~Christmas Parties and Randomness~

Happy Monday!!!!

Yesterday was our office Christmas party.   So we all put on our party duds and met at a local steakhouse.  For once I had the shorter drive, woo hoo!!  After some reservation confusion (if you have 3 locations but all phone lines ring the same place, you think they would ask where you wanted to eat!), we were finally seated.

I live less than 10 minutes from this particular restaurant but I don’t think I have been there in almost 20 years.  I was super excited when we chose to eat there because I have been craving a good Filet.  Even better when I don’t have to pay 🙂  There were 11 to our party and I was rockin’ the single life at the head of the table, ha!  Or was that the bottom? Hmmmmm.  Either way it was still a blast.  We started out by exchanging our secret Santa gifts.  Mine knew me pretty well, a Barnes & Noble gift card, sweet!

This restaurant is big on the real steakhouse, cowboy theme.   And the food was amazing.  There is no such thing as diet, when you eat here.  Every meal comes with beans, soups and salsa.  Then salad, garlic bread, rice pilaf and potato spuds.  Then you chose your entree.  It was then followed by desert of a root beer float or after dinner licqour.   Like I said, all included, so yummy.  I chose the Filet Mignon, with Shrimp Scampi on the side.  Up until that night I had never tried seafood.  And yes, I know exactly what facial expression you are making right now.   The Filet was amazing and the shrimp was, ehhh.  I ate one and passed the rest around the table.     Still not my thing but at least I tried it. 🙂   I topped everything off with a Root Beer float.  I can’t remember the last time I had one, and they are just as good as I remember.

After all that calorie loaded goodness, I really should have gone for a run tonight, but nah.  After a good day at work, I finished up the last bit of my final while watching a cheesy  Christmas movie.  It was filmed in my town, I had to watch!  Tomorrow, I have a date with the bore-mill, oops, sorry- the treadmill.

So I leave you with a little random-ness inspired by my morning commute and Christmas music.    Apologies in advance for the cheesiness.  Oh, and please no on sue me, I have no money, but you are more than welcome to all my bills!

Santa Sweetie

And some more festive pictures from Saturday-

IMG_2600 IMG_2609

Anyone else Secret Santa’ing this year?

Any good Christmas parties?

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