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Rung my Bell

Monday, I was feeling a little sore from the hill’s on Sunday but I was coming around to my race time.  🙂   I took it easy all day, just caught up on some laundry and course work.    I had skipped foam rolling on Sunday (Slacker!!) so I made sure to roll Monday evening.   Holy crap, my right IT band was/ is angry with me.  That’s what I get for putting it off.

A little foam rolling...
A little foam rolling…

I was looking forward to a nice sore, easy run at the lake Tuesday after work.   Being 4 weeks out from the SLO half marathon, I knew I needed to get back to training.  Particularly if I want to improve my time from my PR of 2:05:57.    I knew Tuesday’s run was going to be slow and awkward but I just wanted to get my legs moving.   I figured my week would look like this-

Monday– rest Tuesday-3 slow miles Wednesday– long work day Thursday 4-5 easy miles Friday-rest

I know that I have mentioned my gracefulness (or lack thereof) before but my proclivity for stupid accidents really reared it’s head.  Tuesday morning I was a little tired, so I slept a few minutes longer.   This prompted me to get ready in a hurry.    Which led me slamming my head into my bathroom counter.  Such skill!!!!  After a few four letter words and hopping around, I moved on.   While putting on makeup, I noticed a big welt forming above my brow bone, so nice.    I only felt a little pain, so I finished getting ready and headed out to work.   3/4 of the way to work, I knew I had a problem.   I made it to work, but it’s a little hazy.  😦

Thanks Pinterest
Thanks Pinterest

I spent the day completely nauseated, hating light and sound and trying to not move much.    One of my coworkers tried to make me track his finger, not could I not do it, I almost lost my cookies.  I managed to keep down some chips- my go to for nausea- and made it home after work.  No running for me but lots of rest in a dark room.  Today was slightly better, I manged to eat real food.   My head feels tight and the nausea comes and goes, yay!    I spent my lunch napping in the break room.     I am hoping tomorrow will be little to no nausea.  I would like to get in a run but that’s probably not likely.   Which means my hope of hitting 75 miles this month is not too likely either.

So let’s just call this a true recovery week?   That’s was happens when my innate grace comes out to play.  Actually come to think of it, my entire family is talented at hurting themselves in weird and crazy ways.   So while my posts may not include any actual running, I do have some gear reviews that I have been meaning to post and some blog awards I have been I’ve been slacking on (thank you!).    And I will anxiously count the minutes until I run.  🙂

Happy hump day!!!

Anyone else have any hidden injury talent or is it just genetics?



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Conversations with a puppy

It is pathetic how sore I was after yesterdays run.    My thighs were making themselves known to me all afternoon and this morning.  They say you can take a week off with no real harm but that apparently applies to people much much fitter than myself.   This theory was reinforced today by the picture below.  Seriously, what kind of talent does it take to kick yourself while running?

I even got my sock dirty :(
I even got my sock dirty  😦

Today,  I succeeded where I did not yesterday and completed a full 4 miles.  And yes, this did involve running the street at the bottom of my driveway an extra time.  Other than that, I ran the exact same route as yesterday and was able to take 3 minutes off my time.  Woo hoo!     I still had to use a few walking breaks.   Normally, I wouldn’t take water for a 4 mile run but I did yesterday and today.  In the past whenever I have been sick, my cough tends to linger for a few months.  Nice, right?  So I will be taking water with me on every run now and especially to the gym.  I get to be the creepy person with the creepy cough now.  🙂   I apologize to everyone in advance.

photo 3
Kind of redundant, but I love playing with new toys and apps

My run felt pretty good today.   Other than kicking myself coming down a hill at one point, it was a happy run.  Well, there was a creepily parked van at one point, but they were just lost, I hope.    After my run, I walked a bit and stretched out.  My mom hasn’t been feeling well, so the plan was for me to take Zoey on a walk after my run.

We made it just over a mile.   I actually thought it was less than that but Google maps says 1.2 miles, so yeah!   This was the first time she’s ever been on a walk without my mom and I think she was having separation anxiety.    I was literally pulling her at numerous points.   She would walk 10 yards and sit down, I’d finally get her going and we would start the process over.    About half a mile in, a runner passed us and Zoey was eager to follow her.  I asked her why she wouldn’t even walk for me but would run with a stranger.  The runner thought that was hilarious, and I realized I was having a full on one-sided conversation with a dog.   We made it to a nearby elementary school before turning around.  I managed to kick the same spot on my ankle again as well.

Once she figured out we were headed back to the house, she was the perfect running companion.   We did the return half mile in 1/4 of the time it took the first.    In the end she was very excited to see my mom.    Hopefully, next time we will get a little farther!

But I'm cute right?
But I’m cute right?

My goal this week is to get back on track with my training plan.  I am giving myself until next weekend to see I will be half marathon ready by February 15.   If yes, then I will register, if not, well I found a 10K and a 15K on the same day 30 miles in the other direction.  So a race will be chosen by next weekend.  🙂

How was everyone’s weekend?

Any dog running tips? I so want to be able to borrow her for runs.