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Shaking it Off

Yeah, I went there, sorry.  🙂   I actually did not like this song the first time I heard it and now I think I’m obsessed.  I got through my last few runs with Theory of a Deadman and Rise Against and the last few days have been Taylor Swift on repeat.  I feel like I am all over the place this week and it shows even more than usual in my music.   I may have played this on repeat tonight while driving from work town to run town.  There may have been a tiny bit of car dancing involved, but there are no witnesses.

The last two weeks have felt a little scattered.    I’ve been a little stressed by work, a little stressed by my stomach and just life in general.  How do people with kids do it?  After an unplanned rest day on Tuesday and a planned one on Wednesday, my feet were feeling itchy to run.  Because I had a business mixer to go to after work tonight, NikeC and I moved back gym night.  I wasn’t sure what time I could get there and didn’t want to make her wait.  I figured I would try to get in a quick 3 miles after the mixer if possible.  I just hadn’t figured out how I would change yet.   4:45 rolls around and I just didn’t think I had the mental capacity for a mixer plus my stomach just hated me today.  I was just tired, and I wanted to run.    I felt mentally tired and I just wanted a few miles to quiet my head. I needed to run it off.  After a discussion with a few people, we decide to bypass the mixer and attend next month’s.  I was relieved and looking forward to running, I was thinking of now trying for 5-6 miles.

It was a happy thought for about 2 minutes.   At 4 minutes to closing, I happened to be looking at the door as IT walked in.   What the frak?   If they drove all the way out, it was not going to be a quick visit.  Ok, reassess, I had to stay but I would still run it would just be a little later.   I changed into my clothes anyways and then just waited. I got cold, so I put my blazer back on.  Running shorts and a blazer- the new business casual?

Stylish, right?
Stylish, right?

It was hard to be productive since the systems were taken down.  I caught up on some blogs on my phone, checked twitter, and posted some randomness to Instagram.   Then I was over that.  So I got some Clorox wipes and started cleaning.   I finally headed out around 6:45.  Even though it’s summer, I am not a fan of running at dusk.    Just seems like too much room for error there.  And of course, I was wearing dark running clothes because I had really wanted to wear the new shorts that came in the mail yesterday.  Flowers!  But a visibility fail.2milesI got to run town a little after 7.  Just as I parked, my mom called and asked if I wanted to do a late dinner.  No! I was running.   I walked a half mile warm up before running.  Between dusk and my stomach I only got in 2 miles but they were kind of awesome.    They weren’t the fastest or the best and my ankle kind of hurt but I was just glad to be running.   It was a good little reset.   And tomorrow is Friday!!

Ever had one of those days or weeks where you just needed to run it out?

Do you wanna rock a blazer and shorts now? Haha.

What are you doing this weekend?