Merry merry Christmas Eve Eve

Merry Christmas Eve eve!!!!  For those of you already at Christmas Eve, I am envious!

Thank you WordPress for the slew of fake likes.  That was fun.  I used to like hearing the WordPress notification chime on my phone.  After the other nights post, I almost began to dread it.  Less than 2 seconds after I posted, someone had liked it.  I was skeptic, so I looked into it.   Turns out it’s not legit, nor were 9 or 10 that followed.  (I did get a few real ones, thanks guys!)  I have to admit, I don’t get the point.   Its supposed to be about clicks, but they don’t even do a great job of making it look realistic?

Sunday’s shopping trip was pretty good.  The crowds were not insane and weather was freakishly warm- 70º!!!  I was able to finish my shopping and my wrapping on Sunday 🙂  Today was pretty good at work too.  Other than that same piece of equipment that crapped out a on Friday the 13th, died again.  When we left for the day it was still not working.  😦  Hopefully the tech guy will be out early in the morning tomorrow.

Found on Pinterest
Found on Pinterest

I really had planned on running this evening, but somehow I forgot caffeine today.    All day.  I fell asleep on my lunch in the break room.   I have been trying to transition from Diet soda to coffee.  I eliminated the diet soda entirely 2 weeks ago and replaced it with a 12oz real soda.  I would also try to choke down a coffee.  It’s not going so well, still can’t stand the taste.  Then this weekend, I bought some tea thinking I would try that.  I noticed today that I stupidly bought caffeine free.   Today, I some forgot to get a soda, and never managed to drink my coffee.  By 2:00, my head was pounding and then the nap.  Oops.

Tomorrow at work, we are having a breakfast potluck and an ugly sweater contest.    I don’t one so I decided to make one.  Hmmm, this is not my strongest talent.  The cat also discovered tinsel for the first time and it was apparently better than catnip.   It turned into a tug of war for the garland.

Ugly in progress..oh and it jingles too!
Ugly in progress..oh and it jingles too!

Living in central California, I long ago gave up on snow for Christmas, but fog or clouds would be awesome!!  I am not a fan of bright sunny Christmas’s.  Fingers crossed!!!!

Wishing everyone who is traveling, safe journeys!

Is everyone ready for Christmas?!!


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  1. Hmm, I wonder why all the fakeness. I’ve never had that happen and sure hope I never do!

    Loving the ugly shirt. If it’s gonna be that ugly, the noise just takes it over the top! 😉 Have a great Christmas!


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