Rambling On 22

Happy Friday!

Let’s add sickness to injury, cuz’ that’s fun right?? Grrr.

One of my customers told me he’s disappointed in me because it’s almost the middle of December and my hair is still blonde. 😛  I told him I understood.  He’s probably not the only one.  Normally by now I would be on “Fall” color #2.  I’ve just gotten lazy.  That would require so much work.  I told him he would have to settle for me taking scissors to it on a random basis.  Like Tuesday.  I think it may be crooked right now.  😛

Winter has arrived in full force.  I can’t find my gloves.  Well, I found one.

Confession- I have not run in 7 days and today isn’t likely either.  And I had to count that on my fingers.  Double Grrrr.

But really, anything I have to complain about is pittance compared to the fires burning South of me.  Thomas- you can stop growing anytime now- ok? Thanks.  In all seriousness, my thoughts and prayers are with everyone effected and serious thanks to all the fire fighters and volunteers.      Oh and just to mention- the Thomas fire is about 150 miles south of me so other than some smoke in work town, everything is fine here.

That’s all for now- tell me something good!





12 thoughts on “Rambling On 22

  1. It’s Friday – that’s a good thing! I ran 2x this week, I felt good enough to run this morning; however, it is 23 dg. I don’t run below 30. (With very, very few exceptions! LOL) But… I did get up and do a slow 30 min on the bike!! That was a big WIN for me. It shows the Old me is coming back. I did also do yoga 2x this week! So: Mon Run; Tues yoga; Wed run; Thur yoga; Fri bike. 5 days!!!! I did it!! It wasn’t strenuous, but it counts!!


    1. That’s a good rule.😀. Yay- that’s a great week!! I’ve done nothing, haha. I really need to figure out the how to make myself get on the bike in the morning. But, really with the first hard frosts of the season this week, I was barely forcing myself out of bed on time for work.😂

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  2. I’m still blonde too I feel like a colour change is due! I was going say it Friday as my good thing but Kate beat me to it…. erm it’s almost Christmas? although that just makes panic!


  3. illness and injury, double suck…hope you at least feel better and are able to get out…as for something good, well i asked my spine doctor if it was ok that i run that half-marathon last week and he didn’t say no 🙂


      1. Hahahaha, yeah it was a kind of a loud exhale sorta shaking his head…he said if things progress I could resume training late Jan…we just won’t call it “training” till then 😬

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  4. definitely be careful running with the smoke. One summer in Nevada there were fires all around and I worked out despite the air quality warnings and ended up with the lining around my lungs inflamed. That was super fun hahaha


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