Call me Calamity

I feel like I have written a similar point in the past.  And I probably have.  Case in point- the nice line of bruises running up my spine from backing into the side of a door last week.  I have mad skills like that.  🙂

After getting off work on Tuesday, I headed to the gym.  I wanted to run but wasn’t looking forward to the treadmill.    I remembered my Garmin this time so I decided to see how it did tracking distance again.    I just put my phone on the treadmill screen/ display- what do you call that?   Every year it seems like it takes me a while to adjust to the treadmill.  I always feel a little sore when I first start running.  It wears off around a mile in but it’s still kind of odd.

I wasn’t feeling quite up to speed work but I decided to try to run as steady a pace as possible.  I wanted to see how far I could get before taking a walk break.    My lungs and my stomach behaved, woo hoo!   Looking at my splits later, it was kind of like a mini tempo run.  At least for what is my pace these days.  🙂  Barring a few issues, I ran 3.5 miles straight.

Little oops, but woo hoo!
Little oops, but woo hoo!

As for the calamity?  I wanted to run but I was having issues.  I kept the pace around 5.9  most of the time but kept punching the front of the treadmill.  At one point, I over balanced and had to pull myself out of a fall.  I think my arms were doing a little pin wheel at this point.   I righted myself, upped the speed a bit and kept plugging on.   Apparently my legs were feeling really good and wanted to go faster because I continued to run into the front of the treadmill.   So much so that I accidentally punched the stop button and the treadmill came to a halt.   How I didn’t smash my face against the front, I have no idea.

I managed to get the treadmill started fairly quickly and grabbed a drink of water while bringing it back up to speed.   I shouldn’t multitask.  The lid to water bottle went flying over a few treadmills and landed next to the ellipticals.  Seriously?!   I powered on for another mile before hitting what would have been mile 4 before I had to start over.  I decided to start my cool down but instead of hitting the speed button I hit the cord from my ear buds and knocked my phone down.  I watched it bounce on the treadmill and then slide offonto the ground.   Ugh.  Now I also had the attention of everyone running on the treadmills to my right.   In my efforts to slow down, I once again hit stop.  By the time I came to a stop, someone else had picked up my phone and handed it to me.  Thank you, kind stranger.

I decided I was done for the night.  I called it at 4 miles and just stretched out.  I was worried about not cooling down properly but I was taking the hint.  From everything I had seen on the machine readout and my Garmin, they pretty much matched minus my stop issue in the middle.   I didn’t look at my splits until later and when I did I was kind of happy.   I also noticed that I must have hit the split button at some point but don’t remember doing it.  All I see is that outside of my warm up, my average pace was under 10.  Woo hoo!!!  I haven’t seen that in months!

I came to find a delivery.  I’ve had a few fun mail days lately.  First I ordered a few books.  I am looking forward to reading 80/20.  IMG_7470Then I found out that my 25k in January only has one aid station.  I had to reassess the fueling situation, so I ordered myself a little something- well it’s not exactly small-IMG_7475I haven’t decided about it yet.  I really wanted pockets on the front and while I got those, I am wondering about how comfortable it will be.

How has your week been?

Ever feel achy on a treadmill?

Ever punch a treadmill?  Or worse- fall off?

Ever use a vest like this?  Thoughts?

15 thoughts on “Call me Calamity

  1. Oh boy, that treadmill adventure sounds like something that would happen to me! I think it’s impossible for me to feel coordinated on them… mostly my limbs just flail around until I get embarrassed enough to stop! Well done for managing a tempo run with all that going on! 😉

    I’ve never worn a hydration vest, so I’m really curious how yours works out. (Only 1 water stop for a 25K race?!?)


    1. I always feel a little off on a treadmill but Tuesday was ridiculous. I was all over the place, decided to quit while I was ahead…sort of.

      It’s kind of daunting. It has lots of straps and loops on it! Yep, one stop around mile 7. The course is looped like a figure 8 so if you run the 50k, you pass it more than once.


  2. Guurrrllll I always feel achy on the treadmill especially for the first two miles Fallon. I think it’s because I have to shorten my gait so much


  3. Oh my … quite the adventure! haha … promise I’m not laughing at you … oh well, sorry I actually am! But since you commented on my water stop slide-in I figure it is good fun to laugh at each other … 🙂


    1. Haha, no worries, it is funny! At least I stayed on the treadmill, I have gone off the back of one before, thankfully a wall caught my fall. It’s one of the ways I learned exercising at 5 am was not the thing for me. 🙂

      **second time I have replied incorrectly recently, sorry!!


  4. Haha, no worries, it is funny! At least I stayed on the treadmill, I have gone off the back of one before, thankfully a wall caught my fall. It’s one of the ways I learned exercising at 5 am was not the thing for me. 🙂


  5. Well, at least you didn’t actually hurt yourself! I’ve definitely had some treadmill craziness, and I think sometimes you’re just due for something ridiculous to happen.


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