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Mid Week Musings 4

Happy hump day!!  And –

It’s Harvest Marathon week!!!!  Dude, race planning is stressful and I’m not even really doing anything. 😁  I feel bad for the others.

With the time change coming and my race in 17 days (yikes!)  I decided to do my usual Slacker thing until mid-November.   I don’t want to change things too much and likely hurt myself.  I also want to enjoy the last few runs I can get in outside after work.    I am not a fan of the time change, I am not looking forward to treadmilling it 2-3 times a week.  It kills my motivation.   I’ve thought about the options for running in the evening or mornings outside but there are a few problems there.   Yes, the biggest one is how lazy I am in the mornings.  But beyond that, the roads I run in my neighborhood are trashed.    I almost tripped 4 times on Saturday in broad daylight, low visibility may break me.   There are 2 streets with sidewalks but the sidewalks are hinky- uneven and varying heights.  Equally dangerous for a klutz like me.     😛

I realized I’ve become a middle of the pack runner.  Which is cool because I used to be towards the back but all the people!!!  I was always used to crowds thinning out at races.   My average pace at races this year meant people were always around.  Sometimes it’s cool and sometimes it’s overwhelming.   Surf City never thinned out and City the Sea felt similar but there was about an 18,000 person difference between those two!   For some reason I thought Big Sur was around City to the Sea size- it’s not.  It averages 8500 runners.  In my world that’s a lot.  And 6:55 AM start time- waah!

I’ve been running without headphones lately.   No real reason other than I keep forgetting them.   It’s actually not horrible, I kind of like it.     Not sure I could do it for a longer run or race though.

And now it’s Thursday.  The Slacker strikes again.  😛  Actually it wasn’t my fault.  I tried to work on the laptop but instead I had a lap cat.  I blame Kimi.

There were 3 days in between Saturday’s run and last nights.  I felt like I hadn’t  run in forever.  It’s interesting how your perspective changes the longer you’ve been running.  When I first attempted running, I often still felt sore 3 days later.  Granted, I had hell-acious shin splints which in turn led to a 2nd degree ice burn but that’s another story.     😝   I used to take a month off after a half marathon now I feel like I haven’t run enough in the last two weeks.   I’ve been eating like I ran an ultra though and that’s not good.  Well the food was yummy.  😉

And in good news, check out this weather forecast-

No 90+ temps in sight!  30-40 degree changes but that’s normal out here.  😃

If you made it this far after this rambling, drawn out thought process, thanks!

What are your plans this weekend?

Anyone racing?  Long run?

How many days off before you feel twitchy?

February Flew- Recap

And just like that February is over.  Blink and you missed it, I must have blinked.    I feel like I was just running in Huntington Beach but in reality that was 4 weeks ago!  So with that being said- here is my February recap-

February2015Miles -78.41

Races- Surf City 13.1

February was actually a pretty consistent month for me.  That said, the miles are lower than I would have liked but they’re still good.      I hit every run on my training plan save 2.  I missed one long run and one easy run by choice.  Some aches and niggles made me think that rest days would be a better choice.    Don’t they say that rest is training too?     Along with that, I cut this week’s weekday runs short, only around a 5k each time.      I know that those choices affected my overall mileage for the month.   I would have had another 20 or so miles, maybe.    I know I set a goal of 1000 miles in 2015 which breaks down to around 84 miles a month, I know I am behind.  However I am not going to break myself just to meet that goal.    See, I do have smart moments.   🙂

After last week’s increase in my leg issues, I was very hesitant to head out for a run on Saturday.    And random note, I have run in pants more in the last week than I have all winter.  Our neck of the woods got a little bit chilly.   Bear in mind, I find the 40’s to be cold.    Big baby over here!    I finally headed out around 3 ish to test the waters.    My first mile included 8 minutes of walking and clocked in at 13:00 but it didn’t suck so I kept going.   Things were tight but not painful.   Things loosened up a bit over the next 2 miles but I still knew things were off.  I was planning on doing my short route- 3.8 miles- but when I got to split point between that and the point for 4.5 miles I was stuck.   The road ahead was blocked off by fire trucks and police cars.  Well crap, so 4.5 miles it was.   I slowed down on the way home but didn’t feel too bad.    I admit to over analyzing every twinge and every step.

I don't run through injury.   That would be stupid.     I simply refuse to believe   that the injury exists.   That's toootttallly   different!I still have not decided what to do about Wine Country in 2 weeks.   I want to see how I feel through out the week.     I also have to figure out how to dress at work.  I have heels, boots and flats.  And by flats- I mean flat- zero support.  I wore flats 3x last week and was aching most of the day.  Heels one day and I rolled my ankle and stumbled into a cabinet- new bruises- yay!     I do that all the time in those particular shoes though.  I really should toss them but they are cute.  And here returns the less smart moments.    🙂  Oddly, I wore taller boots on Friday and it was the best my legs felt at work all week.   I may deal with the toe pinching of those boots if my hamstrings appreciate them.   🙂

Onward to March!!!  Oh, that sounds odd.

