Who’s on First

This had been a pretty good week running wise.   Got in a great 8 mile hike on Tuesday.  Actually made it to the gym to run on the treadmill on Thursday and got in a solid 10k yesterday.   Since I put in 3x more miles this week than the past few weeks, I chose to stop at three days running this week.  My ankle is a little sore and I don’t really want to start training with an injury.   Or I was just lazy.  🙂

Saturday I headed out for a run after a short power nap.  I’ve noticed that my stomach behaves a little better after a short nap.  Why, I have no idea but if I can snooze for 15-20 minutes and have a better run, I’m all for it.  Admittedly, sometimes it backfires and I sleep through the timer.   California has missed the fall memo so I was able to head out late in the afternoon in shorts and a tank.   I know it won’t last much longer but it was pretty nice. lastshortsI knew my mother was out for a walk somewhere so I figured that I may run into her at some point.    I changed my route up a bit so I would run past places I knew she liked to walk.   I got about 3 miles in and still hadn’t seen her so I sent her a text.   Her response was that she was going down the backside of a street.  Ummm, what?

What side is the backside?  So I sent a text trying to clarify.  Was she closer to street A or street B?  Mind you, there are 6 blocks in between those streets.    The next response- she’d gone around A and back up.  Back up what? There is no up that street.     So I head to where I thought she would be, no luck.   Ok, I give up.  I am just going to finish my run.  In my last mile, I get a text from my mother asking where I was.  My answer was by the school and that her directions made no sense.  I paused my Garmin and hung out for a moment waiting for another text but nothing came so I headed home.

Going up the last hill I get a text asking where I was again.  Completely done with texting, I stop again and just call her.   Turns out we were a block from each other.  I catch up to her and again say that her directions make no sense.  She again tells me her route and I snap “learn the street names!”.   Turns out what she was calling up street A is in fact Beach street, so not the same!!  The other name was off as well.  I got super frustrated with her and asked how she was ever going to give emergency directions by saying this street and that street, and around one corner or another.   I even warned her our little snafu was going on the blog.

All that aside, I had a pretty good run.  Other than my warm up mile and the little stops in mile 4- I can’t text and run at the same time- I kept a decent pace for all of the run.   Woo hoo!  That’s a big deal for me these days.  🙂   It was a good way to conclude my first, albeit rescheduled, week of training.  I am looking forward to next weeks running.  Even if I have a few after work commitments and am trying to figure when to run.   I’ll leave you with cuteness- I bought Kimi her first cat bed and I think it was a win-kimibed

How was your weekend?

How is your weather?

Ever get completely frustrated by text directions?

11 thoughts on “Who’s on First

  1. Sounds like a pretty funny run! I can only imagine how hard it must be to run and text! At least you found her eventually!


  2. Running and texting at the same time is THE WORST. I get so frustrated I just want to throw my phone on the road. I actually have a “no text” policy during my afternoon lunch break runs… I tell everyone if they need me to call me because I will not even stop and look at a text. But I had a similar situation yesterday where I was supposed to meet up with a girl on the trail and she was trying to text me and I had spotty phone service…. there were two miles of misery and finally I was just like… come find me. Ugh!


    1. I hate texts while running. My boss used to text me all the time, I was always stopping to pull my phone out and respond. 😦 From now if I know we are out and about at the same time, I am just going to call her and save myself the frustration! I hope you found your friend!


  3. Haha my mom has a TERRIBLE sense of direction and stinks at giving directions too. Oh well. My dad more than makes up for it. Our weather is cold and snowy here today. But I’d rather it be snow than rain when it’s this cold and gray.


    1. Oh man, I never before realized that she really had no idea what the street names were! She’s lived in the same place for the last 15+ years! I haven’t seen snow in 20 years, part of me is jealous and the other part realizes that I am completely unprepared for anything nearing snow.


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