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Rambling On 22

Happy Friday!

Let’s add sickness to injury, cuz’ that’s fun right?? Grrr.

One of my customers told me he’s disappointed in me because it’s almost the middle of December and my hair is still blonde. 😛  I told him I understood.  He’s probably not the only one.  Normally by now I would be on “Fall” color #2.  I’ve just gotten lazy.  That would require so much work.  I told him he would have to settle for me taking scissors to it on a random basis.  Like Tuesday.  I think it may be crooked right now.  😛

Winter has arrived in full force.  I can’t find my gloves.  Well, I found one.

Confession- I have not run in 7 days and today isn’t likely either.  And I had to count that on my fingers.  Double Grrrr.

But really, anything I have to complain about is pittance compared to the fires burning South of me.  Thomas- you can stop growing anytime now- ok? Thanks.  In all seriousness, my thoughts and prayers are with everyone effected and serious thanks to all the fire fighters and volunteers.      Oh and just to mention- the Thomas fire is about 150 miles south of me so other than some smoke in work town, everything is fine here.

That’s all for now- tell me something good!





Week 32- Ragged

I was so glad that I didn’t have any races to worry about this week.

With all of the conversion craziness and trying to stay somewhat ready for Salinas Valley, I was beginning to feel a little run down.    As much as I want to run all the miles to get my numbers back up, I also need to not break myself.  And this was my thought process before the stomach flu tore it’s way through the office.  So glad I’d already decided to keep things chill this week.  😛

Monday- 3.55 miles  I had taken the day off as a vacation day post Salinas with the hope of getting some rest and catching up on some things I woefully behind on.  Umm, not so much.  But I did make it to the new trail in run town for a few miles up and down.   The trail is great, the drive to the parking lot though is ridiculous.

Tuesday- Rest Sticking to any sort of post work schedule has been difficult.

Wednesday- Rest  I am sure I did something but I don’t remember what it was. 😛

Thursday- 3.1 miles  I had zero desire to run after work.  None.  The long days were catching up to me.   But I changed and started driving towards home.     I ended up at the River path and told myself a mile was better than nothing.   I started out walking and had a hard time convincing myself to run but eventually I started.  I expected the crappiest run ever however I ended up running the smoothest, most consistent miles since marathon training last year.      I stopped once when I thought I heard a stray kitten.  If you follow me on IG then you might know that I spent a few moments looking for it in the bushes before thinking that this might be a good way for creepers to lure people into the bushes.  😛   Ok, the exhaustion is making me delusional.

Friday- Rest Yay, it’s Friday!  It was the first time I worked the late shift without opening too in months.  I couldn’t remember what time to set my alarm for, ha!

Saturday- 4 miles  After spending some time shopping in SLO, I hit up a path in work town that I haven’t been on since last year.   I love it but there are parts that I don’t feel comfortable by myself in the evenings.  This time it was the early afternoon and I took my mother along for the ride.  😛    The route is great and very scenic but about a mile from the car my left leg did that buckling in pain thing again.  WTH?!  I hadn’t felt it all week and I now I felt like it was going to knock me flat.   Grrr.

Sunday- Rest  I was still super tired and with my leg acting all wonky, I decided not to push it.    There are races I would like to run in October and I can’t do that if my leg is still giving me fits.    Stupid leg.  Where’s my foam roller?

10.65 miles for the week.  Not great but not too bad either.  I stayed upright during the stomach flu epidemic and my leg didn’t start screaming until Saturday, so I was able to get in some decent short miles.    Now if I could just figure out what is going on with my leg.

How was your week?

Any tips for odd leg pain in the groin area?😛

Random thoughts on the run?


Mid Week Musings 4

Happy hump day!!  And –

It’s Harvest Marathon week!!!!  Dude, race planning is stressful and I’m not even really doing anything. 😁  I feel bad for the others.

With the time change coming and my race in 17 days (yikes!)  I decided to do my usual Slacker thing until mid-November.   I don’t want to change things too much and likely hurt myself.  I also want to enjoy the last few runs I can get in outside after work.    I am not a fan of the time change, I am not looking forward to treadmilling it 2-3 times a week.  It kills my motivation.   I’ve thought about the options for running in the evening or mornings outside but there are a few problems there.   Yes, the biggest one is how lazy I am in the mornings.  But beyond that, the roads I run in my neighborhood are trashed.    I almost tripped 4 times on Saturday in broad daylight, low visibility may break me.   There are 2 streets with sidewalks but the sidewalks are hinky- uneven and varying heights.  Equally dangerous for a klutz like me.     😛

I realized I’ve become a middle of the pack runner.  Which is cool because I used to be towards the back but all the people!!!  I was always used to crowds thinning out at races.   My average pace at races this year meant people were always around.  Sometimes it’s cool and sometimes it’s overwhelming.   Surf City never thinned out and City the Sea felt similar but there was about an 18,000 person difference between those two!   For some reason I thought Big Sur was around City to the Sea size- it’s not.  It averages 8500 runners.  In my world that’s a lot.  And 6:55 AM start time- waah!

I’ve been running without headphones lately.   No real reason other than I keep forgetting them.   It’s actually not horrible, I kind of like it.     Not sure I could do it for a longer run or race though.

And now it’s Thursday.  The Slacker strikes again.  😛  Actually it wasn’t my fault.  I tried to work on the laptop but instead I had a lap cat.  I blame Kimi.

There were 3 days in between Saturday’s run and last nights.  I felt like I hadn’t  run in forever.  It’s interesting how your perspective changes the longer you’ve been running.  When I first attempted running, I often still felt sore 3 days later.  Granted, I had hell-acious shin splints which in turn led to a 2nd degree ice burn but that’s another story.     😝   I used to take a month off after a half marathon now I feel like I haven’t run enough in the last two weeks.   I’ve been eating like I ran an ultra though and that’s not good.  Well the food was yummy.  😉

And in good news, check out this weather forecast-

No 90+ temps in sight!  30-40 degree changes but that’s normal out here.  😃

If you made it this far after this rambling, drawn out thought process, thanks!

What are your plans this weekend?

Anyone racing?  Long run?

How many days off before you feel twitchy?