Night Night November

Where did November go?! Today should not be the first day of December- I’m not ready!   But, time marches on so here is my November Recap.

Miles- 55.1
Race-  GREW From the Vines 5KHikes-  2 East Cuesta and Cerro AltoNovember recapSo November was kind of a toss-up.  I started the month feeling a little under the weather, so only logged 3.4 miles the first week.  I also figured that meant I finally wouldn’t be sick on vacation.  The following week I started my training plan but the first 2 weeks were fairly easy.   Last week was supposed to step up the mileage and it coincided with my first week of vacation.  I tried really hard to stick to the plan but the stupid head cold of Thanksgiving came back with a vengeance Saturday and Sunday.   Saturday wasn’t wasted because I did enjoy some shopping with my mother.  I was a little confused- where were all the people who were supposed to be out and about?   I may have treated myself to a new running outfit.   Both pieces are by Reebok and the pants are super warm.    The top is long-sleeved and the exact style of an original clearance rack cheapie I picked up almost 2 years ago.    I have worn that light pink one so many times, my mother can no longer stand the sight of it.  🙂   fastpuppySunday dawned gray and rainy, and I had been up coughing most of the night.    Between my asthma and GERD, every time I get a little cold I develop a hacking cough.  Geez, I have issues, nice.  I knew there was no way a long run was happening but I thought I could handle a good puppy walk.    Except the puppy didn’t want to walk, she wanted to run.   I finally just decided to jog with her.  Every so often she would look my way like – “see, I can run with you”.   It was a pretty good run.    I also bundled up before heading out.  I tested out the new pants and wore multiple layers on top plus an ear warmer over my ears.   My bottom half was the warmest part of me, though.   It only rained on us for a short while.  IMG_7710Those 4 puppy miles brought my November total to 55.1 miles.  Not what I had hoped for but better than October (by a mile)!  Another bonus about November?  I hit my yearly goal of 750 miles!!!  Miles to date for 2014- 776.8!! 

Woo hoo!   Time to move on to December.  I have one last week of forced vacation 😦 and then it’s back to work for me.  There is Christmas to prepare for, both of my parents have birthdays this week plus the plethora of Christmas/ end of the year parties are starting.  I also have my colonoscopy to look forward to in a couple of weeks.  All that being said, it’s time to step up the mileage.. and see if I can really follow through!  Oh and it’s time to watch a bunch of silly made for tv Christmas movies.  🙂

How was your November? Are you ready for December?

Any Reindeer runs in your future or are you done racing for 2014?

21 Comments on “Night Night November

  1. Nice work Fallon!!! November was awesome sauce for me … a new 5K PR, my first 13 miler since 2013, and tons of solid miles and workouts!!! Bring on December! 🙂


    • Hey pants, a shirt and big jacket is a lot for this CA girl! I think not feeling well made it seem colder than it was. I had to dig through my closet to find a jacket I could run in, ha!

      Thank you!


  2. I am not ready for December. It is so cold and I’m not ready for Christmas at all. I finally drug all of the decorations out last night and they are still sitting in the middle of the floor! Well, at least it’s only 3 more weeks until another vacation.


    • My decorations are up but I am having serious problems with the gifts. For some reason I am drawing a giant blank this year. Maybe it’s just from denial that it actually is December.


  3. I’m registered for a Santa 5k on Sunday, but because of my foot I won’t be running or walking. I’ll just pick up my bib and Santa suit and eat the free breakfast 🙂


  4. Congrats on hitting your mile goal for the year!! That’s awesome! And yay for shopping and new running gear! I may have splurged a tiny bit on Cyber Monday… was too good to pass up 🙂

    I can’t believe it’s December already either… I feel like it should still be May! Where did this year go?! I have one race left this year, a Jingle Bell 5K that will be my first (and likely only) race appearance in a tutu (I’m being forced). Should be interesting!


    • Thanks! I am pretty stoked I pulled it off! New running gear is always the best. I managed to keep myself to just $10 on cyber Monday. 🙂

      Tutu’s are interesting to run in- I’ve only done it once and that was probably the last time. But a Jingle bell 5K sounds fun, good luck!!


  5. Great job reaching your total miles goal! That is a lot of miles!! How can you possibly be sad about forced vacation?!


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