How was your February?

Any shoe suggestions?  Anyone else as clumsy as me?

Things I’ve learned

So, my first ever two week vacation is coming to an end.  Man, it’s been such a riot. Haha,  😛

But I have made a few observations over the days-

That insomnia I thought I was over?   Ummm, not so much.  I was wide awake every night until at least 1 AM and then I tossed and turned.

Diet soda has zero effect on my sleep.  Normal non vacation days, I average 2 sodas a day- yes, usually 32 oz, I know, I know- and was in bed asleep by midnight.  These past vacation days, I only had one soda a day and couldn’t sleep.

If I have nowhere to be, I have absolutely no problems staying in bed until 9.   I think the odds of me ever being a morning runner outside of races are pretty non-existent.

However, 3:00 pm running?  That’s kind of awesome.  How does that become a regular thing?  Oh, wait, it can’t.

Running in light to moderate rain is fun, pouring not so much.  Either that or I am a big wuss like that.

Only owning running shoes, flip flops and heals is problematic when they are predicting a serious rainy season in our neck of the woods.  I almost broke my ass wearing heeled boots during Sunday’s first storm.  I had sudden paranoid visions of breaking an ankle.

This made me a hypocrite.  Why?  Because I finally broke down and bought a pair of these-   I said I never would.


While I haven’t managed to quit sugar while on vacation, I have managed to cut back.  Can it last through the holidays?  Even the cake from the other day tasted odd.  😦

I was a very naive betty when I figured the prep for the colonoscopy would be easy peasy.  Not true, nuff said.

I have strong customer service opinions.  I had some business that had to be done before returning to work so I went to the local location.  I was less than impressed.  😦

Somehow I messed up the mileage count on my shoes.   It’s about 50 miles off.  Which on a shoe I usually only get 300 miles out of is a lot.  😦

The moon looks really cool on a wet rainy night- if you are outside to see it at 11, that is.

returning from Mockingjay
returning from Mockingjay

Movie popcorn doesn’t even have to be that good for me to consume too much of it.  Luckily, I bought a small and shared it.  Oh, but the movie was really good!

Taking the puppy on jog-walks is fun now.  She does so much better than she used to.

The flexibility is nice- knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time to run today, so I switched my 7 miles to Friday.  They were wet and dreary but otherwise good!IMG_7800Running errands- literally- is interesting.  Part of my run yesterday involved dropping my car off for an oil change and then running home.     Took the puppy for the walk back to get it.

All in all, the time off was good.  I feel like I accomplished some good running, got some errands done and failed at Christmas shopping.   Oops.   I’m still not the biggest fan of vacations but that’s ok.  That said, I have another few days off in January/ February.  I thought a little rest might be a good idea after back to back races.  🙂   Going forward, maybe I should work on saving some money so when I take my forced 2 weeks next year, I can actually go somewhere.  Maybe follow through with the R n R Vegas plans.   Hmmm.

What about you? 

Do you love vacations?   I like long weekends.

Anyone else see Mockingjay?



Call me Calamity

I feel like I have written a similar point in the past.  And I probably have.  Case in point- the nice line of bruises running up my spine from backing into the side of a door last week.  I have mad skills like that.  🙂

After getting off work on Tuesday, I headed to the gym.  I wanted to run but wasn’t looking forward to the treadmill.    I remembered my Garmin this time so I decided to see how it did tracking distance again.    I just put my phone on the treadmill screen/ display- what do you call that?   Every year it seems like it takes me a while to adjust to the treadmill.  I always feel a little sore when I first start running.  It wears off around a mile in but it’s still kind of odd.

I wasn’t feeling quite up to speed work but I decided to try to run as steady a pace as possible.  I wanted to see how far I could get before taking a walk break.    My lungs and my stomach behaved, woo hoo!   Looking at my splits later, it was kind of like a mini tempo run.  At least for what is my pace these days.  🙂  Barring a few issues, I ran 3.5 miles straight.

Little oops, but woo hoo!
Little oops, but woo hoo!

As for the calamity?  I wanted to run but I was having issues.  I kept the pace around 5.9  most of the time but kept punching the front of the treadmill.  At one point, I over balanced and had to pull myself out of a fall.  I think my arms were doing a little pin wheel at this point.   I righted myself, upped the speed a bit and kept plugging on.   Apparently my legs were feeling really good and wanted to go faster because I continued to run into the front of the treadmill.   So much so that I accidentally punched the stop button and the treadmill came to a halt.   How I didn’t smash my face against the front, I have no idea.

