Rambling On 11

Holy crap, how is it Friday?  And…I am so glad it’s Friday.  😛

I thought I was prepared for July.  So far July’s been a like a steamroller.   We’re only 7 days in!  I’ve only run once this week, and done nothing else.

Adding insult to the fatigue of 10 hour days, I woke up on Thursday with a sore throat.   Tried to tell myself it was just because I slept with the fan on.    By the end of the day I was in denial that I had a head cold.  I tired to run it out.  Not sure yet if that was a good idea.

Apparently someone had a little too much to drink on the 4th- someone show an arrow through our back shed.  An actual arrow.  Are you freakin’ kidding me?!?

I plans for a 12 mile long run this weekend but with a projected temp of 107 and this damn head cold, I am feeling less than optimistic.

Well, this post turned out to be quite whiny.  😛

Any weekend plans?




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San Francisco Marathon Training Week 8

Name Change!!

Let’s be real, who was I lying to?  As if calling it “Week 21 Training Recap” meant I could bury my head in the sand a little longer?    So, let’s rip the band-aid off.   There should be an emoji for that.

If you’ve read my whiny, ranting post from Friday, you know that last week went a little sideways.  After such a great week 7, I was hoping to keep the momentum going.    But, well, life happens right?

Monday- Rest  I had a doctor’s appointment where I had 3 excisions done.  Why I thought I was going to follow through with running after that, I am not sure.  One was even under my sports bra band so it’s not like I really wanted to put one on after that.   Combine that with my car battery dying in the office parking lot and the day was shot.  It was surprisingly hard to find a place that sold the battery to my car.  My very common Nissan.  Grrr.

Tuesday- Rest/ furniture moving  I had what I called severe allergies start after my run on Saturday but by Tuesday, it was full blown head cold status.  I could barely see out of my eyes and spent most of my time sneezing.   I ended up leaving work early and went home.  I treated myself to my go-to sick meal- In n Out- on the way home and then took a 3 hour nap.  On the floor. 😝    Once I woke up, the rest of the evening was spent moving furniture in preparation for new carpet the next day.

Wednesday- Rest  This time planned but I felt guilty.  I should have been running.  I still wasn’t feeling well but I made it through the full day at work before heading home to move furniture back into place.   Apparently, I am not as strong as I once was.  Some of that crap was hard to move!

Thursday- 3.4 miles  Aborted tempo.  What’s that saying about good intentions?  I headed to the lake path to get in what was supposed to my last 5 mile tempo.  Next week they jump to 8 miles.   Holy crap!  Anyways, back to this week.   Let’s just say I should put my phone on Do Not Disturb when I run from now on.  Of those 3.4 miles, 2 were at tempo pace.  What was not cool was how hard they felt.   So much harder than the week before.  Had I finished my run I am not sure I could have held that for another 3 miles.  That worried me.  Ok, it freaked me out.  Hence Friday’s post.

Friday- Rest  Oddly enough, one of the excisions was really bothering me .  Of course it was the one on my butt.  Maybe it was just trying to make me sit less?  Oh and the morning started with finding out that my debit card had been compromised.   Not my main one but the one linked to my race account.  Double Grrrr.

Saturday- 12 miles-  I worked in the morning so I knew this would be an afternoon run.   Luckily the temp was predicted for the mid 60’s so I wasn’t too worried about that.    I used the timing as a training exercise, sort of.  I’ve been trying to figure out what I can eat before long runs and races that my system will tolerate.   I’m testing out various protein shakes as I seem to tolerate liquids better.  So I had 2 pieces of sausage for breakfast and a protein shake at 11:30.  The poor choice might have been the cookie I ate as well.  😝

That said, I headed out around 2 PM for my run.  Overall, I kept my head down and just kept running.   I was feeling ok and didn’t need any walk breaks through mile 5, I met with my mom halfway through mile 6 so I walked with her for 1/2 a mile.  Then I ran on and just kept trucking.  It was so windy, my hat was almost ripped off my head 3 times.    My stomach cramped in bad way at mile 10.  I stopped for a moment and breathed it out.   I was only 2 miles from being done so I kept my break short and ran on.  My stomach cramped again around mile 11.3 but this time I walked it out.   Stupid stomach.   I then ran on to finish my run.    Other than the cramping issues, the run was pretty good.  My pace was right in the middle of my long run range and it would have been even better without the the little break in the middle.    Obviously I need to work on the fueling thing some more.

Sunday- 6.2 miles – The plan called for 6 but I wanted 8.  Seriously, this was one of the slowest 10K’s of my life.   Smash Run tells me it was my 47th slowest- yay!  I don’t know what it was but I could not get it into gear.  My legs felt fine but the rest of me just wasn’t out there.   My pace was all over the place and by the end I was glad the plan only called for 6.   I felt fine when I was done so maybe it was all in my head?

So yeah, 21.6 miles.  About 15 short of where I had hoped to be.  I am trying to find the shiny here and say that 21 miles is still pretty good for a Slacker right?   We live and we learn and we plan for the week to come.   Right? Right.   #justkeeprunning   I am still on the fence about Saturday’s half- partly due to indecision and partly because that account was cleaned out.  Boo.  I will get the money back and I will make a decision but right now I am playing it by ear.   I also want to give the protein shakes another try.  Any recommendations?

