Shaking it Off

Yeah, I went there, sorry.  🙂   I actually did not like this song the first time I heard it and now I think I’m obsessed.  I got through my last few runs with Theory of a Deadman and Rise Against and the last few days have been Taylor Swift on repeat.  I feel like I am all over the place this week and it shows even more than usual in my music.   I may have played this on repeat tonight while driving from work town to run town.  There may have been a tiny bit of car dancing involved, but there are no witnesses.

The last two weeks have felt a little scattered.    I’ve been a little stressed by work, a little stressed by my stomach and just life in general.  How do people with kids do it?  After an unplanned rest day on Tuesday and a planned one on Wednesday, my feet were feeling itchy to run.  Because I had a business mixer to go to after work tonight, NikeC and I moved back gym night.  I wasn’t sure what time I could get there and didn’t want to make her wait.  I figured I would try to get in a quick 3 miles after the mixer if possible.  I just hadn’t figured out how I would change yet.   4:45 rolls around and I just didn’t think I had the mental capacity for a mixer plus my stomach just hated me today.  I was just tired, and I wanted to run.    I felt mentally tired and I just wanted a few miles to quiet my head. I needed to run it off.  After a discussion with a few people, we decide to bypass the mixer and attend next month’s.  I was relieved and looking forward to running, I was thinking of now trying for 5-6 miles.

It was a happy thought for about 2 minutes.   At 4 minutes to closing, I happened to be looking at the door as IT walked in.   What the frak?   If they drove all the way out, it was not going to be a quick visit.  Ok, reassess, I had to stay but I would still run it would just be a little later.   I changed into my clothes anyways and then just waited. I got cold, so I put my blazer back on.  Running shorts and a blazer- the new business casual?

Stylish, right?
Stylish, right?

It was hard to be productive since the systems were taken down.  I caught up on some blogs on my phone, checked twitter, and posted some randomness to Instagram.   Then I was over that.  So I got some Clorox wipes and started cleaning.   I finally headed out around 6:45.  Even though it’s summer, I am not a fan of running at dusk.    Just seems like too much room for error there.  And of course, I was wearing dark running clothes because I had really wanted to wear the new shorts that came in the mail yesterday.  Flowers!  But a visibility fail.2milesI got to run town a little after 7.  Just as I parked, my mom called and asked if I wanted to do a late dinner.  No! I was running.   I walked a half mile warm up before running.  Between dusk and my stomach I only got in 2 miles but they were kind of awesome.    They weren’t the fastest or the best and my ankle kind of hurt but I was just glad to be running.   It was a good little reset.   And tomorrow is Friday!!

Ever had one of those days or weeks where you just needed to run it out?

Do you wanna rock a blazer and shorts now? Haha.

What are you doing this weekend?





10 thoughts on “Shaking it Off

  1. I keep hearing about this new Taylor Swift song, I think I have to cave and listen to it. What brand are those shorts? I usually don’t like flowery stuff, but those are really cute!


    1. Prepare for it to be stuck in your head! They are Abercrombie. They introduced an active line and I love the shorts. I don’t think it did very well though, so when I saw these on clearance on the website for $6 I just had to buy more. I was hesitant about the flowers but they are super cute!


  2. I am still on the I hate that song kick. The video was cute though.
    I can’t recall ever just having to go run… I definitely can’t stand it when I’m injured and running isn’t an option. Suddenly it’s all I think about.
    The blazer and shorts look just isn’t right for me. But I’m sure you looked like a rock star.
    I work Saturday night I think I’m gonna get my first lesson towards learning to drive 5 speed this weekend. Plus I’m gonna begin my search for my first handgun.


    1. The first time I heard it I thought of “Hey Mickey” but then it got stuck in my head. I had to admit I liked it. Eating used to be my go to for stress so at least running is better!
      Haha, the IT guy thought he would be half an hour- 45 minutes later I was cold and had no sweatshirt. Don’t think I’d ever wear that combo again, but it worked for the hour I was there after that!
      I still can’t drive a 5-speed, sometimes I wish I could. Good luck with your search and everything after that. My brother and dad complain all the time about how hard it is find ammo these days, or at least around here.


  3. I love those shorts! I bet the shorts-and-blazer look was awesome 😉

    Glad you had a chance to run it out, I’ve definitely had days/weeks like that where I’ve been desperate to just run and clear my head of all the stress. Disconcertingly, I haven’t run since last Tuesday to give my shins a good rest and I haven’t felt the itch to get back out there… 😦


    1. It was interesting! I think I need to throw a sweatshirt in my gym bag just in case.
      Running does work well with the head clearing at least for a little while. 🙂 Your shins probably liked the rest, breaks are good, I am sure the itch will come back soon. 🙂


  4. I hate to admit it, but I kind of liked the TS song. I know it’s cause it’s pop and catchy, but still. Oh yes, I need to run it out like all the time…maybe that’s a bad sign? Ha, keep it up!


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