Marathon Musings 2

It’s week like this that freak me out about marathon training.

Last week, I was riding the high of my highest mileage week ever and I was stoked.  This week? Three days off… in a row.     Oh crap, is the real Slacker back?

Cue freak out.  The plan I am following is pretty specific. Do the work outs when and how prescribed.  Be as consistent as possible.  Yes life happens but try to keep the volume consistent and lower the intensity if needs be.  Did that happen? No.

Poor planning and faulty equipment brought about Monday’s missed run.  I had a procedure done and the odds of running afterwards were unlikely but I was holding out hope.   Then my damn car died in the parking lot of the doctors office.  Seriously?!    I took it as a sign that I shouldn’t be running and sweating all over the new cuts I had on my body.  I figured I could make up the missed miles on Friday.  Maybe.

Yeah, it’s been one of those weeks

Tuesday called for 800’s and I was excited to run them.  I kind of love intervals and wanted to see how I fared.   Except, the worst allergy day of my life sent me home from work where I proceeded to nap for 3 hours.  On the floor.  Maybe it was a gnarly head cold but all I know is that it got progressively worse from Sunday until Tuesday when my right eye was almost swollen shut.  What the hell.

Wednesday wasn’t much better.   My eyes were open and I made it through a full day of work but still felt crappy.  Running was out the question though.  New carpet went in at home on Wednesday so that evening was spent furniture moving.   Can I count that as a workout?  I actually cleared 10,000 steps which I only do when I run. 😛

I did so good for 7 weeks but week 8 is kicking my ass.   Now I am freaking out.  What kind of fitness am I losing?  Or not gaining?     Next week’s intervals are supposed be 1K repeats.  Do I stick to the plan or run the 800’s I missed?   Next week also sees my tempos increase to 8 miles.  I’m not ready!  I need to reread the book again.

Speaking of next week- I am supposed to be running a half marathon on the Saturday of Memorial Day  weekend.     I was torn between using it as part of my long run or using it as my tempo since the miles are supposed to increase next week anyways.  It’s on the beach so I figured marathon pace would be a good goal for it.    Something made me double check the time.  10AM!!!    What the hell!!!  This is California for crying out loud.  I have never had any race start that late.    Not even a 5K.

I have a few concerns with this.  1- the temp.  It’s in work town and the temperature is usually fairly moderate but I would be finishing after noon so who knows?    2- food.  I don’t fuel before half marathons or long runs yet.   But I am also used to a 7AM start for races.   I think I would have to eat something before a 10AM race start.  Which wouldn’t be a horrible thing since I do need to get used to fueling more.  But that leads to concern 3.  3-bathrooms.    Food could make me sick; my stomach has a proclivity for going wonky at the worst times.   What do beach races usually not have?  Bathrooms.    Ok, technically, there are bathrooms at 2 points but they are off course and would add 1/4-1/2 mile if needed.   Plus that would be across soft dune sand.   Grrrr.  I am seriously considering running the 10K instead.

So help me out…

Half marathon or 10K?

How much damage will this week set me back in marathon training?

6 thoughts on “Marathon Musings 2

  1. Don’t freak out! There are always going to be good weeks and bad weeks. Just try to get as back on schedule as you can. If you think the jumps in distance are too much after a week off, maybe try splitting the difference this week just to see how it goes?


    1. I know bad weeks happen and will again, it just seemed like this week was a huge back slide. I am debating next week’s speed work- I may adjust the tempo portion. I just need to decide about the race too. 🙂


  2. Are the half and 10k part of the same event, and would it be easy to make a game-time decision about which one you run? Or is it more set in stone? Definitely don’t freak out, though I can sympathize! I’d say play it by ear is much as you can and go with what feels right. You could always run the 10k and then add more miles on later if you’re feeling ok (?)


    1. They are the same event, just very different in price. Prices go up on Sunday actually so I need to make up my mind soon. Every time you mentioned a late start race I was envious but now I am realizing the logistical nightmare of it all! I honestly think it’s the beach part that’s holding me back. Those races are always harder than you think they will be.


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