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Follow Me to Wildflower

Disclaimer: I received an entry to Oakland Running Festival as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

I bet your thinking of flowers right now. Pretty colors lining the roadways and filling fields. But if you’re from my neck of the woods, Wildflower means something else.

Wildflower means triathlon.

Even before I was a runner, I knew what Wildflower was. Well, let me rephrase- I knew of it but had no real cognizance of a triathlon was. Even once I did pick up running, it was a little hard to grasp. And people think runners are crazy. Even once I fully understood the concept of a triathlon, it was another few years into my running adventure before I really grasped just how big Wildflower really was. This thing pulls a huge crowd and some big names.

Now, we live California and drought is a problem so Wildflower didn’t happen in 2017. Then in 2018, I saw that it was back, advertising as being bigger and better than offer. And they offered a 10K trail run- no swimming or cycling- where do I sign up???? Oh wait, it was only a week after the Big Sur Marathon. Dang, probably shouldn’t be registering for races 5 days after a hilly marathon. So I just had to hope that all the extras were here to stay for years to come.

Cue 2019- Wildflower is looking more awesome and it partnered with BibRave. Yay, happy dance!

So what does The Wildflower Experience have to offer? How about these race options?

Long Course
Aquabike Course
Olympic Distance Course
Off Road Sprint
On Road Sprint
Trail Run ( 10.7 miles(
5K Run
10K Run
Stand Up Paddleboard
Open Water Swim

Want to embrace the “Woodstock” of it all? They offer camping packages. Tent or RV? Sure. Don’t want to bring your RV? They can supply one for you. Want a pre- set up tent with a legit bed in it? Yep, got that too. The cutest thing was the retro tin trailers but wow those sold out fast. 😀

As for what race I am doing, well, that’s the 10.7 mile trail run. Let’s do this! Don’t worry, haven’t gone crazy- I know I would fall off a bike.

Want to join me?? I’ll drive!

Register for running events here*- https://wfexp.com/bibrave

And triathlon events here*- https://wfexp.com/bibravetri

No codes needed, the discounts are built into the links.

*only applies to races not camping

Merry merry Christmas Eve Eve

Merry Christmas Eve eve!!!!  For those of you already at Christmas Eve, I am envious!

Thank you WordPress for the slew of fake likes.  That was fun.  I used to like hearing the WordPress notification chime on my phone.  After the other nights post, I almost began to dread it.  Less than 2 seconds after I posted, someone had liked it.  I was skeptic, so I looked into it.   Turns out it’s not legit, nor were 9 or 10 that followed.  (I did get a few real ones, thanks guys!)  I have to admit, I don’t get the point.   Its supposed to be about clicks, but they don’t even do a great job of making it look realistic?

Sunday’s shopping trip was pretty good.  The crowds were not insane and weather was freakishly warm- 70º!!!  I was able to finish my shopping and my wrapping on Sunday 🙂  Today was pretty good at work too.  Other than that same piece of equipment that crapped out a on Friday the 13th, died again.  When we left for the day it was still not working.  😦  Hopefully the tech guy will be out early in the morning tomorrow.

Found on Pinterest
Found on Pinterest

I really had planned on running this evening, but somehow I forgot caffeine today.    All day.  I fell asleep on my lunch in the break room.   I have been trying to transition from Diet soda to coffee.  I eliminated the diet soda entirely 2 weeks ago and replaced it with a 12oz real soda.  I would also try to choke down a coffee.  It’s not going so well, still can’t stand the taste.  Then this weekend, I bought some tea thinking I would try that.  I noticed today that I stupidly bought caffeine free.   Today, I some forgot to get a soda, and never managed to drink my coffee.  By 2:00, my head was pounding and then the nap.  Oops.

Tomorrow at work, we are having a breakfast potluck and an ugly sweater contest.    I don’t one so I decided to make one.  Hmmm, this is not my strongest talent.  The cat also discovered tinsel for the first time and it was apparently better than catnip.   It turned into a tug of war for the garland.

Ugly in progress..oh and it jingles too!
Ugly in progress..oh and it jingles too!

Living in central California, I long ago gave up on snow for Christmas, but fog or clouds would be awesome!!  I am not a fan of bright sunny Christmas’s.  Fingers crossed!!!!

Wishing everyone who is traveling, safe journeys!

Is everyone ready for Christmas?!!