How was your week/ weekend?

Ever been hit by fraud?  Someone had fun at a bar with mine.  And tried to buy a suit.  Weird.


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A Sleepy Frog

Happy almost Friday!  And the first full week of the year.  🙂

I don’t know what it is but I have been so tired this week.   I have slept through my first 3 alarms every day.  That’s even with going to bed earlier- since Directv and NBC have been fighting, I haven’t been watching the news or Jimmy Fallon.  Last night I actually clocked the first 7 hours of sleep on a work night since I bought my Fitbit.  Wow.  7sleepOn Tuesday, I headed to the gym after work for a few miles.   I was actually sore after hiking Cerro San Luis but per usual the DOMS didn’t kick in until Tuesday.  But that just helped me not push it.    Finding a consistent easy is kind of hard.     I’ve noticed that it takes almost 2 miles on the treadmill to feel comfortable.   Then when I do, I have the problem of running into the front of the machine because I want to run faster.  I managed 5 miles around a 10:41-10:54 pace.    Once again one of the tvs had North Woods Law on and it made the miles seem less miserable.

When I first arrived at the gym I was surprised to find around 10 treadmills free, I had expected more Resolutioner’s to be there.   The ellipticals were full though.   Part of me feels bad being irritated that they filll up the gyms in January.  I mean at least they are making an attempt right?  But when you see a man talking on the phone while on the elliptical and a woman reading with a book right up to her face while walking so slowly, I feel less guilty.  Then there were the chatty trio who got on the treadmills to my right.   They were so loud!  I could hear every word of their conversation over my headphones and I wasn’t willing to blow out my own eardrums and keep turning it up.    I said this in a comment to FL Runner Boy but I think a gym should be like a library- necessary conversations only.  🙂   But then again, I am the one who hit the emergency stop 2 miles in- oops.  My mind is like, "Let's go to the gym!", but my body is all, "Dude chill, this couch is really comfortable."The plan was for another 4-5 treadmill miles tonight but after changing and starting my drive to the gym I had to admit that i don’t feel so well.  It feels like a head cold which I could have run on but I decided that running back to back longer runs this weekend was more important for training than some treadmill miles tonight.    My 25K is in less than 3 weeks with Surf City right after.  I am trying to think smart here but I feel like a baby.    Plus I also didn’t think anyone at the gym would appreciate my excessive coughing or throat clearing.   Asthma already puts a frog in my throat but now I feel like his friends have moved in to party.  Ugh.  So instead I am bundled up in the comfy chair catching up with you guys!  Oh maybe I should be productive and go update my Goals and Gear page that I haven’t touched in way too long.

How has your week been?

Have you braved the gym?

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Night Night November

Where did November go?! Today should not be the first day of December- I’m not ready!   But, time marches on so here is my November Recap.

Miles- 55.1
Race-  GREW From the Vines 5KHikes-  2 East Cuesta and Cerro AltoNovember recapSo November was kind of a toss-up.  I started the month feeling a little under the weather, so only logged 3.4 miles the first week.  I also figured that meant I finally wouldn’t be sick on vacation.  The following week I started my training plan but the first 2 weeks were fairly easy.   Last week was supposed to step up the mileage and it coincided with my first week of vacation.  I tried really hard to stick to the plan but the stupid head cold of Thanksgiving came back with a vengeance Saturday and Sunday.   Saturday wasn’t wasted because I did enjoy some shopping with my mother.  I was a little confused- where were all the people who were supposed to be out and about?   I may have treated myself to a new running outfit.   Both pieces are by Reebok and the pants are super warm.    The top is long-sleeved and the exact style of an original clearance rack cheapie I picked up almost 2 years ago.    I have worn that light pink one so many times, my mother can no longer stand the sight of it.  🙂   fastpuppySunday dawned gray and rainy, and I had been up coughing most of the night.    Between my asthma and GERD, every time I get a little cold I develop a hacking cough.  Geez, I have issues, nice.  I knew there was no way a long run was happening but I thought I could handle a good puppy walk.    Except the puppy didn’t want to walk, she wanted to run.   I finally just decided to jog with her.  Every so often she would look my way like – “see, I can run with you”.   It was a pretty good run.    I also bundled up before heading out.  I tested out the new pants and wore multiple layers on top plus an ear warmer over my ears.   My bottom half was the warmest part of me, though.   It only rained on us for a short while.  IMG_7710Those 4 puppy miles brought my November total to 55.1 miles.  Not what I had hoped for but better than October (by a mile)!  Another bonus about November?  I hit my yearly goal of 750 miles!!!  Miles to date for 2014- 776.8!! 

Woo hoo!   Time to move on to December.  I have one last week of forced vacation 😦 and then it’s back to work for me.  There is Christmas to prepare for, both of my parents have birthdays this week plus the plethora of Christmas/ end of the year parties are starting.  I also have my colonoscopy to look forward to in a couple of weeks.  All that being said, it’s time to step up the mileage.. and see if I can really follow through!  Oh and it’s time to watch a bunch of silly made for tv Christmas movies.  🙂

How was your November? Are you ready for December?

Any Reindeer runs in your future or are you done racing for 2014?