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Mid Week Musings 4

Happy hump day!!  And – It’s Harvest Marathon week!!!!  Dude, race planning is stressful and I’m not even really doing anything. 😁  I feel bad for the others.    With the time change coming and my race in 17 days (yikes!)  I decided to… Continue Reading “Mid Week Musings 4”

February Flew- Recap

And just like that February is over.  Blink and you missed it, I must have blinked.    I feel like I was just running in Huntington Beach but in reality that was 4 weeks ago!  So with that being said- here is my February recap-… Continue Reading “February Flew- Recap”

Things I’ve learned

So, my first ever two week vacation is coming to an end.  Man, it’s been such a riot. Haha,  😛 But I have made a few observations over the days- That insomnia I thought I was over?   Ummm, not so much.  I was wide… Continue Reading “Things I’ve learned”

Call me Calamity

I feel like I have written a similar point in the past.  And I probably have.  Case in point- the nice line of bruises running up my spine from backing into the side of a door last week.  I have mad skills like that. … Continue Reading “Call me Calamity”

Changing it Up

I hope everyone had a good weekend! Last year I went on numerous hikes/ trail runs.  I would power walk up and run like a crazy person down them.  It was fun.   🙂   This year, with so many races and wanting to PR … Continue Reading “Changing it Up”

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