1. Those decorations are awesome! We definitely are not warmer here. We were shopping at outlets yesterday and every time we left a store to walk to the next one, we’d be frozen within a minute. It was just bitter, bitter cold prior to the snowstorm we got last night into this morning. And then we had the pleasure of shoveling about 3-4 inches of heavy, nasty slush because it rained on top of that. Awesome. LOL


    1. Yikes, I have never had to shovel snow. The last time it snowed here was in 88. Occasionally we get hail though! I have troubles dealing with the 25 degrees every morning now, I think snow would just be crazy!


  2. Christmas lights and palm trees! Lordy, I envy you!!! We had about 6 inches of snow the other week and now it’s warmed up enough to rain and turn it all into ugly gray slush. Hard to keep the running shoes clean and dry around here! Come on, Spring!!!!


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