Week 48- Lingering

And the pain lingers on.

Isn’t that a song? I feel like it’s a song lyric.  🎶

Last week was a little better than the previous week though not by much.    I doubled the miles but when you run barely more than zero, double is still next to nothing.    Which is problematic because filling all my extra time with Christmas movie watching has given me the most intense craving for sugar cookies with icing ever.   I want them all.   That’s not a good thing.

Last week was kind of odd anyhow.  I had my interview on Wednesday which had interesting moments but not of the usual interview kind.  Then Saturday saw my mother’s birthday and my dad’s is this week.   I also had the world’s messiest oil change.  Like my car was leaking oil for the next 3 days.  I called the dealer it was so bad, thinking they had screwed something up.  Nope, they just slopped oil everywhere.

Ok, so what were the piddly “workouts” I did last week?

Monday/Tuesday- Nothing but a little stretching.  My leg wasn’t too happy and I wasn’t going to push it.    I am embracing the flats life.  It’s so boring.

Wednesday- 2.51 miles  I meant to head to the gym for a few test miles but realized I forgot my headphones instead I ran outside.  Slowly.  My leg wasn’t screaming but it wasn’t marvelous.  However I was just so excited to be out there.

Thursday- 2.16 miles Should I have run so soon?  Yeah, probably not but I had to take the car back to the dealer due to the oil change fiasco so I was home sooner than normal and I couldn’t pass up the chance.  My leg actually felt better than the previous day.  Yay!!  Oh and it pushed me to 50 miles for November, which considering how many days I deliberately didn’t run because of my leg, I’ll just say Hell yeah!

Friday-  Stupid I wore low heeled boots to work.  Only about 2 inches but it was stupid and my leg did not appreciate it at all.  Stupid.

Saturday-Birthday shopping with my mom.  I could feel my shin talking all day.  Why did I wear heels on Friday??  Grrrr.

Sunday- 10 miles bike  My leg still felt off and truthfully I might have done something stupid and gone for a run but an unplanned afternoon nap changed that.  Oops.  So I hopped on the bike to try and work up a sweat.  Except the cat decided she really wanted to be part of the exercise too.  She kept trying to go under the pedals.  Don’t do that!

4.68 miles run, 10 miles bike.  As I type this I realize I have yet to run in December.  Yikes!  Come on leg, knock it off, it’s only 3 weeks to marathon training!

How was your week?

Any Christmas festivities?

Anyone race?  I was having major RnR San Antonio FOMO.


15 thoughts on “Week 48- Lingering

  1. Hey, I say relax and enjoy some down time before marathon training kicks in. You’ll be missing it later! And better to be rehabbing your leg now than in the middle of training.


    1. I keep trying to tell myself that, I’ll be wishing for downtime later. It’s just that I was really hoping for a better base before training started. At this point I’ll be staring from scratch. 😦


    1. I’m about 200 miles north of the Thomas Fire. It is heading our way but the crazy winds are supposed to die down by Saturday. This one is growing faster than we thought and right now it’s only 5% contained and nearing 95,000 acres.


  2. They slopped oil everywhere??? WTH? I hope they re did it and cleaned everything free of charge. That’s just sloppy work. My week has been okay. I’ve been super behind with blogging. Just too tired and unmotivated to write. 😦 I have been running though. Needed to get ready for Dopey in a month.


  3. I’m glad you’re taking it easy right now. and the bike is Excellent cross training!
    I’m having Hot Chocolate Dallas FOMO… it’s in February, but the price increases are pushing the dream away – I can run 9 miles…but man, I have to train for it at this point cause… leg. So, I’m skipping it this year. But I really want to run a Hot Chocolate! I guess I need to actually look at and plan for some races instead of just winging it! Plus RNR San Antonio!


    1. I thought about a Hot Chocolate race in January but I changed my mind for half number 30. But after my recent lack of running maybe I should change it back 🤕. Yes, San Antonio!! It’s on my figure it out list. I need to get through Christmas and then take a hard look at the budget to see how to make it work.

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