Night Moves

Working on my night moves
In the winter time
in the dark winter time

Like my rewrite?  Sing it with me!

You guys, I ran at night!!!!  Which if we’re keeping track is only the second time ever!   I braved the dark, the cold and the potential mountain lions and went for a run.  It was only 2 miles but it was a start right?

I packed my gym bag on Monday but I really wasn’t feeling it.  I had only found 1 blinky light and while I had checked my flashlight and while it worked, I had checked it in the daylight.  I didn’t really know how much light it put out.  Work ran late, I was exhausted and I was telling myself I still didn’t feel well even after a week off.    I used the restroom before leaving work, went to grab my gym bag…and stared at it.    It’s not like it was getting darker right?  So, after a lightning fast change, I headed towards home.

The whole drive home, I wondered if I would chicken out.  Running in the dark is not my thing.  But I really hate the treadmill.     I parked at a local business directly under a light and headed for what I think is the best street.  Which is funny as it has like 4 street lights. 😛😛  I had a blinking light on my belt, a flashing band on my arm, reflective hat and my flashlight.  I didn’t feel like it was enough.    Bonus, my flashlight was dying.  Slacker fail.

I stuck to the sidewalk.   I kept it nice and slow.   Can’t worry about pace when you can barely see right?   My eyes adjusted quicker than I thought they would.   It was colder than I thought it would be.  It was in the high 50’s and I probably would have loved that during the day.  At night, I wanted more layers.

A group of teenage boys drove by and catcalled me and I celebrated.  They could see me!!!  My lights were working!  I did a little jig.   A short, slow 2 miles later and I was back at my car.   I did it!

All excitement aside, I will be more prepared the next time.  I found my second blinky light.  I need new batteries for my flashlight.  I need to buy a reflective vest.   That should be it for now.  No need to get crazy.   Let’s make sure I do this more than once a year this time.  😛

Do you run in the dark?  Night or morning?

Best apparel advice?




12 thoughts on “Night Moves

  1. Hahah I liked that you celebrated when those boys catcalled you. Way to be positive! I’m not a morning person so I typically do night runs. Along with brighter clothes, I also do carry pepper spray on me while I run. Just as a precaution because you never know. I hope you enjoy your next set of night runs!


    1. I am so not a morning person, I keep saying I am going to try but I always fail. The snooze button is just too tempting. I always have pepper spray on me, both for people and animals. Unfortunately I’ve been attacked by dogs more than once. 😦

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  2. I’ve done it all. I have white lights for my pack so cars can see me from behind. I prefer white because red looks like taillights. I use a headlamp to see ahead of me and keep my hands free. Outside of that i wear comfortable clothes and just try to be really aware of my surroundings.


    1. Oh, that’s a good point about red lights. I have one white one and one red one. I think I want to but another one though. I can’t decide how I feel about a headlamp but I like the idea of having my hands free.


    1. How do you like the shoe lights? Do they feel heavy or make noise when you run? Are they easy to get on and off your shoes? Sorry for all the questions but the idea is intriguing. The sidewalks are so uneven on the streets I run I think they could be helpful.


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