Tired Legs- Step 1

I finally pulled it off!   My head cold may have set me back a bit but I woke up Monday with a plan.    I decided I may as well make the most of this last week of vacation running wise.    So I headed out for a long run in the afternoon.

I was still feeling a little yucky so I was planning on taking it slow and walking whenever I needed too.   I wanted to run between 5-8 and then get the puppy and run/ jog with her for another 2-4.  Ok, maybe I was overly ambitious but I was going to run loops around my neighborhood so if I needed to bail I could.

Great start to Tuesday's run before the storm came back-
Great start to Tuesday’s run before the storm came back-

It wasn’t exactly cold but it wasn’t warm either.  We have been enjoying some lingering rain systems here which is great because we desperately need it but hard because it’s so not the norm.   I figured I would be ok in shorts and I decided to test out the new long-sleeved top that I has picked up.   I knew I had to make myself keep it on though.   🙂   I figured I would get hot soon and I did around mile 3.    I kept an easy pace and took some walk breaks.   I felt tired but pretty good.  I have been running the same 5 mile route lately so I know where all the splits should be.   I noticed that my Garmin was lagging a bit, guess it didn’t appreciate the cloud cover.   The mileage geek in me had to re-map my route after my run since it seemed off.   Oh, and while I may have felt warmer on top, my legs stayed a little cold.  I had a minor chafing issue? What gives, it wasn’t 100º and that is usually the only time I have issues with my legs- ugh!

Puppies don't do selfies or pose very well
Puppies don’t do selfies or pose very well

It took me a little longer (1:15:58) to complete 7 miles than I thought so I had to hustle to get the puppy.    My mom had her ready so I grabbed her and off we went.  Due to the rain and setting sun we only managed a little over 3 miles.   We were slower than the day before but that was all me and not the dog.  🙂  When we turned around to head back she looked sad that we weren’t going farther.  😦  But long run officially done!!

Can you see me? hehe
Can you see me? hehe

Tuesday was another rainy one- woo hoo!  In keeping with my plan to get used to running on tired legs, I headed out for a run.  I have never run the day after a longer run so I wasn’t too sure how it was going to go.    My pace was actually better than I thought it would be but wow, my ankles were kind of tired.  That was the only part of me that was really achy.   There were clouds rolling in and ridiculous wind- I damn near lost my hat3x- so I called it at 5 instead of 6.   I am kind of digging this 5 mile route.  Too bad I am about to only get it on the weekends.

Yeah, this happened tonight
Yeah, this happened tonight

So 3 days in a row meant Wednesday was a rest day for me.   I don’t want to push it too much.  Plus that worked out well because my mother had her end of season tennis banquet and I help her a little with that.  Oh and if we are counting- I have now watched 4 cheesy Christmas movies- love it!

How’s your weather?  Do you like running in the wind?

Am I the only one watching an excess amount of holiday movies right now?

Happy Wednesday!

21 Comments on “Tired Legs- Step 1

  1. I haven’t watched any holiday movies yet and I’m kind of upset about it. Unfortunately, Ben just isn’t as into them as I am, and I feel sort of sad and weird watching them alone…


  2. I’ve been itching to watch my favorite holiday movies for a few weeks now but haven’t had a chance. Hopefully this weekend will be the start! 🙂

    I hate running in the wind, especially running into it. When the wind gets super gusty into my face I feel like it’s forcing air into my nose/mouth and I struggle with breathing, and then it just gets all awkward.

    I’m intrigued by the “kiss my ace” cake too!


    • It was freaky windy, I spent part of run holding onto my hat and the other part hoping it blow leaves into my face. Not fun.

      The cake was a gift from her tennis players- her favorite flavor and a phrase of their choice. 🙂


  3. I’m really enjoying the rain for a change! Fun to run in it. 🙂 Also, I have come to really like ‘recovery’ runs the day after a longer run or even my long run for the weekend. Usually I run long, recovery, and THEN take the day off. Works really well.


    • It is fun to run in, I just have to watch my step! I did like running the 2 days, I am hoping to continue running like that on the weekends with Monday’s off. Now if I can just make it work around work commitments and holiday parties…hmm.


  4. We haven’t hit the holiday movies yet – saw the end of Elf the other night, but that was just stumbling across (though we own on DVD of course). Our fave is Christmas Story, and we’ll watch as a family at some point. I find it funny that some consider Die Hard a Christmas movie just because that is the time setting … weird.

    As for wind … no thanks! At least right now since we’re dealing with cold as well. In the summer I generally appreciate the wind much more!


    • Yes, wind on a hot day is nice, not so much on a cold, wet one.

      I admit that I have never watched A Christmas Story. 😦 Die Hard is something my family would watch around Christmas. I think it’s funny that a lot of people love to watch Love Actually. Yes, I really like the movie, own it and have seen it numerous times but it’s kind of a downer. Most of the story lines have poor/ sad resolutions.


  5. I hate running in the wind! I snuck in a 5-miler this morning when the rain took a little break. I think getting used to running on tired legs is a great practice for long race training.


    • I hoped for a break in the rain to get in a run today but it doesn’t look like it’s going to work out. My goal is to keep training on tired legs and hope that it starts to feel a little easier.

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  6. My weather is perfect the majority right now highs in the 70’s and lows in the 60’s but I’d like it to be a bit cooler. And as far running in the wind I don’t care for it but when I have to I view it as resistance training 🙂


  7. Nice job on the workouts! I too had a cold that set me back for a while. I hate running in the wind usually because then I go even slower than normal 😦 I have not started watching holiday films yet but I need to start to soon! I’m going to try to put up my meager decorations sometime this weekend and I’ll have to play something in the background!


    • Every time I thought I kicked it- it came back! Yes, the wind definitely does not help my pace out. Movies are perfect in the background while decorating- have fun!


  8. Damn that cake looks nice. There’s about 200miles worth of icing on that bad-boy (or girl, i’m not a cake-sexist). We don’t tend to get a lot of wind over here, drizzle and rain….yes, but not wind!
    And no Xmas films yet, plenty of songs tho. Keep hearing my favourite all the time, The Pogues ‘Fairytale of New York’. You know it’s Xmas when that gets played for the first time!


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