I managed to get the treadmill started fairly quickly and grabbed a drink of water while bringing it back up to speed.   I shouldn’t multitask.  The lid to water bottle went flying over a few treadmills and landed next to the ellipticals.  Seriously?!   I powered on for another mile before hitting what would have been mile 4 before I had to start over.  I decided to start my cool down but instead of hitting the speed button I hit the cord from my ear buds and knocked my phone down.  I watched it bounce on the treadmill and then slide offonto the ground.   Ugh.  Now I also had the attention of everyone running on the treadmills to my right.   In my efforts to slow down, I once again hit stop.  By the time I came to a stop, someone else had picked up my phone and handed it to me.  Thank you, kind stranger.

I decided I was done for the night.  I called it at 4 miles and just stretched out.  I was worried about not cooling down properly but I was taking the hint.  From everything I had seen on the machine readout and my Garmin, they pretty much matched minus my stop issue in the middle.   I didn’t look at my splits until later and when I did I was kind of happy.   I also noticed that I must have hit the split button at some point but don’t remember doing it.  All I see is that outside of my warm up, my average pace was under 10.  Woo hoo!!!  I haven’t seen that in months!

I came to find a delivery.  I’ve had a few fun mail days lately.  First I ordered a few books.  I am looking forward to reading 80/20.  IMG_7470Then I found out that my 25k in January only has one aid station.  I had to reassess the fueling situation, so I ordered myself a little something- well it’s not exactly small-IMG_7475I haven’t decided about it yet.  I really wanted pockets on the front and while I got those, I am wondering about how comfortable it will be.

How has your week been?

Ever feel achy on a treadmill?

Ever punch a treadmill?  Or worse- fall off?

Ever use a vest like this?  Thoughts?

Changing it Up

I hope everyone had a good weekend!

Last year I went on numerous hikes/ trail runs.  I would power walk up and run like a crazy person down them.  It was fun.   🙂   This year, with so many races and wanting to PR  a few, I was leery of trails.   Too afraid I would do something stupid and hurt myself.  Ego got in the way of fun.   😦     With my recent inability to maintain pace, I have decided to treat it like  good thing and get back off-road.  With that line of thought, I went and bought myself something pretty-trailshoesI figured that maybe an actual pair of trail shoes would be a good idea.  A little more traction for the times I careen wildly down a hillside.    Plus the purchase would help me guilt me into following through when I am feeling like a slacker.   🙂   Trails are the place where I have fun and don’t mentally berate myself for my pace.   I took my shoes for 3.5 mile spin around the lake in the dirt on Tuesday.   They felt great, so today is was time for a baby trail.

The easy part
The easy part

I was looking to start small, so my mom and I headed to the trail from the Firehouse 5K run.    It’s around 3 miles, give or take.  We headed up the back way, thinking we would hit the switchbacks on the way down.  Fine by me, switchbacks suck.     My shoes felt great in the loose dirt.  The only problem was my huffing and puffing.  It wasn’t humid so I thought I could get by without using my inhaler.  No luck, but I also hadn’t been stupid enough to leave it behind.    Gaining 500 ft in 3/4 of mile didn’t help either, but after using it I was fine.   The rest was mostly downhill, ha!

We made it! ( a little windy, too!)
We made it! ( a little windy, too!)

IMG_6789 IMG_6759The view from the top* was great as usual.  My mom wanted to go down a different path just to see where it went.   I think we lost most of that 500 feet in 1/4 mile.  I like downhill but this was ridiculous.  The sand was so loose, we kept sliding.  We slowed to a crawl-like pace but we made it.   Thank you shoes.  We came across a Y in the trail so we just picked one.  It led to another Y and again we just picked one.  The mountain’s not that big so we figured we wouldn’t get too turned around.  Plus this leaves more trails to explore another day.      IMG_6762

Where I started sliding
Where I started sliding

A little past 2 miles, we could see the road and figured that we had accidentally cut the hike super short.  It was getting pretty hot so we decided that we could deal with that instead of heading back the way we came.  Coming down the trail we came across 2 rows of white stone boxes on the right side and a few more on the left.  One was open, empty and a little broken.     Being the smart asses that we are, we start cracking jokes about the X-Files and vampires.

very large and ominous looking
very large and ominous looking

It looked like we were coming into the back of a park.  As we got closer we realized it was a cemetery.    Ok, the boxes make a little more sense.  But still stone?  Bad form for our previous wise cracks.   It was very pretty as we walked through to get back to main road. But I was also confused because the headstones seemed really close together.   I did Google it later and found that due to flooding over the years, not only have headstones moved but some graves have as well.  Some were moved to other cemeteries but the records are not the best.   IMG_6784

We came out on a rural highway.  We were actually about 1/2 mile away from where we parked but the road had wide shoulders.     Walking back put us around 3 miles.  It took us about an hour though, so it felt like a good workout.   So now it’s on to the next trail.  🙂

*I took a pretty cool panorama but it refuses to load-ugh.

How was your weekend?

Ever get turned around and end somewhere totally random on a run/ hike?

What’s the strangest thing you’ve encountered?