Running in Circles

Monday was a big day at work for a few reasons and by the end I was looking forward to a nice, easy recovery run after work.     I chose the lake path again, partly due to the flatness after the previous day’s 10 and I because I thought it would be a good place to test out my new shoes.  They fit great in the store but I had to go up a 1/2 size.  When I wore them for the puppy walk on Saturday night, they felt too big, especially going downhill.  Ruh-ro.   This time out I paired them with my Pro Compression Trainer Low socks (love by the way) as they are a little thicker than my other socks.  So much better! newshoes

My mother met me at the lake and we set out.  I was feeling tired and my leg was not appreciating the heels that I had worn all day, so I wasn’t expecting much.    After a 10 minute warm up walk, I broke away to run, not sure I was going to 3 laps or 4.    I think the Sayonara’s had my legs a little confused.  They forgot it was supposed to be an easy day.    I averaged a 9:35 pace for the next 3 miles with forced walk breaks in each mile because I knew I should be running slower.  4.25 miles in total for the day.   I felt pretty good in the shoes, but then it’s only been 8 miles.   I was trying to pay extra attention to my form since I knew they were a lighter weight than I was used to, it did get a little sloppy towards the end.   I will have to work on that next time.   🙂

Today was D-Day otherwise known as doctor day.  After waiting so long, I was kind of afraid something was going to push it back again.  I skedaddled out of work at 1:45 because I was afraid of any traffic issues.  Of course, there were none so I ended spending some time in the parking lot.  🙂   For the first time, my mother joined me at the appointment.  I just wanted a better answer so I was all for anything that might make him listen more.     We were there for 2 hours, granted part of that was waiting in the waiting room.    I was prepared for him to want to order tests, I was prepared for different medication; I was not prepared for was for him to admit that he needs another opinion.  Umm, aren’t you the specialist?   So I have a bunch of blood work I need to do followed by 2 new heavy duty antibiotics and then a histamine blocker?  They are also working on a referral for a doc down in LA.  Boo.


One of the antibiotics he initially wanted to prescribe dictated no strenuous exercise because it could damage your tendons.  I guess I had my “hell no” face on because before I could say anything (or freak out) my mother spoke up.  She implied that I could get really bitchy without running -haha- true story!  He switched medications so I am still ok to run.   It just means that once again I am going into a half marathon while on antibiotics.  After getting out of the appointment I was just felt drained, and after 3 days of running/ walking I turned the evening into a rest day.

This week might end up with fewer running days but I am trying not to stress on it.  I start class tomorrow and am trying to figure out how to do a business mixer and the gym on Thursday.   I need to do my long run on Saturday because the company picnic (or beach day) is Sunday.  This school thing is really throwing me off- when am I ever going to do business internationally anyways?

How about you guys? Ever wanted to snap at a doctor?

What company picnics? Yay, nay or never had one?

How has your week been?

15 thoughts on “Running in Circles

  1. I don’t like doctors. I almost always wanna snap at them.

    Company picnics are a no go for me at my work, but I’ll occasionally show up at family type events with my husbands company (the Army).

    My week has been kinda lame. Not really different than usual so I guess it’s good! 🙂


  2. I think is probably good to get a second opinion, especially if nothing is really working or for you. I think it’s a good sign that your doctor actuator admitting needing a second opinion on this one instead of continuing to push forward. Is usually beneficial to get a different perspective on any issue. Hopefully things get worked out for you soon.


  3. I am jealous of this relationship you have with your mom! I’ve been having a really rough time with my mom this week, so just know that you are lucky to have her so supportive by your side the whole time! Also, it’s good your doctor wants to get more opinions ( I think so anyways) it’s better than him snapping to one decision and having it be wrong!


    1. We have our fights but overall it’s pretty solid, but then it wouldn’t be family if we didn’t occasionally irritate each other. 🙂 I have had a couple of diagnosis’s over the years, I just want an answer so hopefully this works!


  4. Wanting to snap at a doctor = story of my life lately. I’m sorry you have to go into the half on antibiotics, but so glad you can run!

    We have a great company picnic each year at a racetrack. Too bad I’m leaving and won’t be able to attend it anymore. 🙂


  5. I’ve definitely had my moments of wanting to snap at doctors! I hope you can get a good second opinion and that everything works out… it sounds like a frustrating situation!

    I’ve been to one company picnic (where the entire company/school was invited) and it was so huge that I just stayed with my little department off in the far corner of the lawn, haha. My department has a “morale day” every year that we have instead of a company picnic I guess. The past two years have been at a local bowling alley for pizza and candlepin and it’s been pretty fun!

    Sounds like you’ve got a lot going on this week… I hope you can sneak in your long run and get everything sorted without it being stressful!


    1. Fingers crossed!

      Yeah, I usually try to stay back at big events like this. Except I have to play volleyball against the executives at one point- what was I thinking?! That’s not hiding! I can’t tell if I am more nervous about that or my long run this weekend. For some reason I just do not want to do it this weekend. Oops.


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