Embracing the Excuse

December has shaped up to be Slacker month.  I have decided to stop stressing about it and just enjoy it.  I hit my weight loss goal in January of 2013 and have stayed there for almost a year.   If the scale goes up a couple pounds in December, so be it.     I would rather spend the holidays enjoying time with family and friends than being the weird one who isn’t eating.  Besides I am having a hard enough time with the new stupid diet restrictions my doctor gave me, I am not going to stress about counting calories and pounds.  I am having troubles with my newest restrictions, some days I notice I eat hardly anything and other days way too much.  I am still tracking my food everyday (Lose It) but now it’s mostly so I can try to level it out and watch my nutrient intake.

That Slacker-ness has extended to running as well.  😦  My standard 3 days a week has become 2 days a week.  Ouch.  On the upside, my class finally finished and all final assignments have been turned in so I am hoping that will clear up some time for running.  I am aiming to finish 95% of my wrapping tonight as well.   I am going to attempt some last minute shopping tomorrow so I may have a few last minute items.   Fingers crossed, it is not totally insane tomorrow.

I did make it to the gym on Tuesday evening.    I was cranky and tired but my goal was to do 3 miles (very Slacker).  I went with the same cuckoo pattern that I had done last week.  For every mile, I walked 1:30, ran the middle at a steadier pace and then ran at 7 for the last .25 mile.   I also had the incline set at 2, yeah that probably should have been higher too.  L   Luckily, none of the TV’s had Monsters Inside Me on, and yes I checked before choosing a treadmill.   I chose one near the door so I could take advantage of the occasional cold air coming in.     I must have been good because I ran 10 minute miles for 3.5 miles.  Usually the treadmill feels like I am slogging and my pace reflects that.   I noticed that I had upped my middle steady pace, so I will aim for more of that in the future.

Today I worked, so it was up cold and early to head that way.   Of course I was stuck behind a car driving below the speed limit  but even with that delay I was still 25 minutes early.  I should have slept longer 😦   On Saturdays I work at a different location so sometimes I end feeling as useful as a bump on a log.  Other than that it was a good morning,   I drove home for some lunch and braving the Target crowds to get some essentials.  I also picked up some ingredients for a Crock Pot French toast recipe that I found on Pinterest.  Work is having a breakfast potluck on Christmas Eve.  This is amusing because I can barely boil water. 🙂

After all that the plan was to get in 5 miles.  However, my stomach was not keen on that plan, stupid diet.    I thought about waiting and going to the gym when I felt better but I knew I would not follow through.  I was also running out of daylight, so I sucked it up and went.  I was torn between going really, really slow or just hauling to get it over with quicker.  I also knew 5 miles was probably not going to happen.   My first mile came in at 10:23.   With that hill? When I run from my house, my first mile is always SLOW as I usually walk half of it.  So hearing 10:23, hot damn!

My future running partner!!
My future running partner!!

Maybe the incentive was that I knew my mom was out somewhere walking the puppy for her first long walk.  Success at 1.5 miles!!!  I pause Nike for some puppy time and then ran on.  I threw in some loops so I could meet up with them every mile.  It was great incentive to keep moving quickly 🙂  I finished at my driveway for 4.27 miles in 42 minutes, sweet!   But I was also glad I was done.

Now, I’ve spent too much time in the Comfy Chair, so it’s off to wrap presents.    I even have a little helper-

If she stops eating the paper that is...
If she stops eating the paper that is…

Anyone brave the chaos today?

Any races this weekend?

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