Week 49- Of Christmas Lights and Colds

Last week was a little wobbly.

I ended up feeling like crap for most of the week.  I felt like I was fighting something and I had an odd migraine from Tuesday on.   I actually even went home early one day which is something I rarely do but my head was just so damn fuzzy I wanted to be off the hill before it got dark.

In one way, being sick wasn’t a bad thing- combine with the rest from last week, it kept me off my left leg for 8 days.   Had I not been sick, that would not have happened.  I probably would have run on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Instead by Thursday I was mostly pain free and outside of 2 truly gnarly charlie horses overnight, Friday was pain free.

I also admitted defeat and returned to the bed store.  The brick is going back.  I tried for almost 90 days to break in this new bed and no luck.  My whole body hurts.  Fingers crossed the replacement is epic-ally better because I used up my one return.

In bad news, the Thomas fire is out of control, it’s now pushed into Santa Barbara county.  The smoke has inundated our county.  We’ve had closer fires but not seen smoke like this.  They’re saying the Santa Ana winds are likely partially to blame.   Let me be clear that the fire is still over 100 miles away.

Saturday- 3.1 miles I ran!!  Some parts were so damn slow and other parts were probably way too fast but I ran!  I started off nice and easy and walked the first 10 minutes.   From then on I alternated walking and running.  I’m using a cool new running app and I’m hoping to improve my cadence so I have to say the running parts felt pretty dang good.  In fact, I hauled a** up a hill like I never have before.  It was awesome.  Until my lungs reminded me that I had been fighting a cold all week and I bent over wheezing at the top, haha.

My legs probably also didn’t appreciate the annual visit to Vine St but it’s tradition!

Sunday- 3.1 miles.  I had hoped for more miles but underestimated how much smoke was in the air.    I was wheezing 1/2 mile in.   I stuck it out for the same route as the day before but I took a more than a few breaks as I was wheezing more than normal.  Considering how visible the smoke was I just slowed down and headed for home.

6.23 miles for week.  It’s going up!  Baby steps! Baby steps!

How was your week?

Do anything fun this weekend?

14 thoughts on “Week 49- Of Christmas Lights and Colds

  1. I really hope the smoke clears up for you soon and that you fully recover from being sick! It sucks so much when you want to run but can’t. and of course we all want the fires to stop so no one else looses their home or life.


  2. I ran 14:17 today – and if that is my new normal, I’m taking it!! It just felt good to run! My app told me that I have to run 29 miles per week, for the rest of the year, in order to meet my running goal. Not gonna lie, there is a part of me that has been trying to figure out how to do that!! LOL. I have resigned myself to missing the miles goal, but don’t think I haven’t wondered if a speed walk or a gym membership for a treadmill would get me there! 😀


    1. There’s nothing wrong with that! However, 29 miles a week might be pushing it a bit. Don’t push! My yearly mileage will be quite sad this year and I’ve decided that it is what is. There’s no way I can even hit the next “milestone” if you will. 🙂

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  3. Sorry to hear the smoke from the fires are coming your way and that you’ve been sick. Here’s hoping the fires clear out soon and you get better soon! What’s the running app you’ve been using?


    1. Thank you! The smoke cleared a lot this week, now if the fire would just stop growing. I feel so bad for everyone effected by it.
      I’m using WeavRun. It changes the tempo of the music to match your cadence, I’m trying to increase my cadence.

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