Rounding up the Scary

~So I mentioned I was a little spooked by Tuesday’s trail in my last post.  What I didn’t mention was the random hoodie hanging from an equally random tree branch about 2 miles up.   Faded black and a little ripped, at a spot where someone could just run into the woods.  Creepy.

~I felt good Wednesday after 8 miles the day before but had a big project for work.  I figured I would use my rest day and just stay late after work; use the quiet to just bust it out.  After a bit I decided to use the restroom and get some water.   Ever been in a building that felt like it slightly moved when exterior doors were opened or closed?   That happened while I was in the bathroom but I didn’t think much about it because I knew the doors were locked.  When I crossed the doorway leading from the break room area, I heard a voice say hello.  Aack!!!!!!!! I yelled no and dropped into a sumo-like squat*.    Turns out the cleaners come early on Wednesdays.  Oops, I almost threw my phone at her.  I scared her about as much as she scared me.

If you were home alone in the middle of the night...
*And what do I think I am going to accomplish going into a squat?  I did this same thing once on a run when a dog rushed me.  At least then I was in shorts, this time I was in a skirt but figured a squat was threatening?! Seriously?!

~I was helping a co-worker with something the other day when his little boy came in to say hi.   My coworker had just done something not quite right and we were laughing about it so I told his son that his dad was silly.   He did not look happy about that.  Come to find out that he later told his dad that his boss had looked mad.  So now I scare kids too.  Oops.  😦boremill~Less scary but more shocking- I made it to the gym!!  I am still not a huge treadmill fan but it felt like a good, solid 4.5 miles.   I was a little bored about 2 miles in so I decided to step up the speed by .2 every song.  5.6 to 5.8 to 6.00 for mile 3 followed with .10 distance walk break.  Then I did 5.7 to 5.9 to 6.1.  Around mile 3.85 I went to 6.6 and stayed there for a few minutes.  It wasn’t much but I was able to keep my stomach in check so I call it a win.  See ya next time bore-mill.

Ever run by random bits of clothing?

Do you scare children or is just a skill I have?

Any suggestions for fun treadmill running?

10 thoughts on “Rounding up the Scary

  1. I usually do my shorter distance runs (3-5 miles) on a treadmill at the gym. When I start to get bored, I play with the speed and incline of the treadmill. For example, I sometimes bump up the incline .5% for every .10 miles for half a mile and then go back down .5% for every .10 miles for half a mile. This keeps it interesting and I have actually seen my hill running improve on hills on the road since I started doing this!


    1. Playing with the incline is a good idea! I admit that I usually put it between .5 and 1.5 and leave it there until cool down. I have some hilly races coming up in 2015, so I need all the help I can get, thanks!


  2. All I know is I’m dying at the sumo remark! When you first mentioned it, I figured it was a defense stance, but then when you went on and shared that you aren’t sure why you do it, well, that’s when I lost it!

    And last night, working the concession stand for the play offs, I was laughing and joking with some of the kids that I’ve gotten to know pretty well, and there was a new kid and they were joking about how scary I was and one of my favorites goes “I like you… now.” We all cracked up. I can be an intimidating person in the beginning – so no, it’s not just you 🙂


    1. Well, what do I think I am going to do? Wrestle them to ground or something? Really?

      Haha, that’s awesome. I know my mother’s tennis team thinks I am scary but I thought I had always been nice to my coworker’s son. He’s only 5 for crying out loud, I felt like the wicked witch of the west!


  3. Lol sumo squat attack! I love it. At least your predators might be confused for enough time so you can run away. Haha.


  4. Clothes: Seen tons of random clothes, the one that gets me most is “the shoe”. One random, lying on its side by the edge of the track shoe. I mean, where the hell’s the other one… come to think of it, where the hell’s the person who should be in them!!
    Kids: I have a 10ft cry radius surrounding me at all times, a kid gets within 10ft, tears!! Beats me.
    Treadmill: See how close you can run at the back without falling off. Close your eyes an hit a random programme and you have complete your run using that setting? (you never said these had to be good/safe ideas)


    1. Yes, the one shoe!! They are all over the roads here, usually the left shoe. What you just got mad at the left one?
      I know teenagers don’t like me but I thought I was ok with little kids, apparently not!! Maybe I should bribe him with candy? Ha!
      Very true, I did not specify what kind of idea. I have actually fallen off the back of treadmill before so I think I will pass on that one!! 🙂


  5. Ummm random bits of clothes. I do see the occasional shirt, today I saw a sweater slung over a chain link fench and I see a lone shoe or flip flop from time to time and think if a random shoe just fell from the sky or was someone hit really hard by a car and had a shoe knocked off. Sorry Fallon no fun treadmill from me, the mill is just a necessary evil I must use on occasion and I don’t you can legally put fun and treadmill in the same sentence haha lol 🙂


    1. Yeah, the treadmill is definitely not my happy place. I know it can be used as a great training tool but it makes me so cranky and bored. I’ve thought about watching tv on my phone but I think that would just give me a crick in the neck.


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