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Week 47 Un-training Recap

Training for-

…..Nope, still nothing!

Another week of taking it easy.  I don’t think I realized how run down I was feeling until I stopped moving.  Granted, part of that could also be due to me deciding to cut back on caffeine, sugar and calories.  All at the same time.  Oh and throw in some new migraine medication we’re trying and it just seemed like a good idea to take things easy.  But I wasn’t totally lazy.

Monday- 2 miles  A short but sweet night run.  Baby steps while I work my way into this night running thing.   Baby steps.  😛😛

Tuesday- 15 minutes yoga  I’m so awkward and inflexible!   Then the video I was using crashed partway through so I had to start another one.  Grr.

Wednesday- 4.47 miles  It’s been so long since I ran a short run from my house I forgot what distance my routes were!    I had an odd doctor’s appointment with a radiologist and a speech therapist of all things so I was able to get the whole run in before dark.   Which was sweet but damn it was cold!  We went from 80 to 50 with 20 mph wind overnight.  I was wearing so many layers.   And I wanted more.

Thursday- Rest  Migraine from hell.   This was the worst headache in weeks so I figured I would try the second new medication.   Holy crap people, I couldn’t add 2 +2.   The pill took about an 1.5 hours to ease the pain but for about 4 hours I was mired in a serious fog, I could barely function.  It was ridiculous.

Friday- Rest  That migraine usually lingers 2 days but I wasn’t taking another pill.   So instead I got a big Diet Coke and a big coffee on my way into work, lesser of 2 evils right?

Saturday- Rest  I worked in the morning and planned on running in the afternoon.    Work ran super late and I was just exhausted.   I watched a couple of cheesy Christmas movies instead.

Sunday- Rest  It rained all day.  I still have unhealed marks on my chest from the chafe of the Harvest Marathon.  After 2 races in the rain, I think I am little leery of running in the rain right now.  It may be a while before it happens again.  I realize that makes me a big baby but that’s ok.   I did a bit of shopping though and picked up a reflective vest for more running in the dark.

It passed the flash test!

6 miles is way better than last week so I’m calling it a win.  I’m realizing that I need a little more time off than I thought.   That being said, I will not be turkey trotting this week.  Boo.  But the only trot available to me is a 10K and I don’t think I have a 10K in me right now.   Plus, this will also be the first time in 4 years that I am working the week of Thanksgiving so that’s going to be odd.

How was your week?

Are you running a turkey trot?

What are your plans this week?

Night Moves

Working on my night moves
In the winter time
in the dark winter time

Like my rewrite?  Sing it with me!

You guys, I ran at night!!!!  Which if we’re keeping track is only the second time ever!   I braved the dark, the cold and the potential mountain lions and went for a run.  It was only 2 miles but it was a start right?

I packed my gym bag on Monday but I really wasn’t feeling it.  I had only found 1 blinky light and while I had checked my flashlight and while it worked, I had checked it in the daylight.  I didn’t really know how much light it put out.  Work ran late, I was exhausted and I was telling myself I still didn’t feel well even after a week off.    I used the restroom before leaving work, went to grab my gym bag…and stared at it.    It’s not like it was getting darker right?  So, after a lightning fast change, I headed towards home.

The whole drive home, I wondered if I would chicken out.  Running in the dark is not my thing.  But I really hate the treadmill.     I parked at a local business directly under a light and headed for what I think is the best street.  Which is funny as it has like 4 street lights. 😛😛  I had a blinking light on my belt, a flashing band on my arm, reflective hat and my flashlight.  I didn’t feel like it was enough.    Bonus, my flashlight was dying.  Slacker fail.

I stuck to the sidewalk.   I kept it nice and slow.   Can’t worry about pace when you can barely see right?   My eyes adjusted quicker than I thought they would.   It was colder than I thought it would be.  It was in the high 50’s and I probably would have loved that during the day.  At night, I wanted more layers.

A group of teenage boys drove by and catcalled me and I celebrated.  They could see me!!!  My lights were working!  I did a little jig.   A short, slow 2 miles later and I was back at my car.   I did it!

