February Flew- Recap

And just like that February is over.  Blink and you missed it, I must have blinked.    I feel like I was just running in Huntington Beach but in reality that was 4 weeks ago!  So with that being said- here is my February recap-

February2015Miles -78.41

Races- Surf City 13.1

February was actually a pretty consistent month for me.  That said, the miles are lower than I would have liked but they’re still good.      I hit every run on my training plan save 2.  I missed one long run and one easy run by choice.  Some aches and niggles made me think that rest days would be a better choice.    Don’t they say that rest is training too?     Along with that, I cut this week’s weekday runs short, only around a 5k each time.      I know that those choices affected my overall mileage for the month.   I would have had another 20 or so miles, maybe.    I know I set a goal of 1000 miles in 2015 which breaks down to around 84 miles a month, I know I am behind.  However I am not going to break myself just to meet that goal.    See, I do have smart moments.   🙂

After last week’s increase in my leg issues, I was very hesitant to head out for a run on Saturday.    And random note, I have run in pants more in the last week than I have all winter.  Our neck of the woods got a little bit chilly.   Bear in mind, I find the 40’s to be cold.    Big baby over here!    I finally headed out around 3 ish to test the waters.    My first mile included 8 minutes of walking and clocked in at 13:00 but it didn’t suck so I kept going.   Things were tight but not painful.   Things loosened up a bit over the next 2 miles but I still knew things were off.  I was planning on doing my short route- 3.8 miles- but when I got to split point between that and the point for 4.5 miles I was stuck.   The road ahead was blocked off by fire trucks and police cars.  Well crap, so 4.5 miles it was.   I slowed down on the way home but didn’t feel too bad.    I admit to over analyzing every twinge and every step.

I don't run through injury.   That would be stupid.     I simply refuse to believe   that the injury exists.   That's toootttallly   different!I still have not decided what to do about Wine Country in 2 weeks.   I want to see how I feel through out the week.     I also have to figure out how to dress at work.  I have heels, boots and flats.  And by flats- I mean flat- zero support.  I wore flats 3x last week and was aching most of the day.  Heels one day and I rolled my ankle and stumbled into a cabinet- new bruises- yay!     I do that all the time in those particular shoes though.  I really should toss them but they are cute.  And here returns the less smart moments.    🙂  Oddly, I wore taller boots on Friday and it was the best my legs felt at work all week.   I may deal with the toe pinching of those boots if my hamstrings appreciate them.   🙂

Onward to March!!!  Oh, that sounds odd.

How was your February?

Any shoe suggestions?  Anyone else as clumsy as me?

19 thoughts on “February Flew- Recap

  1. Nicely done this February! I’d say you nailed it. You’re definitely going to hit that 1000 mile… The weather gets nicer and the mileage gets easier! Have an awesome week!


  2. Nice work training smart and listening to yourself when you need to back off. It’s hard to do sometimes, but it seems like you’re doing well with it.

    When I was struggling with some leg injuries, first ITBS and then peroneal tendonitis, I basically only wore dansko clogs to work. They felt way more supportive than any other “normal people” shoes I had and they were nice enough that I could get away with it.


  3. 70+ miles is still great–I only had 26 for February! I simply don’t have the time to do much more than that right now. I also recommend Dansko clogs for foot and leg comfort. They may not be the cutest, but they’re definitely supportive and comfortable.


  4. Well done! I think you’re approaching the 1000 mile goal very smartly with the “I won’t break myself to reach the goal” mindset… goals are important, but staying whole is more so! 🙂 I love that ebib… that’s me right now for sure. (Strained hip flexor? Whatever, that doesn’t count as a real injury.)


  5. February was way too short! 78+ miles is awesome though! I still haven’t gotten in to the swing of a regular running routine, weather has a lot to do with it for me..I’m a HUGE baby too! When it is in the 40’s outside I have a really hard time getting out there to run! Happy March!


  6. That’s great mileage! I think it’s really smart to back off when you need to also. A goal is something to work towards, but it’s definitely not worth injuring yourself over.
    I used to not like the 40’s either…but next week, I’m actually excited about temperatures being in the 40’s here on the east coast! This winter has made me totally rethink what acceptable temperatures are for me. Can’t wait to run outside again 🙂


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