Week 46 Un-Training Recap

Training for:

<insert sound of crickets>

Nothing!   I have no scheduled races for the remainder of 2016 right now.  That is so weird!   After the last month of feeling stressed and sick, slightly injured and seriously bitchy, I knew what I was going to do post Golden Gate Half.

I was taking the week off.  I  didn’t even do that post marathon.  Mostly because I had crazy high hopes that marathon training would bring me speedy fall half marathons…which didn’t happen.    Actually I don’t think I’ve taken a solid week off all year long.  Which is odd for this Slacker.

I had plans, I really did.  I was going to get on the bike to keep the legs loose and blood moving.  I was going to try more of my yoga app.   I was thinking about busting out the kettle bell, maybe attempting a plank or 2.    What happened?

Nothing.   Not a damn thing.

Well, I gained 5 pounds but let’s not go there.

see those sad steps?!!😂

I slept… a lot.  Turns out I really wasn’t feeling well.   The week kind of passed in a foggy haze.   I took Monday off as a vacation day to recover from the race and had Friday off due to the holiday.  You’d think all that extra rest would have helped me feel better but no such luck.

Granted part of that fog may be due to drastically cutting back on my caffeine and sugar intake last week.    I also finally had an appointment with a neurologist last week so maybe my daily headaches will be coming to an end?  Fingers crossed?!?!?   The appointment made me laugh though- at one point I had to do the “one foot in front of the other walk” down the hallway and I fell into into the wall.  Ha!

A week off is enough though.  I’m feeling equal parts twitchy and nervous.  That first run back is always so hard.  Combine that with the fact that I know it will be on a treadmill and boo.     I also have that same old shoe conundrum again.  My Hoka’s are ok but not great.  They aggravate a weird soft spot in the bottom of my left foot.   Also, by the end of the Harvest Half, I felt like my toes were bruised and bloody.  They weren’t but they sure felt like it.   I admit that I no longer look forward to shoe shopping.  Now it just stresses me out.  Grrr.

Ever take a week off? Or more?

What did you do?

How was your week?




19 thoughts on “Week 46 Un-Training Recap

  1. I am terrible about taking time off after marathons (and don’t take any time off for anything shorter, which is just as bad). I am even crappy about tapering!

    But for me the comparison was when I did a running streak a few years ago and got close to 3 months, running an average of 7.5 miles per day. What stopped me was that I was not feeling well, and I appreciated finally taking a day off, and then realized how crappy I had actually been feeling. I think we adapt very well and then figure out after the fact ‘wow I was in pretty rough shape’!


    1. I was hit with this crazy optimism post marathon but I don’t think my body was on board. The more I fought with it, the more disgruntled I became. The fact that I felt so crappy all last week even without running was kind of a surprise. Lesson learned. Well, hopefully. 🙂

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  2. I’ve taken a week off (and more). I took 2 weeks after my June half as I just needed a physical and mental break from running. Right now, I’m just starting to get back into running a little more.


  3. Same here, I don’t have anything planned for the future so I’ve really just been casually running and nothing really blog worthy!! it’s a difficult time of year!


    1. It is! I am envious of all the races I see online but I am also tired. I have a turkey trot next week that I usually do and I won’t lie- the idea of the early wake up call kind of gives me hives. 🙂 In that note though- how is it almost Thanksgiving?!?!


  4. I do one recovery week every month, but still run. Last week I didn’t run for 4 days … which felt like a week. It’s hard to do … hard to get back … but it feels like it gets easier. The one week a month reduced load definitely helps and it feels like I really need this time to repair and build up.


    1. I feel like I run so few miles as it is that a recovery week wouldn’t work. But then seeing how fried I was, I may need to rethink that. It’s always so hard that first run back though, makes me regret the rest. It’s kind of a vicious cycle.

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      1. It is hard. It’s during rest when we get stronger though… It does help me to track my stuff in TrainingPeaks as it shows my fitness, fatigue as well as form. This with my resting heart rate and heart rate variability keeps me in sort of a balance and I see and know my fitness improves. Sounds complicated, but as perfectionist I tend to overdo things far quicker than good for me lol.

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  5. I definitely took a week off after my marathon two weekends ago. My legs weren’t feeling well and mentally, I was super drained. It’s a new week though so I’m ready to get back to it. Good luck getting back to yours!


  6. I had a 2 month period after my second marathon with minimal running. I was burnt out and I was pissed about my poor performance. Luckily I eventually got back on the trails and now months later I’m attempting my first 50k. You’ll be back to yourself in no time.


    1. That’s exactly how I felt after these last 3 half marathon.s I had really hoped for better showings and each one just kept making it worse. I really miss trails. I need to get back out there now that the heat has mostly left. A 50K sounds awesome- good luck!


  7. There is a local little 5k on Thanksgiving day that I just convinced my niece and nephew to run with me – they will blow me out of the water, but it will be fun! And having said that, I didn’t run today. I’m working on getting my mileage back up and I didn’t run today… my step count will look like yours! 🙂 Hope it goes well with the docs!


    1. I love the Turkey Trot but this is also the first time in years that I don’t have the week of Thanksgiving off. I have to admit it’s making me kind of whiny and wondering if I will follow through on race morning. 🙂 I’ve begun to give up when it comes to doctors appointments, I never seem to get anywhere.


  8. With my thyroid issues, I’m always up for a break!! Actually, planning runs/races with others helps keep me accountable or I’d be on the couch every night after work!!

    I try to take a break from running during the summer, being in FL the heat can get to you!!

    I hope you start to feel better and you’ll be back stronger than ever!!


  9. I’m just coming off my one week break, lol! I did absolutely nothing (except walk across NYC several times, lol). I finally did a slow run on Sudnay, ellipticaled yesterday and, biked today. Easing my way back in….

    Hope you start feeling better! It’s good you’re not training for anything and taking a race break 🙂


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