All excitement aside, I will be more prepared the next time.  I found my second blinky light.  I need new batteries for my flashlight.  I need to buy a reflective vest.   That should be it for now.  No need to get crazy.   Let’s make sure I do this more than once a year this time.  😛

Do you run in the dark?  Night or morning?

Best apparel advice?




Surf City Week 2-Christmas Lights & Sirens

I ran at night!!  You guys- I went out in the dark and the cold and ran at night!!   😄😄😃😃

But before we get to that, here’s a brief recap of last week’s slacker-ness err, training.

Monday– Rest
Tuesday– Work holiday party
Wednesday– Treadmill 5K
Thursday– 2.70 miles – OUTSIDE!
Friday– Rest
Saturday-Unexpected emergency road trip
Sunday– Rest- tired, stressed and way behind

So, yeah still not awesome but that’s ok.   Sometimes life rears it’s horns and you change your plans.  I’m still playing catch up.  But let’s talk about the exciting thing-

I ran at night!  It was slow and short but it was kind of awesome.  😃😃   I had been considering attempting a night run for a while now.  I’m a big baby when it comes to running in the dark.   You never know what’s out there, right?  But, I figured realistically I had a better shot of running at night than I did in the early mornings.  One- I like my bed and sleeping until the last moment.  Two-less likely to have a run in with a creature of some sort.   Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

 I packed 2 sets of clothes- one for an outdoor run and one for the gym if I chickened out.   I don’t own any night gear and I didn’t want to buy anything because what if this was a one and done?   I’m not sure what I was thinking though- I had purple pants, a coral shirt, black and yellow jacket, a coral headband and mismatched gloves.  Maybe I hoped the tacky-ness would be extra visible? 😜   I had reflective strips on my arms and an ancient, tiny flashlight.  My jacket was supposed to be reflective- spoiler- it’s not.

I parked under a light at a local business and headed for my route.  I chose one of the busier streets in town but I chose it for it’s sidewalks, uneven as they are, a few streetlights and the sea of Christmas lights.   I started out slow and I was presently surprised at how much light the Christmas lights gave off.    The temp was in the mid 40’s and the jacket was too much.  I stopped half a mile in to tie it around my waist.

 The dark is funny- I felt like I was hauling but in reality I was putting along at an 11 minute pace.  I laughed out loud when my Garmin buzzed at mile 1.     I don’t usually run on the sidewalk on this street, if I run this street I am in the bike lane.  I knew the sidewalk was uneven but dang!  I stumbled a few times and there were a few times the sidewalk disappeared entirely.  Hello!

My plan was to keep it short, sweet and uneventful and it was working out to be that way.  Until just shy of 2 miles.   I was coming up on an intersection and heard what sounded like a school fire alarm.     I stopped and tried to figure out where it was coming from.   I finally pinpointed it to an older apartment building down the side street.  I wasn’t sure what to do.  I didn’t smell smoke and everything else seemed quiet.   I finally took my cue from the people playing ping pong in their side yard.  They didn’t seem alarmed at all, so I thought maybe this happens all the time at 6:30?  I ran on down the street.   I hit my planned turn around and headed back the way I came.    As I came back to the siren intersection, I didn’t hear anything so I was relieved.  Only to discover a fire truck now parked outside the apartment building!   What?!?!  Last time I trust people hanging out in their yard!

The route is short, so I was back at my car around 2.7 miles and part of that was already overlapping.   So this would route would work more as a shakeout/ easy run than anything else.  Plus, once the Christmas lights come down it could turn a lot darker.  That said it was kind of awesome and it pushed my boundaries a little.     I can’t wait to try it again.  😊  With a better flash light.

I had good intentions of running this past weekend but late night phone calls are rarely a good thing.  My mom and I ended up heading down to LA for a family emergency.  It wasn’t the best of days.

Sunday brought the realization of just how behind I am with Christmas shopping.  And laundry.  Seriously, I did 4 loads.   So, like I said before- not the best training week.  But again, I am ok with it.   This week should be interesting as I have to head back to LA again.  This time for myself though, I have another appointment at USC for my stomach.   Nice timing right?

But it’s Christmas week!!!  Are you ready?

Do you like running in morning dark or night dark?