A Christmas 4

Merry Christmas Everyone!  I hope you and yours are having a truly wonderful day!

Christmas day is the one day a year that I usually take my Slacker-ness to a whole new level.   Like stay in my pajamas all day, Slacker,  But that’s ok right?  Christmas is one day of the year that it’s acceptable to wear matching pajamas, right?  That was my plan for today.  However things changed a bit after opening presents this morning.  My amazing parents sprung for a Garmin for Christmas!! So I had to test it out right?

So shiny!
So shiny!

After a yummy breakfast and gift opening, we relaxed watching movies.  Choice for the morning- Red 2.    I then joined my mom and Zoey for an early afternoon walk.  Well it was supposed to be a walk, but I really wanted to play with my new toy.   So I would run ahead and then double back.   I only almost lost them once.  I threw in a hill loop and it took me longer to catch back up.  It upped an easy run into a temporary tempo, ha! I ran with the Garmin and the Nike App, just to compare.  They were pretty dead on to each other.  4.25 miles to 4.23.  I love being able to check my pace as I am running.  This may make me more neurotic than ever, haha.

So much information!!!
So much information!!!

photo 2

Then it was time for an amazing dinner of Beef Stroganoff and the previously mentioned matching pajamas.  Fleece ones this year, so much better than flannel.  Then it was time for the Doctor Who Christmas special, a tradition these past few years.  I won’t lie, I may get a little misty eyed this time around.

Hope everyone has had a great day!!

How many of you got running gear for Christmas?

8 Comments on “A Christmas 4

  1. Woo hoo! Having a Garmin is sooo fun! I still use the Nike app with the Garmin because I have tons of data with Nike – but also because the Garmin I have does not work on the treadmill. Plus…I like having both. Lol!


  2. What did you think of Doctor Who? I got a nice Camelbak daypack for hiking and some awesome Jaybird wireless ear buds that I can’t wait to try out! Hope you had an awesome Christmas!


      • That’s what I thought – especially since Moffat wrote it. Ahhh, well. On to the next I guess…

        I’ll think about a review. I never even thought about doing that, but that’s a good idea. I haven’t had a chance to use them yet, although I did put them together and charge them today so I should be using them on Sunday! Woo hoo!


  3. I have to say, I’m a little disappointed. People don’t realize, slacking requires a lot of commitment and dedication–I committed to not running over Christmas, and it took a lot of effort on my part but I managed to pull through like a champ.


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