Rambling On 23

Has anyone else’s brain been on short circuit this week?

Or is it just me?  😛

I started PT this week.  That was interesting.   Turns out I do have a sciatica problem.  Oh and the machine they used to stretch my neck reminded of me the Rack.  Are they helping me or torturing me???  I mean it didn’t hurt but when she described it I think I had the “what the hell” face.  😛   Now if I can just do my homework.

Can you believe Christmas is 10 days away?  I am so not ready.   Part of that is the weather.  The mornings are cold-like in the 20’s- but the days are still hitting the 70’s, almost 80’s.   A 50 degree temp change is not abnormal around here but it’s not usually this consistent.  I gave up on snowy Christmas’s a long time ago but can I have a colder, gray one?

I have so many posts in my head right now but I can’t seem to get them down on the computer.  I wish I could think and type.  It’s when the hands get involved that things get all muddled.  Or I get lazy.  😛

It Star Wars weekend and honestly I’m not sure if I’ll go see it. Which is odd because growing up I was the biggest Star Wars nerd. Loved the movies and read all the books. And maybe that’s my problem- this version of doesn’t match with any of the storylines I read growing up.

What are you doing this weekend? Share something random!

13 thoughts on “Rambling On 23

  1. STAR WARS WAS AWESOME AND YOU NEED TO GO SEE IT! Also, glad you’re getting help with your sciatica. Hopefully you get healthy soon!


  2. Ah the PT homework. I remember having all of those exercises to do last fall. You gotta do them as much as they suck. We’re going to see the Thor movie for my husband’s birthday this weekend.


  3. Adam didn’t want to see the movie on opening weekend, and next weekend is Christmas, so he decided after the new year would be best. Inside, I’m dying to see it!! LOL. I’m done shopping but have decided I want to gift more… time to see what the budget can hold!! LOL Hate to hear that about your sciatica!! Do your homework!!


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