Things I’ve learned

So, my first ever two week vacation is coming to an end.  Man, it’s been such a riot. Haha,  😛

But I have made a few observations over the days-

That insomnia I thought I was over?   Ummm, not so much.  I was wide awake every night until at least 1 AM and then I tossed and turned.

Diet soda has zero effect on my sleep.  Normal non vacation days, I average 2 sodas a day- yes, usually 32 oz, I know, I know- and was in bed asleep by midnight.  These past vacation days, I only had one soda a day and couldn’t sleep.

If I have nowhere to be, I have absolutely no problems staying in bed until 9.   I think the odds of me ever being a morning runner outside of races are pretty non-existent.

However, 3:00 pm running?  That’s kind of awesome.  How does that become a regular thing?  Oh, wait, it can’t.

Running in light to moderate rain is fun, pouring not so much.  Either that or I am a big wuss like that.

Only owning running shoes, flip flops and heals is problematic when they are predicting a serious rainy season in our neck of the woods.  I almost broke my ass wearing heeled boots during Sunday’s first storm.  I had sudden paranoid visions of breaking an ankle.

This made me a hypocrite.  Why?  Because I finally broke down and bought a pair of these-   I said I never would.


While I haven’t managed to quit sugar while on vacation, I have managed to cut back.  Can it last through the holidays?  Even the cake from the other day tasted odd.  😦

I was a very naive betty when I figured the prep for the colonoscopy would be easy peasy.  Not true, nuff said.

I have strong customer service opinions.  I had some business that had to be done before returning to work so I went to the local location.  I was less than impressed.  😦

Somehow I messed up the mileage count on my shoes.   It’s about 50 miles off.  Which on a shoe I usually only get 300 miles out of is a lot.  😦

The moon looks really cool on a wet rainy night- if you are outside to see it at 11, that is.

returning from Mockingjay
returning from Mockingjay

Movie popcorn doesn’t even have to be that good for me to consume too much of it.  Luckily, I bought a small and shared it.  Oh, but the movie was really good!

Taking the puppy on jog-walks is fun now.  She does so much better than she used to.

The flexibility is nice- knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time to run today, so I switched my 7 miles to Friday.  They were wet and dreary but otherwise good!IMG_7800Running errands- literally- is interesting.  Part of my run yesterday involved dropping my car off for an oil change and then running home.     Took the puppy for the walk back to get it.

All in all, the time off was good.  I feel like I accomplished some good running, got some errands done and failed at Christmas shopping.   Oops.   I’m still not the biggest fan of vacations but that’s ok.  That said, I have another few days off in January/ February.  I thought a little rest might be a good idea after back to back races.  🙂   Going forward, maybe I should work on saving some money so when I take my forced 2 weeks next year, I can actually go somewhere.  Maybe follow through with the R n R Vegas plans.   Hmmm.

What about you? 

Do you love vacations?   I like long weekends.

Anyone else see Mockingjay?



12 thoughts on “Things I’ve learned

  1. I hope your insomnia gets better soon! There just isn’t much to do when you can’t sleep in the middle of the night! (lol, only so many times you can check blogs/FB… at least that is the first thing I do).

    I enjoyed the Mockingjay movie!


  2. Ugh – insomnia is awful! I tend to sleep fairly well, but my wife struggles (menopause is not helping).

    We love theater popcorn as long as it is decent – my wife and younger son are huge popcorn eaters so I generally hold it to ensure that I will get some (and I end up sitting in the middle).

    We rented Catching Fire only recently, will likely end up renting this one as well – which is fine. I found it interesting that (in my opinion) with Catching Fire the movie was better than the book, and Mockingly was the weakest book, so … they have plenty of room to improve 🙂

    We had *the best* vacation in NYC this summer – it was all part of doing college tours for the kids, but we had an awesome apartment rental with a fantastic city view and had a blast. We love vacations and long weekends, and even just simple nights out like yesterday 🙂 Whatever has us together!


    1. I am hoping that work will help a bit with the poor sleeping.

      I admit that I usually love movie popcorn but we went to a theater where I am not a huge fan of their popcorn. I don’t usually buy it there but I heard that it was better so I figured I would test it. Not so much. The theater wins points for online seat reservation but that’s about it.

      Mockingjay was wordy but I think they did a good job with the movie. To me it moved at a steady pace. Now, to see if that opinion holds when I rent it again when it comes out.

      Vacation memories like that are the best. I loved the few vacations my family took when I was younger- even when we all ended up cranky after a long car ride. 🙂


  3. I am not a huge fan of vacation either! I feel like I’m missing out on something important or I will have twice as big a workload when I get back. Sounds like you used your time wisely. Don’t stress to hard about the Christmas shopping… I haven’t even thought about it yet 🙂


    1. Exactly! I am torn between wondering what I missed, what’s changed and how many emails I have to go through. For some reason, I just keep drawing a blank this year when it comes to Christmas gifts. Hopefully my brain will click in at some point. 🙂


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